American Horror Story

The "j" in J"oseph" is missing. So is his sense of decency.

There’s never a shortage of ugly, unsettling stories to choose from, but stories don’t get grimmer, uglier or much more unsettling than the scandalous revelations of Jerry Sandusky an accused pedophile, former coach and colleague of legendary football coach, Joe Paterno.

Sandusky faces the end of his life behind bars.  Paterno who reported to university officials he had been informed Sandusky was observed fondling a 10-yr-old boy in a locker room shower was fired which sparked rioting on the campus by a mob of supporters.   The foul details of Sandusky’s crimes against children are laid out in the grand jury report.

It is a soul-searing, heartbreaking and sordid read.  You come away from reading it convinced of two things:  Sandusky is a monster and the all the Penn State officials did nothing and allowed him to destroy the lives of children.

There is nothing in the document that indicts the football program itself.  –

Everyone has an opinion on Paterno’s ignoble demise as a coach and the Penn State pedophile scandal. There’s no doubt this is an America horror story, but as the story is less than a week old, isn’t it too soon to draw too many conclusions?

There’s nothing more repulsive than a pedophile and I hate them like God hates sin.

But somehow it is the Penn State football program that’s been tried, found guilty and some have suggested it is the program that should suffer a “death penalty”.

Really?  Why?  The football players shouldn’t suffer for the actions of an ex-coach and the head coach’s ineffective and morally dubious decisions.  I fail to understand how football became the great evil at work here instead of one sick and twisted deviant who preyed on children.

First historic, now notorious.

Everyone is justifiably upset and angry, but are misdirecting that outrage to the sport and not the exploiter who used the sport to exploit innocents.

The football players are not responsible for what Sandusky did or what Paterno did not do. Everyone and their brother who has a bone to pick with college football is using this tragic situation to nurse their little grudges.

I wish there were as much sympathy for the children as there is misdirected hostility toward Nittany Lions football.

The thing is, not everyone goes to college for an education. Some go because it’s their path to the NFL or NBA. Big-time college sports are the most crooked, corrupt and exploitative game in town, but killing off Penn State’s football program solves NONE of the ills that plague college football. That’s like tearing off your arm because you cut your finger.

I understand the need some people have to “do something” since they aren’t patient enough to wait for the legal process to do its thing.

Instead, let’s do something dramatic, sweeping and personally satisfying. I know! Let’s get rid of Penn State football. Yeah, that will fix everything. In fact, why not shut down the entire Big Ten? Between Penn State and Ohio State, that’s two outlaw programs we’ll never be bothered with again.

One question: how does any of this prevent pedophiles from preying on children? The short answer is it won’t.

The face of pure evil.

I don’t even like college football. I prefer the NFL and look how many wife beaters, drug addicts, borderline psychopaths and even killers have played in that league. But I’m not going to stop watching the NFL because of the bad actions of a few assholes. O.J. Simpson retired from football wearing the gold and crimson of my favorite team, the San Francisco 49ers. You think I’m going to call for the 49ers to disband because Simpson killed two people?

Hell no, I’m not. You get a bad carton of milk, you pour it out. You don’t go hunt down the farmer and kill him and the cow.

There are disturbing reports that Sandusky may have “loaned” the children he abused out to others.  Pedophiles sometimes prey in packs, so we may just be staring at the tip of the iceberg.

However, that is still something for the investigations and legal process to uncover.   That’s a longer and less immediately satisfying process, but it makes a damn sight more sense to me than punishing everyone who is part of Penn State football, but has nothing to do with this mess.

I’m not an advocate of “solutions” that work along the lines of killing everyone and saying, “We had to sacrifice some of the innocent, but we’re pretty sure we got all the guilty.”

It’s easy to blame college football programs for this, but to do so goes far too easy on the (alleged) crimes of Jerry Sandusky. Don’t get it twisted. Joe Paterno didn’t do the right thing and his legacy has been forever stained by doing only the bare minimum instead of moving aggressively to protect children from a pedophile.

Sandusky is the bad guy here. Paterno and other Penn State officials enabled Sandusky by doing as little as possible.   Sandusky is going to end his wretched existence behind the walls of a cell where he will have to watch his back lest another prisoner takes it upon himself to excise him from the gene pool forever. Paterno was fired and disgraced while other university officials have also been bounced out or indicted.

Blaming the sport of football for the sins of Jerry Sandusky and Joe Paterno is just silly and it’s wrong.   There are too many assumptions, too many rumors and not enough facts in place. Let’s cool it with the lynch mob mentality until they are.

2 thoughts on “American Horror Story

  1. “I fail to understand how football became the great evil at work here instead of one sick and twisted deviant who preyed on children.


    “Sandusky is the bad guy here. Paterno and other Penn State officials enabled Sandusky by doing as little as possible.”

    If what you say above is true, then Sandusky isn’t the only “bad guy here.” Sandusky’s enablers are also culpable, whether they can be held legally accountable in a court of law for what Sandusky perpetrated.

    I’m not a big fan of football–college or professional–but as I understand it, the reason why little was done to prosecute the perp, or to protect children, especially the child that was witnessed being raped by Sandusky, was because of the almost god-like status of Paterno, the sterling reputation of Penn State, and the venerated place of football at the university, that brought in millions of dollars each year.

    It’s my understanding that football was so revered at Penn State and that Paterno was so generally feared because of it, that he wielded almost absolute power–no one crossed him or second-guessed his decisions.

    Here’s the reason that some have given for slamming Penn State football and its administrative staff–they criticized them because they believed that football, and the money it generated, trumped concerns for the child victims.

    The stated rationale for ending Penn State’s football season is this: Because Paterno, and involved school administrators are now so tainted, the football program that Paterno and they built, and he coached, is also tainted, and may require years for the two to be disassociated.

    Ultimately, right or wrong, the decision rests with the school.


    • blackdiaspora, we are in agreement that Sandusky’s enablers at Penn State made a horrible situation even more so. After reading the grand jury’s report in full, I have no doubt the ignoble end of Joe Paterno’s career was brought on him by his own failures. If all those students who rioted after he was fired had read what I have, not a one of them would have taken to the streets. They would have all been too busy being sickened by what they had read.

      However, there is NOTHING in the grand jury findings that in any way makes the football team culpable. It’s just not there.

      I’m being hammered by some on Facebook for choosing not to participate in the lynch mob mentality being displayed. If justice means anything, the public needs to be patient and let the process go forth. Somehow that has been taken by some to mean I approve of young boys being raped!

      Nobody has to make the case to me that football is king on many campuses I did go to The Ohio State University, so I’m well aware of how the rules do not apply equally. But it’s a leap I can’t make to say football so taints everything about Penn State even those that had nothing to do with Jerry Sandusky’s depravities should suffer the same punishment. If we’re going to go that far, why not just close the whole university down and forget it ever existed.

      I’ve been on my share of rushes to judgment. I think I’ll sit this one out until more facts come forward. I understand why others feel differently.


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