Mission Over, Nothing Accomplished

Did we win? Do you care?

President Obama announced last week he was bringing all the troops home from Iraq and effectively end the nearly nine-year war.

“As promised, the rest of our troops in Iraq will come home by the end of the year,” Obama said. “After nearly nine years, America’s war in Iraq will be over.”

“Today, I can say that troops in Iraq will be home for the holidays,” Obama said.

Predictably, the Republican presidential candidates squawked like irritated chickens in response to the president’s announcement despite the Obama Administration simply fulfilling an agreement that was struck by President Bush with the Iraq government to withdraw the troops.

Despite their inability to agree on the economy or much else, Republican presidential candidates spoke with one voice in reaction to President Obama’s announcement of a full U.S. withdrawal from Iraq this year.

They were against it.

It was an “astonishing failure” that risked all the gains made “through the blood and sacrifice” of thousands of Americans, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney said.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry said he was “deeply concerned” that Obama had put “political expediency ahead of sound military and security judgment.” Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) cited it as another example of the president’s foreign policy weakness, and Jon Huntsman, Obama’s former ambassador to China, called it a “mistake.”

Herman Cain let stand his assessment of last weekend, in which he announced that withdrawals from Iraq and Afghanistan were “a dumb thing to do.”

This is the GOP plan for dealing with the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan: stay the course no matter how disastrous or how much the American people dislike the course.   Not a one of them has any better ideas than to gripe, whine, bitch and complain.  Over 4,400 have been killed in Iraq with thousands more wounded.  The number of Iraqis dead is somewhere over 100,000, but nobody knows for sure.

But nine years of blood, death and billions of dollars wasted isn’t enough for Mitt and the Seven Dwarfs.

Don't be afraid kid. We're liberating you. Don't you feel liberated?

I guess the better option would to allow thousands of American troops to stay in Iraq and pouring billions of dollars into rebuilding their infrastructure while allowing this country’s to crumble. Oh, and by the way? That Sharia law thing American citizens want no part of here? Let’s allow our soldiers to be subject to it there.

Sorry kids. You hoped Daddy would be home for the holidays? BZZZZZTTT!!! He has to stay in Iraq because the Republicans say the process that led to their exit is flawed.

Wherever the American flag is planted the Right-wing insists it must remain there in perpetuity. Before the corporations and contractors can safely move in to profit from the wars, the grunts have to bleed out and die off.

First we’re liberators. Then we’re occupiers. We’re always capitalists.

The politicians like things as they are just fine. The people have rejected it. They want the wars ended and the troops home.  Now who’s gonna tell the GOP?

I don’t give a damn about whether the troops are coming home because Iraq wants the right to make American soldiers subject to their laws.

I definitely don’t give a damn whether any Republican presidential candidate has “concerns” or not.

I don’t want to spill another drop of American blood on Iraq soil and I don’t want to spend another dime propping up another corrupt government.

It’s their country. Let them work out their own problems for a while. Push come to shove the U.S. knows the address if they need to return.

Bring the boys home for Xmas and tell the last one out of Iraq turn off the lights

Declare victory and come on home.