Nancy Grace is a Disgrace

Nancy Disgrace Be Mad!

Casey Anthony was found not guilty of the murder of her daughter, Caylee.  America is in shock.  Again.

I believe Keith Olbermann  and I were two of the only people in America paying almost no attention to this story. Not that I’m indifferent to little girls who were probably murdered by their mommies, but I was bothered by the near universal certainty Casey Anthony would be found guilty, guilty, GUILTY!

I wondered briefly what would happen if she wasn’t? I wonder no more.

Casey Anthony had been pursued relentlessly by former prosecutor and Headline News “personality” Nancy Grace.   The verdict left Grace furious and probably damn near ready to have a coronary.

One can only hope.

After the verdict she  took to Twitter and said the defense team was probably breaking out the champagne and “the devil is dancing tonight.” 

For those whom have never suffered from exposure to the toxic waste dump that is Nancy Grace, let’s just say this is a woman so repulsive even the master of terror, Stephen King had to take to pen to express how horrified he was by her after Melinda Duckett killed herself following Grace grilling Duckett’ about her missing 2-year old son.  .

"I'm gonna break through this black line and strangle her!"

Nancy Grace — puffy-cheeked, helmet-haired, heavy-lidded, strangely expressionless even during her frequent rages — conveys by body language alone the idea that we’re all guilty of something…and she knows it. Her specialty is the sorts of tabloid crimes The National Enquirer used to cover in the bad old days, when car-crash photos and Mexican decapitations were staples. George Pelecanos, James Ellroy, and Michael Connelly are able to elevate such horrors to art; Nancy Grace degrades them so deeply into the fleapit of the imagination that a week of her makes Dick Cheney highlight reels look good. And like Puritan elders, Wild West hanging judges, or Madame Defarge knitting in the shadow of the guillotine, Nancy Grace gives the sense that somehow, someway, she just knows whodunit.

I don’t spend much time on Twitter, but it absolutely exploded with a vengeance with caustic comments about the predictable meltdown by the witchfinder general of HLN.

Fortunately for CNN, they will have a new Casey Anthony murder trial to cover when Nancy Grace kills her.  @Borowitz Report)

Nancy Grace and Dr Drew should start a show called “Nancy/Drew SVU.” @benschwartzy 

I haven’t seen Nancy Grace this furious since her bungling henchmen let those Dalmatians escape. @Hogwarts Radio 

BREAKING: CNN Viewers Severely Burned By Fire From Nancy Grace‘s Nostrils @Borowitz Report 

Casey Anthony gets away with murder, but we get a life sentence of Nancy Grace. Not fair! @SlappNutz 

Nancy Grace angry that Casey Anthony could profit off the death of her daughter. That was Nancy‘s job. @Crutnacker

Nancy Grace just ripped out her own uterus and slung it against a wall in disgust @StumpWoodley

Big challenge for HLN wardrobe and cosmetics team now as Nancy Grace turns green and shreds her clothing. @pourmecoffee

If Casey Anthony’s verdict kills Nancy Grace, then I think, as society, we broke even on the matter. @djbrnz

Finally, the soul sister of Nancy Grace, Sarah Palin, (and other Republicans) released a statement on Facebook after the verdict. Why? Because she’s Sarah Palin and she can always find a way to twist anything so it’s Obama’s fault!

Mommy, that lady with the scary eyes keeps looking at me.

Once again we see, with our nation in crisis, President Obama stands by and does idly nothing while an injustice is committed here in this glorious nation of ours. It’s almost strange that the president has not yet made one statement on the issue of the death of young Caylee Anthony. Why the strange silence, Mr. President?

— Sarah Palin
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Is Palin expecting Obama to send Seal Team Six or a Predator drone over to Casey Anthony’s house?

It should never be forgotten that Grace is not a journalist.  She’s a former prosecutor and conducts herself as if she still is.   Nobody knows if Casey Anthony was guilty, but that didn’t stop Grace from dogging her as if she was.   Lynch mobs, even hi-tech ones, are ugly things.  When Grace sets her self-righteous sights on a target she doesn’t back off until she has the taste of blood in her mouth.

Maybe Casey Anthony is as terrible a human being as most people believe she is.   With Nancy Grace there’s no doubt about it.