Crisis? WHAT Crisis?

"Angry? You've never SEEN me angry."

Washington’s latest manufactured “crisis” is whether in the stand-off between President Obama and the Republicans, who will back down in raising the nation’s debt ceiling by August 2.   If they fail to reach an agreement the government will be unable to pay its bills, Social Security checks may not go out, and America will go into default plunging the financial markets into chaos and the nation into a deep recession.

(Insert deep, cleansing breath here.)

I’m not buying any of the Chicken Little scenarios from either side.  This is like the NFL labor talks. A deal WILL get done.  This is just the whining and pouting before everyone has to swallow their peas.

I’m glad to see Obama lose some of his fabled cool long enough to go off on a nickel and dime douche and smart-ass like Eric Cantor.  I would like to further displays of such passion when it comes to putting people back to work, standing up for his nominees like Elizabeth Warren and getting the U.S. out of Libya, Afghanistan and Iraq.

The ONLY good thing that can come from this debacle is Obama FINALLY understands you can’t negotiate with terrorists.  All Cantor, Boehner, McConnell and the rest of these professional road blocks understand is POWER.  The kind of power a president can bear to make the life of a single snotty representative or senator absolutely miserable.   Obama doesn’t need to be invoking the name of Ronald Reagan.  He needs to call up some of that blunt, tough talking, take no shit attitude of Lyndon Baines Johnson,  the last Democrat who went he said “JUMP” the opposition would say, “How high, sir?”

Obama is a nice guy.  He would rather compromise than confront.  It’s his default position.  I get that.  But when dealing with absolute knuckleheads like Eric Cantor, you have to remind them who’s sitting at the head of the table and who is not.

This is ALL political theater. From Obama and from Cantor and from Boehner and from McConnell. Everyone wants to see who’s gonna blink first and neither side wants to be the first. This is posturing at its worse and at the end of the day not one second of it will do a damn thing to solve the problem Americans want addressed. JOBS!

Let's hug it out guys.

Where are the JOBS? That’s what the President and everyone else in Washington should be focusing on because sooner or later the debt ceiling will be raised one way or another.

I’m a politics junkie, but I’m not stressing over this.   Everybody’s throwing raw meat to their base.  Everybody’s playing to the camera.   But before the clock strikes midnight and the damn country turns into a rancid pumpkin, the deal will get done, the checks will go out in the mail, the “crisis” will be narrowly averted and the pundits will pontificate how once again “the system worked.”

Which will be absolute garbage.   The system doesn’t work and the fix is in.   We are being played for suckers.

You want a crisis?  The drought in Africa is a crisis.  Unemployment in Detroit is a crisis.  The drug cartels beheading tourists in Mexico is a crisis.  The box office gross of Green Lantern is a crisis.

This is not a crisis.  This is dinner theater and the actors on stage are just rehearsing their lines and playing their parts.