Bill O’ vs. Lupe: Clash of the Pinheads

America's newest political analyst.

It’s been a week or two since Bill O’ Reilly dumped on rappers.   Lupe Fiasco has a new album out.  It’s 2011.  Who buys albums?  That’s so 1980.

Bill needs ratings.  Lupe needs buzz.   Lupe calls President Obama a “terrorist.”   Bill O’ uncharacteristically leaps to the president’s defense.  He calls Lupe a “pinhead.”

Oh, it’s on now, bitch!

Lupe and Bill decide to take it to The O’ Reilly Factor.   Will they discuss and resolve their differences in a reasoned and rational way?

How much cable TV have you watched?

O’ Reilly’s beef with rap goes back years.  He’s ripped Ludacris, Nas, Snoop Dog, Eminem, Camron and of course, Common when he recently appeared at a poetry slam at the White House hosted by Michele Obama.

There may be an alternative motive for O’ Reilly’s hatin’ on hip hop.  It seems his wife used to kick it with Flavor Flav.

Flavor Flav???  Now that’s a reason to hate!

"Wanna see some video of your wife, Bill?"

Here’s the thing though.   Fiasco and O’ Reilly have history together.   They even share some of the same beliefs.

Their bromance goes back to last January when O’ Reilly riffed about the Haiti earthquake and compared the conditions there to the South Side of Chicago.

“I’m seeing a guy [President Obama] who’s very, very committed to the government.  The government’s going to solve the problems, and I’m going, I don’t know, how’s that possible? If you’ve ever been to the South Side of Chicago, I mean, it’s a disaster, all right? It’s like Haiti, it’s like — I’ve been to Haiti a couple of times. I support some charities there, but Haiti just never gets better, no matter how much money you put in there because they don’t have a system. And I said the government can’t do it, but Obama really believes the government can do it.”

For reasons known only to him, Fiasco chimed in and co-signed.

“There’s a certain level of concurrence. “Not now. There’s no toppled buildings, unless you want to count the projects. But pre-earthquake Haiti … When I went to Africa, when I was in Tanzania, it was weird because there was this extreme poverty and extreme corruption and it looked so much like the West Side of Chicago. In [the documentary I shot over there] you’ll see me say that. There’s no grass, there’s a barbershop, there’s a sneaker store, there’s a liquor store and a bunch of Coca-Cola everywhere.

“I don’t want to be pointed out as supporting Bill O’Reilly in any way because he can be on the garbage sometimes. When you’re comparing certain areas in the U.S. that are predominantly African-American or Latino, it’s very easy to compare it to the Third World.  Just in the amount of violence that’s there, the corruption that’s there, the gang activity that’s there. It’s prevalent and dominant in Haiti. The corruption of the local politicians, the abject, corporate exploitation that takes place there, loan sharking, all that stuff. I think you can make the comparison to a lot of places in the U.S. Oakland [California], Detroit. Detroit’s got abandoned buildings. On that note, he’s definitely not out of the ballpark. There’s a credible argument there. I agree with that in some aspects.”

Lord, what a hot mess! This was not one,but two idiots who don’t know dick about foreign policy talking over each other and demonstrating both of their ignorance about Afghanistan.

The Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius observed, “The opinion of 10,000 men is of no value if none of them know anything about the subject.”  Trim it down to two and that’s what these five minutes of funk were all about. Nothing was illuminated.  No one learned a damn thing by this (dare I say it) fiasco.

Who “wins” in a meeting of two mediocre minds?  Not Fiasco because his fans don’t watch The O’ Reilly Factor.   Not O’ Reilly because his fans hate rap as much as he does.  If anyone was expecting a showdown of epic proportions they went away disappointed.   They pawed at each other and threw a few half-hearted jabs, but there were no fireworks, only a dull fizzle.

Yet again we are reminded being a celebrity doesn’t make your opinion important.  It doesn’t even mean you know what you’re talking about.   Lupe Fiasco is not an expert on terrorism, foreign relations, or how to wage a war.

He’s a rapper.   Does anyone live or die on what Lupe Fiasco thinks?

He’s just a rapper and a second-string rapper at that.  Bill’s a big mouth and a pervert who pays off women he’s sexually harassed to stay quiet.  Yet he loves to sit there and puffed up and pontificating like a big Irish bullfrog that learned how to talk.   The thing is he’s got no room to talk about anybody.

When it comes to backwards and sexist attitudes toward women, Bill and rappers have more in common than he could imagine.

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