THIS Is Why We Can’t Have A Post-Racial America.

The writing--and the racism--is on the wall

The updates to the blog have come sporadically this week, but I’ve been on grand jury for the past two weeks and protecting society from the various reprobates, dirty rotten scoundrels and ne’er do wells keeps you busy.

The cliché is a prosecutor can get a jury to indict a ham sandwich.  I can assure you that is true and they’ll throw in the cheese and mayo as well.

Which is why I am convinced if Angela Corey, the special prosecutor named by Florida Governor Rick Scott to head up the state’s investigation into the Trayvon Martin shooting wants to indict George Zimmerman she will have no problem getting a grand jury to give her that authority.   Whether Corey does or not will go a long way in determining if the facts ever come out.

While everyone waits for the state and feds to wrap up their deliberations of what comes next, the case has become the dominant story in America trumping the Supreme Court hearings over healthcare reform and a visit from the Pope to Mexico.  it comes as no surprise at all that the Martin case has divided the nation along the usual political and race fault lines as an analysis from the Pew Research Center reveals:

The Trayvon Martin shooting is the public’s top story for the second consecutive week. But interest in the teenager’s death is deeply divided along partisan, as well as racial, lines. These differences also are apparent in reactions to news coverage of the incident: Far more Republicans (56%) than Democrats (25%) say there has been too much coverage of Martin’s death.

African Americans are far more likely than whites to say they are closely tracking news about the Florida teenager’s death. Fully 58% cite news about Trayvon Martin’s killing as their top story, compared with 24% of whites. Moreover, 43% of whites say the story has received too much coverage, compared with just 16% of blacks.

Democrats, regardless of race, are following Martin’s death more closely than are Republicans. Nearly four-in-ten Democrats (38%), including 31% of white Democrats, say the killing of Trayvon Martin is their top story; just 19% of Republicans are following this story most closely. More than half of Republicans (56%) say the story has been overcovered, compared with 25% of Democrats, including 33% of white Democrats.

Overall, 37% of the public say that news organizations are giving too much coverage to Martin’s death; about as many (40%) say the coverage has been about right. Just 14% say the story has gotten too little coverage.

Most Americans would concede there’s been the healing process between Blacks and Whites has come a long way from slavery, Jim Crow segregation and the Civil Rights Era, but every so often a story like Trayvon Martin comes along and tears off the bandage revealing how raw the wounds still are. Corey can take a big step by indicting Zimmerman, but will she?  There is so much that depends on what she does.

Special prosecutor Corey can put the wheels of justice back on track, but will she?

The progress made toward racial reconciliation by people of good will is always threatened by the animosity from people of bad will   Ohio State University joined other campuses where people gathered to peacefully protest the failure of the Sanford Police Department to arrest and charge George Zimmerman.

The sincerity of the students who gathered to seek justice for the slain teenager may have sparked a backlash from someone in disagreement.  The morning after the demonstration the administrators of the Frank Hale Black Cultural Center found the words “LONG LIVE ZIMMERMAN” spray painted on the side of the building.

It’s okay that Zimmerman has his own supporters.  His family has even set up a website to ask for funds for his legal defense (and no, I’m not going to offer a link).   One of his attorneys offered a new (and novel) justification for Zimmerman shooting Martin.

Hal Uhrig, a lawyer and former Gainesville, Florida, police officer said on the CBS Morning News that due to injuries suffered in his fight with Trayvon, Zimmerman had suffered—wait for itShaken Baby Syndrome!

“We’re familiar with the Shaken Baby Syndrome. You shake a baby, the brain shakes around inside the skull. You can die when someone’s pounding your head into the ground.”

You know what one of the problems with trying a case in the public instead of a courtroom?   A lot of absurd, self-serving, erroneous and just plain wrong ideas float to the surface like crap in a toilet bowl, but this is a whole new level of bullshit.

Imagine you are the parent of a child that died because of Shaken Baby Syndrome and then imagine how furious that parent should be because of some ambulance chaser offering up one of the most absurd defenses since Dan White claimed overindulgence in Twinkies and junk food caused him to kill Harvey Milk.   If this is the best defense Daddy Zimmerman’s hired guns can buy Boy George,  he’s got some serious problems.

They can also offer up Restless Leg, Dry Mouth and Uncontrolled Flatulence as possible defenses as well and hope they can find 12 jurors dumb enough to buy it.   Don’t dismiss the possibility they can.

The cold corpse of Trayvon has been turned in a pinata where everyone can take their turn swinging at and bashing away to extract what they need from him.   Every last hardcore racist and casual bigot has exploited Trayvon to pump up their message that young Black males are potentially dangerous and permanently suspicious until they are proven otherwise and its okay to kill them.  Safer too.

My diagnosis is George Zimmerman suffers from being an Inflamed Asshole Syndrome and the plan for treatment should be 20 to 40 years in one of Florida’s nastiest prisons trying not to bend over for the soap.