John Kasich’s Horrible, Bad, Not So Much Fun Week.

Governing is hard. It's harder when you're stupid.

It’s no fun to watch a grown man publicly humble himself and go begging to the very people he sneered at to now save him from the embarrassment of seeing his sole accomplishment for nearly an entire year go up in smoke.

Okay, I’m lying.  Actually it’s a lot of fun to see Governor John Kasich begging “please baby, baby, PLEASE” to the unions and the We Are Ohio activist group that hustled, organized and campaigned to successfully put on the fall ballot before voters Senate Bill 5, the law that would strip state unions of much of their collective bargaining rights.

Kasich and his fellow Rethuglicans rammed SB5 through the legislature and thumbed their noses at the people of Ohio who elected them.  It was always jobs, not busting unions, that voters wanted action on.

It was a classic case of arrogance, amateurishness and overreach by Kasich.  Now that it seems he FINALLY got the message and stands to lose and lose big on the only thing he’s accomplished as governor so far, he wants to “compromise.”

Kasich and the GOP sniffed disdainfully when opponents vowed to put SB5 before voters.  Then the labor unions, Democrats and other activists went around the state to get the signatures necessary to place the bill on the fall ballot.  They needed 231,000 signatures.  They delivered over 1.3 million signatures in a tractor-trailer to the Secretary of State’s office for certification.

You could hear the sphincters in the Statehouse puckering.  “Oh hell,” the Rethuglicans thought.  “We gotta cut a deal.”

The governor held a negotiation session with representatives of the unions hoping to water down and compromise on SB5.  That is, he tried to hold a negotiation session.  None of the representatives showed up.

As is typical for Kasich, whose big mouth disengages from his tiny brain on a regular basis he went off on the labor unions in an embittered little tirade.

When this truck rolled up, Kasich knew his union busting bill was toast.

“I think in a lot of ways, we’ve seen this happen before, I think they’re selling their membership down the river,” Kasich said. “I don’t even know who they are. Probably some of them aren’t even Ohioans. They’re people who have an agenda that’s far different than supporting the rights of their workers.”

“And somebody says, you know, they invested, they collected these signatures, they’ve done all these things, it’s too late,” Kasich continued. “I think they can send the money back, the dues back, that they have taken from their workers. That’d be a nice bonus check for the worker, actually, they’d be able to take their kids to dinner this weekend.”

Spoken like a man who’s afraid he’s going to lose.   Hey, John-Boy?  Ever stop to think instead of a nice bonus check to take the family out to Subway,  maybe those workers would rather have their health care, job protections and other benefits they bargained for that you and your right-wing buddies Chris Christie, Rick Scott and Scott Walker are taking away from them?

Nah.  Introspection isn’t your thing.  As far as “probably some of them aren’t even Ohioans” crack goes you’re probably right.   Just like the Koch Brothers and  Karl Rove’s American Crossroads group and the U.S. Chamber of Congress and all the other union busters aren’t Ohioans either (but you’ll appreciate the money they raise to support SB5, won’t you?)

This is the attitude of a guy who wants to negotiate?   The governor’s idea of compromise is to ignore the will of the people when crafting bad legislation and dictate the terms of a deal when it looks like he’s going to lose.

Kasich isn’t very smart but he’s smart enough to know how to count and right now SB5 is going down faster than a stripper in the champagne room.

Losing SB5 in the election wouldn’t be just a repudiation of Kasich and the Rethuglicans.  It would be a bitch slap with a steel glove.   Watching this arrogant little prick cry, crawfish and curse his luck puts the biggest smile on my face I’ve had all week.

Remember when Rush Limbaugh declared he wanted President Obama to fail?  I want Governor Kasich to fail, and not just fail, but fail spectacularly and on an epic level.  So far, he’s right on course to be the worst governor I’ve lived through in my 55 years as a Ohioan.

The face of a man being publicly humiliated.

Keep stumbling, bumbling and fumbling John-Boy.   It does my heart good to see you do so bad.

“This is not an effort that is being put forward because we fear we’re going to lose,” Kasich said.

Really?  Then why do it John-Boy?  Because you’re worried you’re about to get punk’d?

I wouldn’t give this loser the sweat off my balls if he were dying of thirst in the desert.

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