Artur Davis: Obama’s Personal Judas

They smile in your face…

“For there to be betrayal, there would have to have been trust first.”

~ Suzanne Collins/The Hunger Games

Politics is a game of strange bedfellows, shifting allegiances, and trusted allies today that will be blood enemies tomorrow.

And prostitutes.  Lots and lots of prostitutes.   Not the kind that have sex for money.  The kind that screw over anyone if they think they can profit from it.

Davis a political prostitute.  In 2008, he was a Democratic congressman who seconded Barack Obama’s nomination for President of the United States.   Four years later he was no longer a Democrat, no longer a Congressman and no longer supporting Obama.   Now he has become a Republican who not only supports Mitt Romney, he wears his betrayal of the man he literally embraced as a badge of honor.

A new anti-Obama website, Why I Changed My Vote, features former supporters who say they will now vote against the president.   There  are testimonials from “Lucas W.”,  “ Jodi C.” and “Lynne B.” all testifying how the scales have fallen from their eyes and they’re ready to switch to Mitt.

Then there’s this one guy.  The only one with a first and last name.  Barack Obama’s old pal.  Artur Davis.

You may recall Davis from his appearance as Judas at the Republican National Convention making a pubic spectacle of himself.   He wasn’t content to simply throw Obama under the bus.  He had to drive it too and back it up a few times just to remove any doubt how big of a backstabber he really was.

I don’t have much use for most high-profile Black Republicans, but I have more respect for Herman Cain,  Mia Love, Michael Steele, or Allen West than I do for Davis.   They have been consistent in opposing the president.   They never sat next to Obama with laughing and joking.   They never pretended to support him.   They never smiled in his face and stabbed him in the back.

Artur Davis did.    Who would you find it harder to forgive?   A committed enemy or a disloyal friend?

The mystery is how does Davis think he can parlay his duplicitous double-dealing into political gains.  The Republicans enjoy  how he tweaks Obama, but what other use does he have to them?   Davis isn’t the man to lead a mass defection of Blacks out of the Democratic Party.   He proved he was a delusional loser when he ran for governor of Alabama thinking  he could woo conservative votes by spouting conservative positions, only to find he couldn’t even win the Democratic nomination.   Now he’s thinking of running  for Congress again, but this time as a Republican in Virginia .

But who would ever trust Davis?   The thing about a rat is nobody trusts them.   If Davis  played Obama cheap, why should Republicans believe he will be loyal to them?   A politician without ambition is rare, but a politician without principle is common and Artur Davis is quite  common.   Davis now speaks at Tea Party functions and has come out in support of  voter I.D. laws that would disenfranchise and suppress the Black vote.   That’s no surprise.  If you’re willing to stick it to one Black man you know, sticking it to 36 million Blacks you don’t shouldn’t be a problem.   After all, it was Black voters in Alabama that supported his White Democratic opponent over Davis, in part due to his pandering for  White support by opposing the president’s  health care reforms.

“Wait Mr. Eastwood! I’m not Barack Obama”

Davis gambled he could oppose Obama’s signature domestic policy initiative despite it’s popularity with his Black constituents.   He lost that bet and the nomination by a whopping 25 points.   Not long after an embittered Davis left his state,  party and president behind.

Unscrupulous.  Unprincipled.   Unfaithful.   If that’s the guy the G.O.P. wants on their side, Artur Davis is happy to accommodate them.   They might want to keep one eye looking out to make sure he’s at their side.  It could be hazardous to have Davis anywhere close to your back.