The Last Day In the Death of Troy Davis

After the execution of Troy Davis comes the tears

(ORDER LIST: 564 U.S.)




The application for stay of execution of sentence of death presented to Justice Thomas and by him referred to the Court is denied.

Clarence Thomas, huh?  Why am I not surprised to find his dirty little hands all over this?  He probably wishes he could have killed Davis himself.   But as much as I would like to blame Thomas for Davis’ death, he is shielded from direct responsibility by the secrecy of the Supreme Court.

Each member of the Supreme Court is assigned a portion of the country where all capital punishment cases go to for stay of execution.  Georgia is in Thomas’ ball court.  The entire Court decides whether the stay is granted or not but rarely do they comment either way.  Thomas probably voted with the rest of the Court’s conservative wing to deny the stay, but nobody knows but the justices themselves how they voted.

Not that it makes any difference now.

Davis was put to death for the killing of an off-duty police officer in 1989 and 22 years later, still proclaiming his innocence, he was given a lethal injection and killed by the state of Georgia after the Supreme Court gave them the green light.

If you lock up the wrong guy for burglary or robbery or extortion or arson, there’s always a chance they can be exonerated, vindicated, compensated and freed.

Screw it up with a capital punishment case and that’s it. No do-overs, no takebacks, no second chances to right a wrong. It’s game over. Fuck it up and someone is dead who should not be.

And how do you make up for that?

This is why as someone who has previously supported the death penalty, I am coming around to the conclusion I may no longer be able to do so.

There is nothing any president could have done to spare the life of Troy Davis. That said, while Rick Perry boasts how he sleeps perfectly well having sentenced over 230 people to die, Obama can’t take a pass on commenting on the state-sanctioned murder of Troy Davis.

White House spokesperson Jay Carney said the president believes in fairness in sentencing but, ” it was not appropriate for him “to weigh in on specific cases like this one, which is a state prosecution.”

I understand that explanation.  I don’t accept it.

How many votes did Davis have his in his favor among The Nine?

Even if the President doesn’t have the power to pardon a man in a state case, that doesn’t mean he can or should remain silent on one of the biggest and most painful issues of the year.

His silence would equal cowardice.

A leader doesn’t just speak when his people call upon him, but when his people are speaking and he remains quiet.  The president is failing this test of leadership.  It’s nothing new for the Supreme Court to keep their lips zipped.  When Obama dummies up its noticeable by the roaring silence.

The Republicans are scheduled for another debate tonight.  Think anybody will have the balls to ask Rick Perry what he thinks about Troy Davis?

As MLK said, “The hottest place in Hell is reserved for those who remain neutral in times of great moral conflict” and the president’s neutrality is not serving him well at this time.   It’s not that Davis was necessarily innocent or a good guy.   There were just ample reasons to delay his execution until some of the unresolved issues hanging over this case were answered.

Apparently, the Court felt after 22 years, all the questions had been answered in their mind.

Obama needs to end the silence and find his voice.  His refusal to say anything is maddening and frustrating.

Every one knows what’s right and what’s wrong. You can’t stay silent in a time of great moral conflict. When MLK was marching and getting dogs sicced on him and hosed down, HE MADE THE CHOICE TO STAND FOR SOMETHING!

I know Obama cares about Palestine and jobs and the government not shutting down. What does he care about one Black man being put to death for a crime he may not have committed?

I got mad respect for Obama, but when he avoids issues of race like Superman avoids Kryptonite he looks like the worst kind of coward.

Troy Davis is dead.   Everybody feel safer now?

"Troy Davis? Hmmm...don't think I know the brother."

One thought on “The Last Day In the Death of Troy Davis

  1. Jeff, According to CBS all the members of the Supreme Court sadly agreed to Davis’ execution. Quote and link below. And the Courts’ summation makes the Davis case even more horrific.

    How much time should be given to a person who proclaims their innocence and who is trying to defend themselves against a legal system without limitless resources? Shouldn’t one question a person’s guilt when 7 of the 9 people who claimed he was guilty, change their story? What is necessary to cause a stay of execution before killing someone? What?

    “CBS News justice correspondent Jan Crawford reports that even the four liberal justices on the nation’s highest court agreed – Davis had multiple chances to prove his innocence, and each time he failed.”


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