Michele Bachmann is Sarah Palin with a work ethic.

These are not the eyes of a rational person.

Another week, another crazy-ass Republican candidate gets in the race. Oooooo…and check this one out. She’s smart. She’s a lawyer. She’s a formidable fundraiser.

She’s also out of her damn mind.

Michele “Batshit” Bachmann is Sarah Palin with a work ethic. So she came in second behind Mitt Romney in the “debate” this week. Big damn whoop. Look at the other contenders. Pawlenty, Gingrich, Paul, Santorum and Cain. That’s not exactly the Miami Heat line-up the GOP is throwing out there.

She got through the event without saying anything grandly stupid or eating her own foot on live television. I’m so impressed. She did however mangle her answer on DADT when she said she as President she would ask the Commander(s) in Chief what they think should be done (uh, that would be you, dumb ass).

There seems to be a tendency to inflate the awesomeness of the Republican field and not their staggering mediocrity and extremism. Goofballs like Bachmann wouldn’t even win their own home state in an election. How formidable is that? It’s like Mitt the Millionaire joking how he was unemployed too. Haw haw. What a laff riot that Mittens is!

Problem is when you look at the two ex-governors, one ex-Senator, one ex-Speaker of the House and a ex-CEO of a pizza company standing at the podiums in New Hampshire this week it dawned on me only Batshit Bachmann and Paul actually had a job. A lot of these Republicans are running for the presidency so they can get back to work. Lazy slobs!

Bachmann’s not running for president. Not really, because she knows her record is too far out of the mainstream to appeal to voters in a general election.  She’s a scary woman with scary views and no matter how many times she mentions her 23 foster children, it won’t change that.  Bachmann is well positioned to be on the bottom of a  Republican ticket, not the top of it.

She’s running for second place for when someone like Mittens or Pawlenty needs to shore up their Tea Party support. Even John Boehner knew better than to give Bachmann a leadership role in the House though she badly wanted one. There’s no place for her to go in the House as Boehner doesn’t want her in a leadership position.  Even he’s afraid of Bachmann’s extremism.

If she increases her national profile high enough she could still get out of the presidential race in time and challenge Minnesota’s senior Senator Amy Kloubuchar for her seat or run again for her own Congressional seat. What’s she got to lose from raising her national profile a bit? It paid off big for Palin so it’s a savvy play.

But I’m not yet ready to declare it a winning play.

What? Me crazy?

USA Today was part of the sniveling chorus of media approval that was charmed and amazed by Bachmann’s performance describing her as “lively, confident” and “personable.”

Well, here’s my opinion…

Michele Bachmann is fucking batshit-crazy.
Michele Bachmann is fucking batshit-crazy.
Michele Bachmann is fucking batshit-crazy.

And oh yeah….Michele Bachmann is fucking batshit-crazy.

That’s my opinion and it stands…

Being born with ovaries instead of testicles shouldn’t make you more susceptible to criticism and it shouldn’t make you impervious to criticism either. I say Mrs. Bachmann is fucking batshit crazy because of the things she says, the positions she supports, and the things she does that in my opinion make this country a worse, not a better place.

Am I trying to “diminish” Bachmann?  Why, yes, I am. I really don’t want her anywhere near the U.S. Senate or the Oval Office. She’s terrible as a member of the House of Representatives. She would be a total catastrophe in higher office where she could really wreak havoc with her homophobic, xenophobic, extremist views.

Bachmann gets no pass from me. I have both criticized her stances while expressing grudging admiration for her political acumen and skills. Being a woman doesn’t make her a soft target for my scorn and it doesn’t place her off-limits either.

Bachmann wants to be a player. Fine. It’s a free country. But the notion that she can’t be criticized is ridiculous. It’s just a different kind of sexism. Hey, you wouldn’t hit a girl would you?

She’s in politics. She can take the slings and arrows. This is hardball, not softball. You play the game and you take the same hits as everybody else.

Even if you happen to be a woman.

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