Endorsements Don’t Matter But Some Don’t Matter At All

“I’d like to help you out, Barack, but my wife made me sleep on the couch the last time I did.”

Some weeks nothing much of interest happens on the Internet ( Wasn’t there a debate or something?) and even the most trivial event can take on major importance.   Fresh off an Entertainment Weekly cover where she reminded the world she’s still fine at 46,  Stacey Dash chose to come out as Mitt Romney supporter as she tweeted, “Vote for Romney. The only choice for your future. @mittromney @teamromney #mittromney #VOTE #voteromney.”

I’m thinking it might not be a  coincidence immediately after reminding us she was still alive Dash decides to come out of the Black conservative closet.    Perhaps she was thinking,  “People are talking are talking about me again!   I’ll give them something to really talk about.”    The following Twitterstorm that erupted is a reminder how right Oscar Wilde was about there being no such thing as bad publicity.

I’ll bet Team Romney had to be pumped to have locked down the all-important Girl From a Kanye West video endorsement.   Now if Dash can find a few more unemployed Black actresses who haven’t appeared in a Tyler Perry flick she might be able to goose Romney’s support among African-Americans from zero to one percent.

Still, Dash’s endorsement of Romney did get me to wondering .   Does her backing Mittens mean more than Colin Powell refusing so far to endorse anybody?   Last May,  Powell declined an opportunity to lend his support to President Obama for a second term saying he had yet to decide if he would “throw my weight behind someone.”

Five months later Powell still hasn’t decided if Obama or Romney will benefit from his weight.   With the election slightly more than three weeks away it’s probably too late for a Powell pat on the back to help or hurt either candidate.   The general’s support of Obama meant something in 2008, but what impact a second one might have has been lessened by keeping it in his back pocket this long.

When Powell appeared on Meet the Press and publicly broke away from his friend, John McCain to support Obama and called him a “transformative” figure, it enraged Republicans, delighted Democrats and probably pushed more than a few independents off the fence.   Four years ago, would Powell doubling down make a difference on the race?

“Hi. I’d like to talk to you about Mitt Romney. Got a minute?’

Probably not.  Powell is still widely respected  by the public, but in politics his support of Obama  has diminished his standing with Republicans who find him too moderate.   It’s no accident that it was Condoleeza Rice,  his successor as Secretary of State, who Romney gave a primetime speaking spot at the Republican National Convention.   Powell wasn’t even invited.    After four years on the job, Obama is going to win or lose on his own strengths and weaknesses.  He has his own track record to defend and what Powell thinks of Obama now really isn’t going to push votes toward or away from him.  Romney doesn’t need Powell’s support and while Obama probably wouldn’t mind having it, he’s not going to make a big push to get it.

If the refusal of one of  America’s most respected public figures to choose a horse in the race means little, the tweets of an obscure actress is about as significant as a butterfly fart in a tornado.

Dash is a pretty, minimally talented, well-preserved bit actress whose next project according to IMDB is something called “Dysfunctional Friends” where she stars with Terrell Owens (yes, that T.O.) that is probably never coming to a theater near you.   You’re best best to see Miss Dash in her latest starring role will probably be in the bottom row of a Redbox when all the copies of  Avengers and Prometheus  are gone.

Hey, somebody’s got to be a Black Republican.  More power to Dash for finding a way to make herself relevant again with most of her clothes on.

The experts say endorsements don’t really matter.   Does Stacey Dash co-signing Mitt Romney move a single vote his way?   As if.   If  Colin Powell’s support doesn’t matter you really have to clueless to believe Dash’s will.

One thought on “Endorsements Don’t Matter But Some Don’t Matter At All

  1. Enjoyable post, as usual – though I’m less sanguine than you about the potential power of a Powell endorsement on the undecided independents. But mainly I have to comment on the terrific new blog design – this looks spectacular, so neat and clean and welcoming. Love it!


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