No Punishment Will Ever Fit These Crimes

Scum of the earth

I’ll make this short if not necessarily sweet:  Former Penn State football assistant coach Jerry Sandusky was found guilty of 45 out of 48 counts related to the sexual abuse of boys over a 15-year period.   He will be sentenced within the next 90 days.   Barring a massive miscarriage of justice, he will never breathe air again as a free man.   Jerry Sandusky is finished.

No punishment can ever be severe enough for the hell Jerry Sandusky’s sick, sick, SICK mind inflicted on those innocent boys.

I hate pedophiles. Not “dislike” Not “prefer not to have anything to do with.” HATE. I hate those evil bastards and have no forgiveness in my heart for them.   I don’t necessarily want to give them the death penalty, but I’m willing to hear arguments to convince me otherwise.   There’s certainly a case to be made that these predators are as bad as murderers in that they don’t kill their victims as much as they rape and kill their innocence.

Scum like Sandusky leave their victims breathing, but scarred for life.

Sandusky will spend the rest of his rotten life in prison and die there–and die he will in a nasty way if he ever reaches the general population of the prison.  The only way he stays behind bars breathing is if he’s confined in segregated housing wearing a red jumpsuit and locked up 23 out of 24 hours.

However, his victims will never be truly free.   They need whatever help the state of Pennsylvania can offer them, but they should consider suing Penn State for their complicity in Sandusky’s depravity.    The officials there should pay a steep price for turning a blind eye and deaf ear to the screams and cries of the boys Sandusky manipulated and molested for years.

There are two words I don’t want to hear being bandied about in the aftermath of Sandusky being found guilty.  Don’t want to hear anything about “justice” or “closure.”   Justice moved far too slowly and came far too late.   There’s no such thing as “closure.”  All the boys that are now young men can do is try to live whatever part of their life was not befouled by the evil that men like Jerry Sandusky do.

As satisfying as it is to conjure up horrific scenarios where Sandusky suffers the tortures of the damned, it’s a futile pursuit.   Physical pain does not traumatize the way mental anguish does.   Sandusky needs to suffer in a way that lingers and endures.   He deserves no quick  easy outs.   He should not be put to death.  He should not be left to the not-so ender mercies of his fellow prisoners.   He should not be allowed the cowardly out of taking his own miserable, worthless life.

Getting Jerry Sandusky away from children does not stop all the others like him.   They continue to destroy innocents and they think Sandusky got sloppy and that’s how he got caught.  Until they are stopped, Sandusky must be an example for them to observe and learn THIS is what will happen when you are caught molesting children.

He must become intimate with pain.  A pain far worse than flaying the flesh from his body or breaking his bones or penetrating him with foreign objects.  Sandusky’s got it coming all right, but he doesn’t deserve the kindness of a quick end.

No redemption, no sorrow, no pity, no mercy.

Go to hell, Jerry Sandusky. If the devil will have you..

4 thoughts on “No Punishment Will Ever Fit These Crimes

  1. I am very interested to see how aggressive the prosecutor will be in going after those Penn State jackholes who looked the other way and covered up the details of his crimes. Just so they could draw a paycheck and fill Beaver Stadium on Saturdays. I smell deals to keep their behinds out of jail. This is far from over for the public, but it will never end for the victims. Happy Valley doesn’t exist in State College , Pa.


  2. It took a lot of people looking the other way for Sandusky to continue his abuse. I don’t know if charges can be laid against them, but I believe his wife, the estate of Joe Paterno, Tim Curley, Gary Schultz, Graham Spanier and all the other Penn State officials who looked the other way and took the see-no-evil position should be punished also. The abuse could not have continued without all these enablers in their respective roles. The only person I have *some* sympathy for in this whole sordid mess is Mike McQueary, who made a feeble attempt to report the abuse, though I think he could and should have called the authorities (the police, not Penn State officials).

    As for Sandusky himself, I hope he lives long enough to experience the pure terror that being a pedophile in prison brings before receiving his final retribution at his fellow prisoners’ hands. And then, may he rot in hell. I hope the young men who were brave enough to testify to the abuse receive the counseling and support they need. Above all, I hope this teaches Penn State that the “good reputation” of its athletic program is not an excuse for harboring a child predator.


    • Joe Pa knew enough that he had to call the polcie. You don’t go to your boss, you go to the polcie with this. Period. Then you let the boss know. They had to know Sandusky was a perv having worked with the guy so closely. Too many red flags.Joe Pa will be tied up in civil court for his retirement. The kids that were victims will be getting his retirement savings as compensation for him protecting his football program over their safety and well being while in facilities that were under his control. He will get what he deserves, and Sandusky will get what he deserves from his cell mates. Guess who now gets to play the role of 10 year old in the State Pen. Sandusky can just reverse the words on his attire and use it as his prison uniform. Penn State to State Pen.


  3. It is so easy to demonize Jerry Sandusky and pass his behavior off as an isolated occurrence. Now that he is convicted, the event will be put to rest and Amerika will “move forward”, as though the incident was an isolated aboration, and not part of a greater social cancer that is out of control.

    I grew up playing sports in a community in the San Francisco East Bay Area during the 1950’s-60’s. The programs were very competitive and several kids made it to the “Bigs”. There was a local “guru” who had a lot of power and was very influential in theses sports programs, coaching, development, administration, etc. Before, during and after my years of participation, 1958-1968, this individual physically and emotionally assaulted and abused many children. This individual was worshiped and well respected in the community, until he was “caught” and ran out of town. In those days this kind of behavior was swept under the rug, much like the behavior of Catholic priests. There was no prosecution or legal pursuit of the behavior, just quiet banishment.

    My question is, how pervasive is this behavior and how is this legal circus we all just witnessed benefiting the victims of Sandusky and all victims of other predators? As we put Sandusky in a cage, the deviates flourish and rarely does anyone get caught and punished. The reason these people rarely get caught and punished is because the majority of degenerates committing these offenses ARE pillars of the community; school teachers, clergy, politicians, business leaders, sports figures; the majority of these predators have been socially bred and raised in the sanctioned social cesspool that IS Amerika; they all wear the mask of Jerry Sandusky and are admired and respected by all…Most of them, through power and influence, never get caught or held accountable for their actions.

    But, hey, we got an election coming up in four months. And we know, from past experience, that people running for office or now holding office ARE pillars of the community and have the best interest of our children at heart. Oh they are interested in our children, but I have to wonder, how many votes the masks of Jerry Sandusky will get in November?


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