Who’s Afraid of Michele Bachmann?

Michele Bachmann is now officially in the race for the Republican nomination for president.  Early polling in Iowa has its native daughter running second behind front-runner Mitt Romney just one point behind and breathing down Romney’s neck.

Oh snap!  Did the sun rise in the West today?  Lemme go check!

Nope.  Situation normal.  World did not end.  Move along.  Nothing to see here.

I understand the proclivity to look at the most extreme candidates climbing out of the Republican clown car, see which one has the thousand mile death stare and starts eating their own foot and declare, “Okay, THAT’S the craziest one.”

One right-wing extremist Congresswoman from Minnesota who practices a scary brand of polarizing politics has so terrified liberals that they have turned in a monster of Godzilla size proportions..  However, while Bachmann is not a total lightweight, she’s not unbeatable either.

Is Bachmann a contender?  Maybe in the primaries because she has name recognition and can raise cash, but she’s far out to ever attract the independents and crossover Democrats she would need to win in a general election. Here’s the thing: the American voter does not like extremists from either end of the political spectrum.

Bachmann will raise sand during the primaries for a while, but at the end of the day the GOP will choose a much more mainstream candidate who better suits the voters palate. Will Bachmann raise a little commotion until she flames out? Sure she will, but the smallest rocks make a big noise when they’re rattling around in a can.

Could Bachmann end up as someone’s vice-president? Sure, if someone like Mitt Romney who is weak with evangelicals and the Tea Party gets the nomination, but that’s not a guarantee. I can’t figure out why everyone seems to have made Bachmann the Antichrist Superstar who sends down fire and damnation upon all the goddless libs when she takes office. IT’S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

Michele Bachmann is unelectable. I’m not a Republican, but I know the Republicans want to build on their 2010 momentum. They have the House, the Senate is within their grasp and they only need to put up a credible and mainstream candidate to run the table and take the White House back too. Bachmann is great to whip up interest and excitement in the conservative base for 2012, but she is toxic to any hope of beating Obama.

Americans don’t like extremists and you don’t get much more extreme that Bachmann. They may find her entertaining, but there aren’t enough evangelicals and Tea Partiers to push her all the way to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Obama could be a one-term president.  Yet, along with all the drawbacks of being the incumbent, there’s all the perks as well. His challengers are reactive and can only talk about what has happened and how they would do the job if they had it. Obama can be proactive and has the opportunity to make things happen.

"John Wayne Gacy's America is the one I want to live in."

Conservatism is all alive and well and this is a far more conservative country than a liberal one. A conservative is more likely to win the presidency than a liberal. The Democrats haven’t nominated a hardcore liberal since George McGovern in 1972 and he got slaughtered by Tricky Dick Nixon.

But America is even more centrist than it is conservative.  A serious candidate for the presidency has to present themselves as a reasonable moderate who can straddle the middle and reach across the aisle to the opposing side. Americans eat this “bipartisan” stuff up with a spoon.

Bachmann can’t do that. She’s too far out to even attempt to pull off that kind of act. You’d have a better chance of getting Snooki to play Lady Macbeth than Bachmann play a moderate.

If Obama can’t get the unemployment figures down under 10 percent he will probably end up joining them and maybe he should. It’s not entirely his fault the economy is so lousy, but he’s the one who would get the credit if it turns around and he’ll deserve the blame if it doesn’t.

But Bachmann being Obama?  Please.  Right now she looks formidable because she is defining herself. But when the other candidates start breaking out the sharper knives there will be blood.   The longer she keeps shooting her herself in the foot trying to praise John Wayne but ends up praising notorious serial killer John Wayne Gacy instead, the easier she makes the job of an opposition researcher.

Never forget that whatever else he may be, Barack Obama is an excellent campaigner.

Obama is beatable. But he won’t be beaten by Michele Bachmann.

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