Bad Taste Is Timeless

Don’t kiss her! You don’t know what’s been in that mouth (or maybe you do).

A culture built upon trash produces trashy celebrities.   It’s no longer important to have done anything worth celebrating.  What is important is how notorious the deeds are that make you a celebrity.

Tom Cruise and Kate Holmes are over.   Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have only just begun.  Jesus wept.

Some folks have taken offense to West’s new song immortalizing his chickenhead girlfriend as a “Perfect Bitch”.

I can’t imagine why this would offend anyone.    Who’s a bigger bitch than Kim K?  Who else has raised zero talent and upscale skankiness to an art form? Paris Hilton showed the world how excessive amounts of plastic surgery, a overinflated sense of entitlement, and extremely casual morals can pay off handsomely.   Kim K. raised the game to the next level.

Kim IS Kanye’s “bitch.” I’d be more offended if he called this doorknob (everybody gets a turn) a “lady.”

He could have called her a “stank-ass ‘ho” and still been right and Obama would be too when he called Kanye a “jack-ass.”

Kanye peaked right about the time of “Gold Digger” and Kim is the most popular example going of how slutty behavior and no moral compass can make you millions. As Lisa Lampanelli said, “She’s had more Black cock in her than a urinal at the Apollo Theater. “

Am I coming off as sexist?  Am I being misogynist?   No, I’m just giving it to you raw and uncut.    We were warned.  Never trust a big butt and a smile.   Some of these brothers in their mad pursuit of any White woman walking, limping, crawling, riding a bike or rolling down the street in motorized wheelchair done plumb forgot that.   They see Kim K. and start’ fiendin’ for dat ASS!

They never think about that long line of plumbers that have cleaned her pipes long before they got there.

Pretty much done with these two fools. I hope they enjoy many years and a virulent strain of herpes together.

Both of these ass clowns are narcissists and raging douchebags, but unlike Kim K.,Kanye does have some skills. At least some that can be exhibited in public. What Kim does best she can show to any healthy Black male in about ten minutes flat in a car’s backseat.

Kim has made herself infamous by her slutty behavior and sleazy willingness to do anything (and anyone) for a buck. She won’t be satisfied until she satisfies every heterosexual Black man. Everybody gets to hit that and I’m sure if I’m not particularly fussy my turn is coming up somewhere in the next ten years or so.

Chickenheads rule the world one zipper at a time.

What appalls me is how she has become a role model for girls dazzled by her fame and fortune and oblivious to how she  achieved it.  Oral sex and banging Black men as a marketing tool?   It’s made Kim and klan millionaires many times over.  It’s easy to call out Kanye for his misogyny, but why grant a pass to the bobbleheads who happily wear the crown? The men who make porn never run out of women who will get naked on camera and jump on top of strange men.  Not every pimp has to recruit his hoes. Some come running to volunteer.

You may dislike Kanye calling Double K a bitch, but if the shoe fits, she’ll slap on the kneepads, apply the Chap-Stick and suck it.

Kim K. isn’t worth defending by women who feel calling her a “Perfect Bitch” demeans her.   She’s into being demeaned.  Especially, when it gets her what she could never achieve on her own as she can’t sing, dance, act, or tell a joke.  What she can do is screw Black men and promote her own talent:  endless and relentless self-promotion.

Why would a brother whose biggest hit was a song dissing gold diggers  start swapping body fluids with the most notorious gold digger in the world?

If you fucking with this girl then you better be payed
You know why
It take too much to touch her
 From what I heard she got a baby by Busta
My best friend say she use to fuck with Usher
I don’t care what none of you all say I still love her

It’s all about the publicity, baby!   Go head baby, get down.

3 thoughts on “Bad Taste Is Timeless

  1. If a remake of A Clockwork Orange is ever made, the punishment should involve the criminal strapped to a chair with eyelids propped open forced to watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

    The smart youth of today aren’t taken in by Kim and her crassness. It’s sad she and her family have made millions from their no-talent. She was able to cash in on those sex tapes though.

    She and Kanye are perfect for each other.


  2. I think they might be the perfect pair. I am not offended by his use of Bitch in reference to her. I am also not offended by her attraction to Black Men versus Armenians (her own culture) or White Men for that matter. What offends me is the level she and the rest of her family has been raised to for nothing. I am sure her father is rolling over and weeping.


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