Herman Cain: Clarence Thomas With Pizza Sauce.

"For my next song I would like to do 'Born This Way'. Hope you like it!"

Black conservative hate, hate, HATE playing the race card.   They really hate it something fierce.

Until they decide to pull it out and slap it on the table  Then they really love it something fierce.  In the New York Times, Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain takes time out from sucking up to White conservatives to talk smack about what sort of Black man Barack Obama is.

Before you announced your campaign, you said that the liberal establishment is scared that “a real black man might run against Barack Obama.” Are you suggesting Obama isn’t really black?

A real black man is not timid about making the right decisions, that’s what I meant. Look, I’m not getting into this whole thing about President Obama. It is documented that his mother was white and his father was from Africa. If he wants to call himself black, fine. If he wants to call himself African-American, fine. I’m not going down this color road.

But you’re saying he’s not really a black man.

Not in terms of a strong black man that I’m identifying with. I identify with a strong black man like Martin Luther King Jr., or my dad, Luther Cain Jr., who didn’t have a lot of formal education, but he had a Ph.D. in common sense.

Who's the bigger nerd?

Common sense the son obviously didn’t inherit from the father.

Herman Cain questioning Barack Obama’s Blackness is like margarine questioning the flavor of butter.

This is just the right-wing flip side of the same line of garbage Cornel West was dishing out a few months after his hissy fit where he said the president had a problem with strong Black men.   It is a higher level way of playing the dozens.   All throughout Obama’s political life he’s been called out as not being
“authentically” Black enough.

I’ve grown a bit tired of this game.   Nobody has the right to question Obama’s Blackness.  He identifies himself as a Black man and that’s good enough for me.  Cain is simply repeating a riff already played by racial arsonists like Alan Keyes and Rush Limbaugh.  This is supposed to be the flaw in the president’s armor.  He’s not “Black” enough.   And who is the guy calling him out?  Herm Cain,  who runs around hugging up with White conservatives and proclaiming the Tea Party can’t be racist if they let him show up.

Cain makes a point of saying he’s not an African-American (but he is a “conservative” American) and he wants to call out Obama?  Negro, please!

This creep is a bad joke without a punchline. He is a vanity candidate with zero political experience who ran  pizza stores and is arrogant enough to claim that makes him suited to be the next president.

Cain is not running for president. He’s running for the publicity, the attention and the higher speaking fees he will be able to get from increasing his national profile. In a field of empty suits with experience but badly lacking charisma, Cain has plenty of the latter, if little of the former.  Now is a good time to be popular.  As we move closer to the election being experienced will matter more.  .

I’ll say it flat-out: Herman Cain has NO chance of winning the Republican nomination. NONE. He is a profoundly unserious man who enjoys throwing red meat to the right-wing base, but he’s covering territory Keyes marked long before Cain got there. There’s money to be made telling White conservatives what they want to hear. They will applaud and open up their wallets and even pay thousands of dollars to hear you run your rap.

But make him President? Please. Newt Gingrich isn’t going to be the Republican nominee. Neither is Rick Santorum, Ron Paul, Gary Johnson or even Michelle Bachmann. In Cain we have a guy who has never held ANY political office and because he can whisper sweet nothings to the White Right that makes him a legitimate player?

"Where the White women at? Right here!"

Like his Georgia homeboy, Clarence Thomas, Cain is one of the Negro sell-outs who only mention race when it benefits them.   The rest of the time they could care less about the state of Black people in America.   They don’t even acknowledge their existence except when they want to point out how little in common they have with them.

The inference by Cain that he is a “real Black man” though this real Black man hates to be called an African-American. You can be a divider all through the primaries and then pivot in the general election and sell yourself as a unifying moderate. American voters like builders of consensus, not bullying extremists.

Cain will prove to be as appetizing to voters in the GOP primaries as a cold slice of pizza.

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