Up Against the Wall Street

I wanted to say something about the Occupy Wall Street movement.  I admire the activism and the energy being exhibited by people whom are fed up with being part of the many who don’t benefit while a select few make out like bandits.  There’s plenty in America to make it a better place for everyone.  But there are those who are greedy and have no intentions of giving up anything they have so others can have something.

When the mainstream news media isn’t ignoring the demonstrators, it’s ridiculing and sneering at them as being too White, too liberal, too motley and too unfocused.  What do these over-privileged, pampered and spoiled hippie liberal brats and ragged Socialists want anyway? is the message coming from CNN, Fox News and others.

It seems to me those that are pissing all over the Wall Street protests the most are the same ones rushing to defend the Tea Party raising hell.

Apparently its fine to challenge the status quo when it’s the right-wing doing the challenging. Not so much when it’s coming from the left though.   Double standards and situational ethics are fun to watch. The stench of rank hypocrisy does get to be a bit much though.

Why is there so much criticism levied at the protestors for lacking specific demands?  I don’t remember Fox News bitching about this when it was the Tea Party raising hell.  What did they want?  Take back our country?  From who?    What makes you think it only belonged to you in the first place?

You are not rich.
You do not get bailed out.
You do not own politicians.
There are no tax loopholes created especially for you.
You may work hard for what you have and you may hate to associate yourself with dirty liberal hippies, but guess what?

You are the 99%!

It’s amazing how many of yesterday’s radicals are today’s conservatives. I suppose they had to come from somewhere. If they had started off as conservatives and ended up even more conservative look how much evolving they would have missed out on since 1968.

When the Tea Party raised seven different kinds of hell at the town hall meetings of some scared Congresscritters, they were derided as loudmouthed bullies, kooks and worse. I know because I was one of those deriding them.

I could not disagree more with the Tea Party’s principles. However, I support their right to organize and raise seven different kinds of hell because it got results. If anything the Left has watched and learned.

Wall Street is not going to crumble and fall because of these protests. Capitalism isn’t going to crumble and fall because of these protests.  So what the hell are so many in the media and elsewhere so worried about? At some point the protests will pass and we all get back to our football games and the new fall television seasons. Maybe some talent deprived pop tart will get out of a car without her underwear on and we can have a good old scandal to amuse us for a while. Maybe somebody famous will die and that can distract us for a weekend or so.

And maybe we can let the bankers and the brokers and the dealers and hustlers and smart guys get back to business of nickel and diming the rest of us when they aren’t robbing us blind with billion dollar bailouts to get them out the messes they made for themselves.

If what’s happening on Wall Street is just street theater by a handful of malcontents, posers, anarchists and spoiled rich brats, what is there to be afraid of? One might think the charade might not simply collapse, but blow away by one stiff breeze out of sheer weightlessness.

It seems the rich and powerful don’t like being reminded just how well things are working out for them when compared to everyone else.

Every movement starts with a few dissatisfied souls. It’s only from them reminding the rest of us how dissatisfied we should be too that anything ever changes around here.

Dissent is not only the highest form of patriotism, it’s as American as the flag and mom’s apple pie. Faced with a broken system where no one is held accountable and nothing seems to work for the people, you can hardly blame the occupy Wall Street groups for finally saying, “Enough! No more!”

This isn’t about covering Obama’s ass for his failures and coziness to Wall Street. It’s about a general sentiment of “mad as hell and not going to take it anymore” types and all politicians are being held equally accountable for the state of the economy.

If you want the rulebook changed you go to the guys who paid off the officials and gave them their jobs in the first place.

I have no idea why Americans cheer on protests in Middle East countries against elitist oligarchs over there and sneer at them as being smelly hippies here.

Maybe it’s simply easier to dismiss them as malcontents than concerned citizens who give a good goddamn about the raw deal everyone but the bankers and brokers got with their Wall Street bail out while everyone else just takes the assault and bleeds out quietly.

It’s a terrific story. I just wish the corporate media cared about covering it as much as they do about some fucking English twit getting married.