Bush’s Wars Are Obama’s Wars Now

Obama stands alone

I consider myself a supporter of the president, but I don’t support his attack on Libya and the continued occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Which is why it troubles me to learn President Obama ignored legal advice that he did not have the authority to wage air strikes against Libya without the authorization of Congress.  The president’s insistence he does not need their approval has angered Congress and found both Republicans and Democrats demanding answers from the White House or they may decided to end the funding of the wars in three Muslim countries.

Maybe this time John Boehner and Dennis Kucinich are right.  Congress should pull the financial plug on these endless wars.

The president should either get Congressional approval of the war in Libya (and make no mistake, it IS a war even without ground troops being involved) or get out.  The same thing applies for Afghanistan and Iraq.   End the war.  Bring the troops home.

The U.S. has been in Afghanistan for ten years and for what?  Osama bin Laden is dead and most of what’s left of Al Qaeda is holed up in Pakistan beyond the reach of a drone attack.  Iraq can handle its own affairs  Why is the U.S. maintaining four PERMANENT bases there?

There is only one answer.  The U.S. plans to stay in Iraq.  Just the same way the U.S. has stayed in Germany, Japan and South Korea long after the wars there ended.

Like I said, I am a supporter of President Obama, but I’m not so blind I can’t recognize there are some things he has NO power to change and the imperialistic nature the U.S. has to occupy and keep up military forces wherever we are is one of those things.  It is a manifestation of this country’s wish to put its footprint on the entire globe.

America is one of the world’s superpowers and trying desperately to keep China from overtaking it.   Failing to fend them off economically, the decision seems to have been made to keep the military option strong and a counter-balance to China’s globe-spanning plans.

Especially when they run counter to America’s own plans for global superiority.

In geo-political games of power and dominance even the President of the United States can be a manipulated pawn of forces beyond him.

The president has drawn down the number of troops in Iraq, but he’s not talking about dissembling the bases built there.  Those will stay and that means U.S. troops will continue to remain in Iraq to occupy those bases. I imagine Israel must be pleased by that prospect.

Afghanistan isn’t a lost cause.  There was never a cause in the first place.   Karzai is as crooked as a dog’s back leg and only controls a small part of that ungovernable country.  The rest is run by the Taliban and warlords.  Nobody can impose order on the chaos there and many other nations have tried before the U.S. and failed dismally.  Afghanistan is a trap.  All it does is bleed money and lives.

As for Libya, Qaddafi is a madman AND a racist, but he’s not America’s problem.  This is a civil war and it should left up to Libyans to depose Gaddafi or not.   After all this time, the superior strength of NATO hasn’t brought the dictator to his knees.   What’s the upside of continuing to pour money down a rat hole to kill one particularly tenacious rat?.

I think its possible to both support the president and still criticize him when he makes mistakes (and he has made his share of them like everyone else).

Going the route of a Cornel West or Lupe Fiasco is going too far because they make the criticisms personal.   I don’t believe Obama is a bad guy because he has done some bad things.  I’ll take him on his worst day compared to any of the Republican challengers on their best.

But waging wars in three Muslim countries is a lousy way to win them over and it wont get gasoline under $4 bucks a gallon either.

Three years ago it was possible to say Obama inherited the wars George Bush started.  You can’t say that anymore.  These are Obama’s wars now and he owns them.   It’s up to him to end them.

But these wars are bleeding America dry as the costs run into the millions daily and billions yearly.  We cannot continue to throw good money after bad to do little more than kill a few terrorists and a lot of civilians.

It’s time for the president to earn that Nobel Peace Prize.  He knows how to.  He has to decide he wants to.

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