Frank Miller’s Unholy Mess

That's right comic book geeks. I get the ladies!

I have to say I haven’t given Frank Miller much more than a passing thought in 17 years.  I read most of tAll-Star Batman & Robin which seemed to be written as a twisted parody of his own The Dark Knight Returns and seemed to ask, “What if the Caped Crusader were crazier than any bad guy he fought?”    I liked Robert Rodriguez’s take on Miller’s Sin City as perhaps the most faithful adaptation of a comic book ever put on film.  Yet to say I’ve actually given any serious thought about Miller, I’d have to say I haven’t I reviewed the craven cash-grab that was Spawn/Batman for The Comics Journal in 1994.

Miller oozed back into my consciousness a few months ago with the release of his long-delayed Holy Terror, where The Fixer, a Batman stand-in (who was Batman before DC Comics decided they didn’t want one of their signature characters torturing and murdering Al Qaeda terrorists) takes bloody revenge against the perpetrators of 9/11.  I haven’t read Holy Terror and at a whopping $30 for the hardcover have no intentions of doing so and particularly not when it’s been on the receiving end of some of the worst reviews of Miller’s career.

Other comic writers couldn’t resist piling on as Grant Morrison did when he said, “Batman vs. Al Qaeda! It might as well be Bin Laden vs. King Kong! Or how about the sinister Al Qaeda mastermind up against a hungry Hannibal Lecter! For all the good it’s likely to do. Cheering on a fictional character as he beats up fictionalized terrorists seems like a decadent indulgence when real terrorists are killing real people in the real world. I’d be so much more impressed if Frank Miller gave up all this graphic novel nonsense, joined the Army and, with a howl of undying hate, rushed headlong onto the front lines with the young soldiers who are actually risking life and limb ‘vs’ Al Qaeda.”

One sure-fire way to stand up for your Islamic bitch slap of a book is to pick a fight and that’s what Miller did.  He took to his blog and ripped into the Occupy Wall Street protestors calling them “losers,” “pond scum” and “nothing but a pack of louts, thieves and rapists.”

The “Occupy” movement, whether displaying itself on Wall Street or in the streets of Oakland (which has, with unspeakable cowardice, embraced it) is anything but an exercise of our blessed First Amendment. “Occupy” is nothing but a pack of louts, thieves, and rapists, an unruly mob, fed by Woodstock-era nostalgia and putrid false righteousness. These clowns can do nothing but harm America.

Batman needs his dirty mouth washed out with Bat-soap.

“Occupy” is nothing short of a clumsy, poorly-expressed attempt at anarchy, to the extent that the “movement” — HAH! Some “movement”, except if the word “bowel” is attached – is anything more than an ugly fashion statement by a bunch of iPhone, iPad wielding spoiled brats who should stop getting in the way of working people and find jobs for themselves.

This is no popular uprising. This is garbage. And goodness knows they’re spewing their garbage — both politically and physically — every which way they can find. 

Wake up, pond scum. America is at war against a ruthless enemy.

Maybe, between bouts of self-pity and all the other tasty tidbits of narcissism you’ve been served up in your sheltered, comfy little worlds, you’ve heard terms like al-Qaeda and Islamicism.

And this enemy of mine — not of yours, apparently – must be getting a dark chuckle, if not an outright horselaugh – out of your vain, childish, self-destructive spectacle.

In the name of decency, go home to your parents, you losers. Go back to your mommas’ basements and play with your Lords Of Warcraft. [sic]

Or better yet, enlist for the real thing. Maybe our military could whip some of you into shape.

When did the guy who wrote 300 start sounding like Pamela Geller?   When did he become an ardent Islamophobe?

What are you?  Retarded?  He’s the goddamn Frank Miller!

Anyone who’s never heard of Miller has no reason to care what he has to say about Occupy Wall Street but it’s just another step in Miller’s devolution from a gifted artist and writer into a demented loon telling those darn kids to get off his yawn.

Miller is behind great stuff like his first run on Daredevil, his terrific return with Born Again,
The Dark Knight Returns, Hard Boiled with Geoff Darrow’s elaborate art and Batman: Year One.  On any short list of the greatest talents ever to work in the comic medium,  Miller’s name must be in the Top Ten.

Wonder what happened to that guy?  Seems like he crawled into a bottle of gin and crawled back out as “Mickey Spillane’s Frank Miller” and started babbling about dames, booze and punks.

If Miller hates and fears Muslim Jihadists he’s entitled to be as paranoid as he wants.  You have to divorce his body of work from his repellent personality and bigoted beliefs.  Otherwise you’re going to find it difficult to support a talented, but otherwise awful human being.

Miller once wrote about living in New York City, “You gotta take the good with the bad and sometimes there’s an awful lot of bad.”

Did he know he was talking about himself as well?

Holy Terror? More like an ungodly mess.