No Regrets, No Remorse and No Reason to Believe

“Hi, I’m George. I like shooting Black kids and saying I’m sorry, but not really. Send money.”

Previously, I have expressed my belief that George Zimmerman’s attorney, Mark O’Mara was a pretty smart guy.   That said, this week he made some curious calls and in the process may have handed the prosecution an unintended gift.

Zimmerman sat down for an interview with Fox News and noted booster, Sean Hannity.   Between swatting away the easy softballs Hannity pitched him, Zimmerman issued yet another insincere apology, but said he wouldn’t have done anything differently and that it was “God’s plan” that he gunned down Trayvon Martin.

With a straight face, Zimmerman told the sympathetic Hannity, “I’m not a racist or a murderer.”    Which makes him both a liar and a sociopath.

George tried to play “let’s make a deal” with Barbara Walters in exchange for an interview. She turned his sorry ass down.

Barbara Walters walked away from an interview with Trayvon Martin shooter George Zimmerman after the former neighborhood watchman demanded at the last minute that, in return for the chat, ABC put him and his wife up in a hotel for a month, a source told Page Six.

Walters flew down to Florida early yesterday and met with Zimmerman and his lawyer to discuss the possibility of a lengthy TV sitdown. Her interview would have taken place after he was done talking with Fox News’ Sean Hannity, a situation that already made the newswoman leery, we’re told, as she prefers to land exclusives. But we’re told that Walters was “appalled” by Zimmerman’s hotel demand, and told him the deal was off.

Even the ladies of “The View” didn’t want any part of Zimmerman’s image rehabilitation.

An ABC News spokesman confirmed that Walters met with Zimmerman, but refused to confirm what he asked for.

“She went down there with every intention of doing an interview, but Mr. Zimmerman made a demand at the last minute that we could not and would never agree to,” the rep said.

But that wasn’t the end of it. Zimmerman and his attorney called into The View to ask Walters to reconsider doing the interview.

That went over like a big, smelly fart.

“Mr. Zimmerman, if you could not do the interview yesterday, I don’t think we should do a quick one today. In the future if you feel differently, we will consider it.” Walters sniffed.

Sybrina Fulton, the mother of Trayvon Martin (remember him?) responded to Zimmerman saying it was “God’s will” that he kill her son.

“I really think that’s ridiculous,’’ Martin’s mother, told TODAY’s Matt Lauer. “I wish Trayvon was here to tell his side of the story. I don’t believe that it’s God’s plan for him to kill an innocent teenager.’’

If Zimmerman’s attorneys claim he can’t receive a fair trial in Sanford, Florida it will be in part because they did their best to create an atmosphere of bias.

Fox News legal analyst Andrew Napolitano doesn’t think Zimmerman did himself any favors by consenting to the television interview.

While Napolitano found Hannity’s questions to be “superb,” he ultimately thought it was a bad idea on the part of Zimmerman’s lawyer to allow his client to do an interview regarding the case.

The Judge specifically pointed to a portion of the interview when Zimmerman and Hannity discussed whether Martin had been “running,” as Zimmerman had originally stated, or whether he was “skipping” or simply walking quickly. The speculation over whether the young man was “running or walking or skipping provides a field day for the prosecutors to explore,” said Napolitano. What essentially happened, he said, is that Zimmerman took the witness stand with Hannity acting as cross-examiner.

Host Gretchen Carlson asked whether comments from the interview — specifically Zimmerman telling Hannity that the events of that night were “God’s plan” and that he has “no regrets” — will factor into the case. Napolitano thought they could very well be used as statements in court.

The killer and his mouthpiece are ready for their close-up.

When exactly did it become a good idea for lawyers to allow their clients to go on national television and speak publicly about their cases and what their state of mind was and is?

I don’t want to read Word One from anybody wringing their hands over pre-trial publicity making it impossible for Zimmerman to receive a fair trial. Not a word. If this dickhead wants to go on Fox News to tell his bald-faced lies that’s his prerogative, but I hope the prosecution finds something in his carefully prepared statements that ends up hanging him by his balls.

Seems to me Jerry Sandusky‘s attorney made the decision to have his client talk to the press and we see how well that worked out. Dare I hope Zimmerman lives to regret his little sit down for the folks tuning in at home?

A truly innocent man doesn’t try to game the system and work the refs. A truly innocent man doesn’t tell the parents of a murdered child he’s “sorry”, but claim he has “no regrets.”

A truly innocent man doesn’t try to secure a hotel room from a television network. A truly innocent man doesn’t claim it is the will of God that he shot and killed an unarmed teenager who was trying to find his way home in the rain and the dark.

A truly innocent man has remorse. A truly innocent man has regrets.

Reports from the FBI’s investigation into the shooting were revealed last week.  People who know Zimmerman say he doesn’t have a racist bone in his body.   But it’s the thoughts in his head, not the bones in his body that lead him to kill an unarmed kid.  The same ones who say Zimmerman isn’t racist against Blacks probably never dreamed he’d kill one either.

George Zimmerman isn’t innocent. He never was. He can give all the interviews he wants to as many friendly non-journalists like Hannity. It won’t change the facts of the case that he killed Martin based upon racially profiling him.

Keep digging your own grave, George. Keep digging…

It’s all so vulgar.

One thought on “No Regrets, No Remorse and No Reason to Believe

  1. I happened to be watching The View on Thursday (something I almost never do) and caught Barbara Walters’ reaction to the interview request. The Hannity interview (or non-interview) was discussed during the show. Walters’ credibility as a journalist has gone up in my book for refusing to bend to Zimmerman’s demands. My husband, who was watching The View with me, figured the Fox interview was orchestrated by O’Meara to create so much publicity that the prosecutors would have trouble finding a jury. That may be the case, but the interview hurts Zimmerman more than it helps because the guy is not very bright.

    Basically, this guy is an idiot who really wanted to be a cop. He wanted to be the hero. He was out looking for trouble, and innocent Trayvon was the victim of his hero-seeking.

    To bring God into it is appalling and an insult to Trayvon’s parents.

    F*ck Fox News.


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