Fake-Ass Black Militants and the White Conservatives That Love Them

Attention conservatives: THIS is what a brother who means business looks like.

Having never been White or a conservative I can’t begin to understand what it is about the Pseudo New Black Panthers Party that sets White conservatives into a frenzy.  As far as I know, the only one who takes these fake-ass Black radicals seriously are White conservatives.  The only reason I can figure they do is it plays into their paranoia that the Age of Obama is the harbinger for the upcoming race war or something.

When the small, but noisy, group of Black separatists issued a “manifesto” denouncing President Obama and speculated the choice in November would come down to the “ballot or the bullet” the conservative media and blogs freaked the hell out.   The conservative website, The Daily Caller breathlessly wrote:

In the Spring edition of the New Black Panther Party (NBPP) newspaper — cover reading “The Ballot or The Bullet: which way for black people?” — NBPP Chairman Malik Zulu Shabazz breaks down the presidential election, concluding the Democratic Party is the “institutional pimp of Black peoples and the Black Nation” and that Obama has “been a real disappointment.”

“Black peoples are the whores and prostitutes of the Democratic Party, and mistreated mistress that is courted in the late of night, but left hanging when it is time for real change in the light of the post election day,” Shabazz wrote, following a dissertation on the need to “Vote for Revolution.”

“Black peoples are the whores and prostitutes of the Democratic Party, and mistreated mistress that is courted in the late of night, but left hanging when it is time for real change in the light of the post election day,” he wrote, encouraging blacks to “vote for revolution.”

“Black America, you must decide who will best represent you in 2012. You must decide if you will choose the ballot as a means to change, or the bullet,” he wrote, adding that ““demanding change does come by any means necessary.”

The right-wing media does an excellent job of whipping their base into a mouth-foaming frenzy.  But they do a rotten job of doing even a little bit of historical research.  If they had they would have realized “the ballot or the bullet” were ripped off from a speech given by an assassinated Black leader some 48 years ago.

Whomever Malik Zulu Shabazz really is, he’s ripping off the far more articulate and infinitely more intelligent El-Hajj Malik El Shabazz, a.k.a. Malcolm X.   The phrases “the ballot or the bullet” and “by any means necessary” are instantly familiar to anyone who has listened to the deceased Black Muslim leader’s fiery and impassioned speeches.  That does not seem to include Tucker Carlson, Glenn Beck, Lou Dobbs and the idiots running Breitbrart.com.

Malcolm X gave a speech on March 29, 1964 entitled “The Ballot or the Bullet.” The Black Muslim leader was speaking about the need for Congress to pass the Civil Rights Act and warning of what the dire consequences might be if it wasn’t.

“Look at us! We’re tough! We’re mean!. GRRR! You scared yet?”

If you’re interested in freedom, you need some judo, you need some karate–you need all the things that will help you fight for freedom. If we don’t resort to the bullet, then immediately we have to take steps to use the ballot. Equality of opportunity, if the constitution at the present time [doesn’t offer it], then change it. Either it offers it, or it doesn’t offer it. If it offers it–good, then give it to us–if it doesn’t offer it, then change it. You don’t need a debate. You don’t need a filibuster. You need some action!

So what you and I have to do is get involved. You and I have to be right there breathing down their throats. Every time they look over their shoulders, we want them to see us.

We want to make them–we want to make them–pass the strongest civil-rights bill they ever passed, because we know that even after they pass it, they can’t enforce it.

In order to do this, we’re starting a voters’ registration drive. We have to get everybody in Harlem registered, not as Democrats or Republicans, but registered as Independents. We’re going to organize a corps of brothers and sisters who, after this city is mapped out, they won’t leave one apartment-house door not knocked on. There won’t be a door in Harlem that will not have been knocked on to see that whatever black face lives behind that door is registered to vote by a certain time this year. Nobody will have an excuse not to be registered. We’ll ask him to let us see your card. If you don’t have the sense of responsibility to get registered, we’ll move you out of town.

It’s going to be the ballot or the bullet…

The Pseudo New Black Panthers specialize in two things: dick-riding authentic Black leaders and pissing offf White conservatives. Why do I say White conservatives? Because those are their major constituents. The way they inflame fear and paranoia among the White right, you have to wonder if they are on the Koch Brothers payroll.

The Real Deal Black Steel

They know this kind of jive makes conservatives see red and double-check to make sure all their guns are loaded and ready for when the race war begins. Meanwhile, these fakes get all sorts of free pub. It’s a win-win!

