This Is What Liberal Racism Looks Like

There have been more than enough examples of racist depictions of President Obama coming from the conservative Right.

What about a racist depiction that comes from the liberal Left?

New York magazine writer Dan Amira wrote a brief piece criticizing the president for not yet supporting gay marriage in a piece titled, “Obama’s Gay Marriage Evolution Watch: Day 468”

The illustration accompanying the article is of President Obama “evolving” from a monkey into a rainbow flag-holding human.

This image is insulting, reprehensible and New York magazine owes an immediate apology to President Obama. I do not know if New York magazine has any African-Americans on their editorial staff or if they do, they aren’t conscious ones, but racism is racism and it comes off no better when liberals engage in it than conservatives.

New York magazine tries to be edgy, hip and in the know about everything that is edgy and hip in the greatest city on earth.  But depicting the president as a monkey isn’t hip or edgy.  It’s racism and it’s bullshit.

I have a personal interest in this incident. I subscribe to New York magazine. I will soon be an ex-subscriber if an apology is not swiftly forthcoming.