It’s still Obama and everybody else

The president feels the love.

Even the most hardcore political junkie needs to detox every so often.  Especially when the Republicans are determined to drive the collective intelligence of the American people down ten to twenty points.   When Rick “Foamy” Santorum sneers at President Obama as a “snob” for encouraging attending a college and bettering the chances of snagging a good paying job, we have definitely hit bottom.

As dumb as the Republican presidential candidates have been and all the dumb things they have said, Foamy just totally abuses the limits of how extreme a candidate can be.   Santorum denounces the divide between church and state, going so far as to declare when President Kennedy declared his Catholic faith would not influence his decisions, it made him “sick.”

Which couldn’t be better if the Democrats had planned it..  The more Foamy comes out as the American Taliban, the more he marginalizes himself.   His appeal to conservatives as the newest Not Romney and the Anti-Obama is a kick-butt strategy in the primaries where the partisans eat it up on a spoon, but would get him nowhere in a general election.

Foamy is a better presidential nominee than Mittens because not only would Obama whip his monkey ass, Foamy would be a drag on the entire Republican Party ticket.   There were fears in 2008 that John McCain had more appeal to independent voters due to the respect and admiration he earned as a conservative willing to buck the party line and reach out to his Democratic colleagues in the Senate.

But Santorum was never a leader and he wasn’t respected. He’s always been a right-wing tool and so entrenched as a far-right winger he couldn’t possibly convince independents and moderate voters he’s even close to holding centrist positions.  By definition that makes him unelectable.  The party establishment knows that which is why they have to destroy Santorum and continue to prop up Romney.

Santorum has bet it all on the idea that the GOP will penalize moderates and reward extremists. As bets go, it’s not an unsound one, but it leaves him no wiggle room in a general election.  With Mittens eking out a three-point “win” over Foamy in his home state of Michigan and slaughtering him in Arizona, his rocky road to the Republican nomination is back on track, but Romney is being diminished, not strengthened the longer it takes him to knock off his challengers.   He looks weak, unpopular with the base, and he can’t focus on preparing for Obama while he’s fending off first Newt Gingrich and now Santorum on his his right flank.

Who you callin' a "jerk-off?"

The extremes promote candidates, but they don’t win in national elections. Just ask George McGovern and Barry Goldwater.

I’m not worried about Foamy becoming the next President of the United States.  I’d like him to continue bloodying Mittens and softening him up.   I’d like the current version of the Republican Party to go out of business and be reborn minus the racists, the homophobes and the sexists trying to regulate a woman’s womb.
There are already Obama supporters who can’t stop laughing at the Republicans auditioning for who can be the biggest tool.  I have had my share of laughs as well, but I’m not about to declare this race over and done.

There are no sure things this many months out from Election Day.  The economic recovery is soft and can go south if unemployment creeps back up or Israel attacks Iran and a new crisis in the Middle East flares up.  There is always the possibility of a scandal or another terrorist attack.

The odds of a second term for the president are getting better, but while Team Obama shares the amusement of watching the Republicans ripping into each other, they aren’t permitting themselves the luxury of assuming they don’t have to win the election.  When the GOP finally gets their act together they are going to come at Obama with everything they have.

Negative ads and nasty campaigning?  We’ve only just begun.

Obama should run scared because what lies ahead is a lot scarier than anything Mittens, Foamy or the Newtster can throw at him.

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