All the Pseudo Panthers do is scare White folks that the big, bad Black militants are going to come to take their guns and rape their wives. It’s a crock. These clowns love to dress up, talk tough and do nothing. They never raised $10,000 for a bounty on George Zimmerman. They couldn’t raise $10 bucks if they passed the hat between themselves.

You can promise anything if you know you’re never going to deliver. Maybe the right-wing blogosphere and the people who get dumber by watching Fox News are putting bars on the doors and windows in fear of the Pseudo Panthers comin’ to get their mama, but this is karaoke Black militancy.

Malcolm X was a real Black militant. Huey Newton and the original-accept-no-substitutes Black Panthers were real Black militants.

This shit by the Pseudo Panthers isn’t militancy. It’s cabaret. It’s “Let’s scare the shit out of White folks” and it’s working.

I read Malcolm X. I listened to Malcolm X. I admired Malcolm X.  These fake-ass Negroes are no Malcolm X.

But they’re good enough for the White Right to use as the boogeymen of Scary Black People.  It’s great for creating paranoia, racial hatred, ratings and gun sales.  I really do not get what it is about the Pseudo-New Black Panthers that gets so many tighty whiteys in a wad. They talk a lot of mad shit. Oh GOD, how they love to talk about all their plans and what they’re going to do and how they’ve gonna fuck up White folks world.

And they don’t do diddly.  Who listens to the Pseudo Panthers?  Who hangs on their every word?  Who takes them seriously?  It’s White folks, not Black folks.

The only militants worth worrying about are the ones that don’t run off at the mouth, don’t announce their plans, don’t do media events and don’t bite off of dead Black Muslims and the carcass of the original real deal Black Panthers.

3 thoughts on “Fake-Ass Black Militants and the White Conservatives That Love Them

  1. Myself,I will take the so-called fake Black Panthers anyday for sure.How many black’s really know what is going on in Libya with all the afrikans being killed and genocided ? So you calling them fake.How about all these fake so-called black religous leaders who souled out black’s long time even before some so-called fake Black Panthers came along, I wonder where you get your information from. Why don;’t go research the boule and find out who are the members of that,since you are so smart.Actually a person who people think is black is really a white man in black face.
    One thing for sure,a whole lot of white people seem, to know for sure


    • If you think these dick-riding wannabees are in any way, shape or form even close to what the real deal Black Panthers are about it’s you that is sadly uninformed and in damn sure need of a refresher course in history.

      Go read some Soul On Ice or A Taste of Power or read about Bobby Seale, Fred Hammond, COINTELPRO and Huey Newton, and maybe then you can tell me something about what REAL brothers and sisters who were serious about revolution, not play-acting that shit for Fox News and right-wing blogs.

      Until then, I don’t think you can tell my you know the difference between the real Black Panthers and the dick-riding wannabees.


  2. “I really do not get what it is about the Pseudo-New Black Panthers that gets so many tighty whiteys in a wad.”

    Many whites are a scared bunch, believing that the rest of the world envy them for their success, when it fact much of that success has come at the expense of exploting a lot of people.

    These whites know this, which is why it’s almost political suicide to talk about cutting the defense budget, and why the Right-wing keep reminding Americans that President Obama is anti-American for “apolgizing” to our enemies–that is, Arabs, Muslims and Afghans.

    Colin Powell weighed in on this in a recent interview with Sean Hannity, basically calling this “apology” contention pure nonsense. Yet, the Right keep pushing it, for obvious reasons.

    Case in point: After 9-11, and the Anthrax Scare, whites stayed home in droves. Bush had to make a special television appeal to get them out and about again, and buying something–many of the Box Stores were uncharacteristically empty of shoppers.

    That was the beginning of our economic woes, and the first signs of a recession in the offing.

    Most of these black Panthers can’t passed the “paperbag test,” and that’s on purpose–the blacker they are, the scarier they are.

    What’s the likely outcome in a political race if blacks sit out–disenchanted with Democrats and President Obama–Republicans win the presidency and congress.

    What better way to scare white people to the polls than to scare them half to death–Bush’s tactic with the War on Terror, and now Republican’s tactic by elevating “fake-ass black militants.” With Bush it worked too well!

    Yes, these scary black guys are being used to scare whites, but, at the same time, these black guys are making megabucks under the table for their efforts.

    As you also stated: The presence of these fake militants in our society sells guns by the dozens, as these fools are also told that Obama’s gonna take their guns–providing double motivation to load up (pun intended).

    This Neo-Panthers group serve many purposes in our society, political purposes, for one, and the motivation of scared whites to spend money on things they might need, for two, if Obama goes all black on them, and a race riot ensues for good measure.

    Fear works when bigotries are ripe for the plucking.


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