Will the Real President Obama Please Show Up?

Mitt Romney, the unquestioned winner of the first debate had a good Wednesday night.   By Thursday,  Romney was strutting around feeling pretty good about himself like he had just laid out a factory’s workforce and sent their jobs to China.    Then the September job numbers came out and Mitt’s smile disappeared.   Unemployment had dropped to  7.8 percent, the lowest number in 44 months.   The president didn’t hesitate to crow about the good news.

“This morning we found out that the unemployment rate has fallen to its lowest level since I took office. More Americans entered the work force. More people are getting jobs,”  Obama said during a campaign stop in Virginia.

Romney was far less impressed.

“This is not what a real recovery looks like,”  he sniffed in a statement.

Maybe so and maybe no, but the positive job numbers make a better case for Obama keeping his.

Instantly, indignant hows came from the Right that the numbers had been cooked.    Former General Electric CEO (and Romney supporter, same as Jenna JamesonJack Welch went to his Twitter account to grumble,  “Unbelievable jobs numbers..these Chicago guys will do anything..can’t debate so change numbers.”

Don’t make it TOO easy for him, Mr. President.

Welch must be getting old as well as bitter.  Obama is an excellent speaker as his 2008 speech in Philadelphia on race clearly demonstrated Hillary Clinton and John McCain. I can’t argue that he was awful in this first debate, but for Welch to say Obama can’t debate is totally and hilariously wrong.

Add good news on unemployment to the $181 million in campaign contributions the president and the Democrats brought in last month and if it wasn’t for the fact he went missing in action Wednesday night you could say Obama had a pretty good week.

In the aftermath of the president’s shabby showing some of his supporters have wondered if he was preoccupied with an unknown foreign policy issue or a family matter or some other distraction.   I doubt it.  Obama simply wasn’t into it and he didn’t bother concealing how much he didn’t want to be there at that time listening to Romney, a guy whom he clearly has little respect for.   But that’s no reason to give Obama a pass for his flop sweat.

Bob Herbert, the former New York Times columnist has had enough of excuses being made for Obama when he disappoints.   There is too much at stake for him to come off as disinterested.

Ever since he was elected, there have been reasons offered, either publicly or privately, for why Obama has been unable to fully engage some of the nation’s most important challenges. Despite the rampant increase in poverty in the worst downturn since the Depression, Obama supporters whispered that he couldn’t do more for the poor and couldn’t speak out more forcefully on their behalf because that would not be politically advantageous. So nearly all of his economic initiatives had to be couched in language that referred to the middle class, even though the poor were being hurt far worse. LBJ could launch a war on poverty but not Barack Obama.

Black Americans have been disproportionately clobbered by the Great Recession and its aftermath, losing both income and wealth at staggering rates. Much of the black community is enduring a full-blown economic depression. But Obama and his advisers have been unwilling to address this catastrophe openly and forcefully out of fear that the president would be perceived as too black by prejudiced white voters, thus losing their support.

There is always some excuse, some reason for not bringing all of the president’s energy and resources to the fight.

Herbert’s bitch slap of Barack is harsh, but it isn’t unfair. The president brought it on himself. I’ve heard too many people talking about Obama pulling a “rope-a-dope” and he brilliantly laid a trap for Mittens and I have to say two words: STOP IT!
There’s a disconnect between the Obama Realists and the Obama Idealists. The Idealists are incredibly protective of the president and eagerly rush to protect him from criticism even from his own side. The Obama Realists understand the president has his failings. but see the positives and potential and we want to send him back for a second term too. But we’re not oblivious to Obama’s shortcomings.

Let’s tell the truth.   Obama stunk up the joint in Denver. He let Mitt off the mat. He should have pinned him and secured the championship, but let him wiggle free time and again. Now the Obama Idealists are shrieking “How DARE you say Obama lost the debate. He PLANNED all this. He set a trap for Mittens and he walked into it. He’s got Romney right where he wants him!”

Obama blew the debate. He hasn’t blown the election, but if he  doesn’t care enough to fight for his presidency and his principles, don’t ask me to fight for him.

“Okay, I admit it. I don’t know jack.”

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