Welcome to the Republican National Convention: “This Is How We Feed Animals”

Yep, the mood in this joint is electric. Sure is…

Every four years when the Republicans hold their convention and trot out their handful of Blacks, Latinos, Asians and other people of color, what is the message they are seeking to convey to America?  “Look!  We have a few.   But not too many.”

And they know their place.   When they forget there are ways to remind them where and what it is.

Why do Republicans get rapped as being a party that accommodates bigots?

This is why: An attendee at the Republican National Convention in Tampa on Tuesday allegedly threw nuts at a black camerawoman working for CNN and said “This is how we feed animals” before being removed from the convention, a network official confirmed to Talking Points Memo.

RNC officials ejected the two attendees and confiscated their credentials and issued an apology to the camerawoman, but didn’t identify who they were and which state delegation they were with.

Don’t fall for the okie-doke. A bigot attending a Republican National Convention? That’s about as usual as fleas at a dog show.

 Patricia Carroll, the CNN camerawoman who was assaulted with peanuts and called an animal by two attendees at the Republican National Convention, told Journal-isms on Thursday that “I hate that it happened, but I’m not surprised at all.”

CNN’s Patricia Carroll became the story instead of filming it.

 Carroll, who agreed to be named for the first time, said she does not want her situation to be used for political advantage. “This situation could happen to me at the Democratic convention or standing on the street corner. Racism is a global issue,” she said by telephone from Tampa.

Carroll said no one took the names of the attendees who threw peanuts at her Tuesday on the convention floor and told her, “This is what we feed animals.” She alerted fellow camera operators, producers and CNN security. The head of the delegation — she was not certain of the state — told her the perpetrators must have been alternates, not delegates.

 But Carroll, 34, said that as an Alabama native, she was not surprised. “This is Florida, and I’m from the Deep South,” she said. “You come to places like this, you can count the black people on your hand. They see us doing things they don’t think I should do.

 Carroll noted of the Republican convention, “There are not that many black women there.”

 “I can’t change these people’s hearts and minds,” Carroll added. “No, it doesn’t feel good. But I know who I am. I’m a proud black woman. A lot of black people are upset. This should be a wake-up call to black people. . . . People were living in euphoria for a while. People think we’re gone further than we have.”

 The person(s) was an invited attendee. If you invite a guest to a party you’re holding and they exhibit boorish behavior such as urinating on your neighbor’s roses, vomiting on their sidewalk or defecating in their driveway, you’re kind of responsible.

Party conventions are staged and scripted events designed to put the party in the best possible light. Some racist jerkwad (who hopefully was liquored up) throwing peanuts at a Black camerawoman and screaming, “THIS IS HOW WE FEED ANIMALS” doesn’t exactly conform to that hoped for goal.

That’s why the lame attempts to wave away the ugliness of this incident by  Republicans falls flat.  I wonder if those two troglodytes know how lucky they are?  Do they know how close they came to having both of their bitch asses beat to death?   Maybe because Black folk have taken it for so long some White men feel free to let their redneck flag fly and just say and do whatever the hell they want to any Black  person that wanders into range.   Maybe because we’ve been so peaceful and tolerant and forgiving they believe we will always be that way.

Catch the wrong brother or sister at the wrong time in the wrong mood at the right time and that might be your butt.   Next thing you know you’re waking up in the emergency room.   If you wake up at all.

I don’t know Patricia Carroll, but I feel like I want to defend and fight for her.

5 thoughts on “Welcome to the Republican National Convention: “This Is How We Feed Animals”

  1. What I found interesting was that after Patricia Carroll’s assault NONE of (that I know of) the media outlets sought to find out the names of the participants and their state affiliation in order to broadcast it on their networks. Great job! Also, why weren’t they arrested? (Already know the answer.)


  2. Watching the RNC, they’ve tried to portray diversity, yet when the cameras pan the audience, it’s overwhelmingly uniformly white, which leads a person (me) to wonder why. And how. In our diverse country, how could one of the two political parties be so homogeneous? Is it because it is the party of the few white privileged? It certainly seems to be that way. And if one doesn’t like people of color, I guess it’s the safe party to be a member of since you’re much less likely to encounter anyone not white.

    This incident is so ugly and wrong, but Patricia Carroll will keep her head held high and carry on because she is simply better than that sorry excuse for a human being who ridiculed her. (Seriously, what a moron. Pathetic.)


  3. First, there is no assault, the secret service said so (their jurisdiction) and we don’t know all the facts. What if they were trying to throw things at a friend? Missed targets? How about, witnesses?? Names??? With that many cameras and people, no video??

    Don’t jump to conclusions, remember Trayvon??? Here we go again.


  4. Great, a blogger (you are not a journalist) threatening violence, hmmmm let me guess? No, that would make me a racist, well not really when you write about the hood….makes you black.

    Grow up, you bold type selected quoted sections of her interview, she was referring to the South, not the convention.

    Honestly, I really don’t care about racism because we’ve all become a bunch of weak donkeys. This blog is slanderous, biased and threatening of violence.


    • Grow up? Strange advice coming from an apologist for an obvious act of bigotry and racism. What if they were trying to throw things at a friend? Get serious. Maybe your friends throw peanuts at each other, but mine have better manners than that.

      And how do you explain away the “This is how we feed animals” taunt, Big Bert? 😕 Or was that supposed to be a term of endearment? As far as no cameras, it seems like the rational expectation is they would be pointed at the activities on stage, not the morons in the crowd.

      I do wish the RNC had identified the names of these idiots. CNN should have demanded they be arrested instead of ejected.

      I don’t give a damn if you aren’t taking this seriously. There’s always some losers who can’t face reality. But you’re going to have to find someone else that is going to buy your bullshit. No sale here.

      Oh, and just because you don’t care about racism, doesn’t mean everyone feels the same. Even most Republicans with a brain and decency were outraged by this kind of boorish behavior. Apparently, you don’t have that problem which says something about you, doesn’t it?

      By the way, if you really think this blog is “slanderous, biased and threatening of violence”, why don’t you report it to Word Press? Have a party.

      Thanks for bumping up my blog stats. You’re a pal. :mrgreen:


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