Jerry Sandusky: Send the Devil Down to Hell

Jerry Sandusky wasn’t sentenced to death, but in reality, he got a death sentence and it couldn’t happen to a more deserving bastard.

Thirty years in prison for a 68-year-old man is a death sentence.  At least it is if there’s any damn justice left in the world.

In letters written by  Sandusky and his wife, Dottie, they admitted nothing, apologized for nothing and accused every one of conspiring against them:

“The system protected the system, the media, the prosecution, the civil attorneys and the accusers. Everybody protected themselves.  Penn State, with its own system, protected their public image.   Media protected their jobs and ambitions. Prosecutors protected their jobs and egos. The accusers were protected and provided access to potential financial gain, free attorneys, accolades, psychologists and attention.”

“There were so many people involved in the orchestration of this conviction (media, investigators, prosecutors, “the system,” Penn State and the accusers.) It was well done. They won!”

Nobody won anything.  One evil man has been punished, but nowhere near as much as his victims were punished by his depravity and the indifference of Penn State officials who literally turned their backs on them.   Locking up a pedophile doesn’t end pedophilia.   Because so many who could have done the right thing and stopped Sandusky did nothing instead does that mean those who enable sexual predators to prey on innocents will do the right thing next time?

Sandusky had to face his victims during sentencing and hear their pain and anger.

 Victim Number 5:  “The sentence will never erase what he did to me. It will never make me whole.  He must pay for his crimes, take into account the tears, the pain, the private anguish.  The pain is real and it will be inside me forever.”

Victim Number 4: “I will not forgive you, Jerry Sandusky.  I will not forgive you, but I ask that all the other victims forgive me for not coming forward sooner.”

Victim Number 6:  “As I try to put this 1998 incident into focus, I realize now how you manipulated me and what you did to me. I thought you were an incredible person. I now know the truth. … The person I was, I changed, I became a social outcast. I didn’t know how to process (what you did to me).  If you seek forgiveness, Jesus will forgive you. There’s not any other way. Please repent, or there is a bigger judgment to come.”

Sandusky did not apologize to his victims.  Why would he when he considered himself the only victim here and the boys he molested as nothing but liars exploiting him?   I’m not a psychologist, but I recognize someone who has no compassion, no mercy and no concern for others.

Many people are tired of the Sandusky case.  That’s understandable.   It’s a sickening story with plenty of villains, no heroes and certainly no happy endings for anybody.   Reading the details of what he did to those kids is bad enough.   Then you read the Freeh Report of how Joe Paterno and the leadership of Penn State covered up for Sandusky and you want to get your hands around their wretched necks as much as his.

“The most saddening finding by the Special Investigative Counsel is the total and consistent disregard by the most senior leaders at Penn State for the safety and welfare of Sandusky’s child victims…

Four of the most powerful people at The Pennsylvania State University—President Graham B. Spanier, Senior Vice President-Finance Gary C. Schultz, Athletic Director Timothy M. Curley and Head Football Coach Joseph V. Paterno—failed to protect against a child sexual predator harming children for over a decade. These men concealed Sandusky’s activities from the Board of Trustees, the University community and authorities. They exhibited a striking lack of empathy for Sandusky’s victims by failing to inquire as to their safety and well-being, especially by not attempting to determine the identity of the child who Sandusky assaulted in the Lasch Building in 2001.”

Spanier, Schultz and Curley  should be riding along with Sandusky on that bus trip to the Big House.    Paterno is dead, but lived just long enough to see his name turned to shit and forced to resign in disgrace.

He got off easy.   Easier than Sandusky.   He’s still alive and will get  his three hots and a cot.   All n’ all not a bad deal for a scumbag whose natural life will end behind bars and more likely than not will not face the same degradations he inflicted upon others.

In some ways, Sandusky, who has been held in isolation in a county jail since he was found guilty in June, is not a prime target for assault. Inmates who are young and small in stature are more likely to be sexually victimized; Sandusky is a senior citizen with an imposing frame. Other inmates at high risk include gay men, those who have been previously victimized and those seen as timid or feminine.

A convicted sex offender who spent 10 years in prison and now works with other released sex offenders through the Pennsylvania Prison Society said he believes Sandusky’s chances of assault are low.

“Are people going to bother him? Yeah, but a lot of it’s going to be verbal harassment – it’s not going to be physical,” said the 52-year-old man from the Philadelphia suburbs, who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the stigma attached to sex offenses. “Because again, he’s an old guy; people aren’t into that. The verbal abuse is probably going to be significant. He’s going to have to have a thick skin.”

Oh yeah.   Real thick skin.  Not so thick that Sandusky is likely to be raped in the way he raped others, but can he grow skin thick enough to deflect a strategically  placed shank?

Doubtful.   Extremely doubtful.

Since it’s not likely Jerry Sandusky is going to end up as somebody’s prison bitch, am I hoping another inmate cuts his throat?  Of course not.

But I won’t say it would ruin my day if someone does.

All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.

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