Comedy is not pretty and neither is homophobia.

Why does this man have a problem with gays?

Never thought I’d ever blog about Tracy Morgan, but life’s full of surprises like that.

So was Morgan’s rancid rant during a performance in Nashville set a new low in homophobic ignorance.  Morgan said his son,  “better talk to me like a man and not in a gay voice or I’ll pull out a knife and stab that little nigger to death.”

Having previously said in 2009 that being gay was “a choice” Morgan added, “”I don’t “fucking care if I piss off some gays, because if they can take a fucking dick up their ass … they can take a fucking joke.”

Is Tracy is angling to become Herman “Homosexuality is a sin and a choice” Cain’s running mate?

Wednesday, some folks got upset with comedian Wanda Sykes for saying she suffered more discrimination for being gay than being Black.  Thursday, some folks got upset with comedian Tracy Morgan for saying he’d kill his son for being gay.

Friday,ONE of them apologized and that was the dummy who suggested his own child would be better off dead than gay.

“I want to apologize to my fans and the gay & lesbian community for my choice of words at my recent stand-up act in Nashville. I’m not a hateful person and don’t condone any kind of violence against others. While I am an equal opportunity jokester, and my friends know what is in my heart, even in a comedy club this clearly went too far and was not funny in any context.”

Sure thing, Tracy.  And if I were to call you a shit-stain skidmark on America’s clean sheets, would you say I was going too far?

If Morgan wasn’t funny to me before (and he wasn’t), he’s definitely not funny to me NOW.  His ignorance leaves me colder than his “jokes.”

This is rapidly turning into a bad version of a celebrity roast with comedians battling it out.

Chris Rock jumped into the mix and Tweeted,”I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to live in a world where Tracy Morgan can’t say foul, inappropriate shit,”

That defense earned Rock a sarcastic response from GLADD, “Language about stabbing kids for being gay isn’t ‘foul.’  It’s dangerous.”

Rock then regrouped, rethought and clarified his earlier remarks.

:”Tracy Morgan is a tad off as we all know that so when tracy says something i usually don’t take it anymore serious that i would a statement from gary busey or flavor flav.  when i first heard the statement i thought it was offensive but it also reminded me of my father saying i’ll kill you if you ever bring home a white girl but after reading everything tracy said, wow, i get it that shit wasn’t call for and i don’t support it at all.  now, can i please go to the tony awards without getting my ass kicked?”

This is NOT Janet Jackson.

That sound you just heard was Chris Rock backing up the bus to make sure he ran over Tracy Morgan.

But CNN commentator Roland Martin wonders why all the fuss?

There isn’t enough space on the Internet to chronicle the number of times a comedian has said nasty and vile things. Some of it leading the audience to fall out laughing or sometimes, or as in the case of Morgan, walk out in protest. If we are to demand an apology for every time a comedian is sexist against men or women, racist or homophobic, we might as well launch a website called

Say I’m wrong. Fine. Say I’m insensitive to gays and lesbians. Fine. I’ll wait for the usual bigots to say that I’m defending Tracy Morgan because he’s black. Fine. But think for a moment at all the times you’ve laughed at comedians based on the things they had to say. Then ask yourself: Did I laugh, and why?

Sorry, if I’m being honest here and not focusing on political correctness. I just believe that many of you would be shocked and amazed that you laughed hysterically at some of the most sexist, homophobic, racist stuff imaginable by comedians of all shapes, sizes, ethnic backgrounds, genders and sexual orientations.

Maybe none of us want to accept that as a comedian, Morgan is keenly aware of what society actually thinks, and he simply said it onstage.  Isn’t that what comedians have always done?  Reflect what society actually thinks, but say it in a forum where we can laugh through our pain?

This is the part where I would normally mutter, “bullshit,” but Sykes, who is a married lesbian with twins took to her Twitter account to put all three brothers in check and did it far better than I could ever think to.

“I do believe in free speech, but for a youth in TN or any other numerous place, Tracy just yelled, ‘Fire,’ in a crowded theater,”

“Ok, piss’d reading, “I don’t want 2 live n a world where Tracy can’t say…” I Do! U Keep the world, just break me off an evolved country,”

“Ro, I love and respect you, so I feel that I can tell you that your column is some bullshit. We can do better.”

“Tracy has the right to say whatever he wants to say, just like we have the right to say, not acceptable.,” and, “WE as a country. We used to picnic to watch public hangings, but WE figured out, that was some sick shit.”

Big laughs can come out of bad words.  Lenny Bruce, Richard Pryor and George Carlin were masters of the game.  But Tracy Morgan is not a Bruce, Pryor or Carlin and he is not a master of this game and when you’re not a master you come off looking like a stumbling, bumbling fool instead.

Before anyone says we should all be a little less sensitive, if an openly gay White comedian starts in on the Black parents who give their kids weird names or some such stereotype everybody chill and nobody call the NAACP on your speed dial, okay?

Miss Sykes has had quite enough of the homophobia.

We can’t demand respect for ourselves and deny it others.  Either everyone gets it or nobody does.

Comedians shouldn’t be afraid to make jokes about whatever they want to, but they have to own their words, same as everybody else. Not everything gets written off with, “It was just a joke.” Some jokes ain’t funny

Don’t play the game when you don’t know the rules.  Morgan doesn’t know the rules.

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