The Trayvon Martin Case: Throw A Little More Dirt on the Dead

Martin’s past, not Zimmerman’s, is open to scrutiny.

It was a good week to be George Zimmerman.    He found out when his trial begins on June 10, 2012 for the shooting death of Trayvon Martin his attorneys will be allowed to see the slain teenager’s  school records and social media accounts.

Judge Debra Nelson told Zimmerman and his attorneys, “I think that you’re entitled to those records.”

Really?  Why?  That’s what Benjamin Crump, attorney Martin’s parents, Sabrina Fulton and Tracy Martin wanted to know at a press conference.

“Why is it relevant about his school records or his Facebook page?” Crump said.  “George Zimmerman knew none of that on Feb. 26 when he claimed Trayvon’s life.”

Crump knows exactly why Mark O’Mara and the defense team want to take a peek at Trayvon’s school records and Facebook and Twitter accounts.  They want to show a pattern of anti-social or violent behavior by Trayvon that would bolster their claim Zimmerman shot him in self-defense.

Judge Debra Nelson: Jurist Number Three for Zimmerman.

Nelson, is the third judge to preside over the Zimmerman case.  The previous judge, Kenneth Lester was removed after complaints from O’Mara that he had displayed bias against his client and a Florida appeals court agreed.   The first judge stepped aside due to a conflict of interest.

Zimmerman said nothing during the hearing, but apparently life in hiding agrees with him.  Court observers were surprised by the 40 pounds or so Zimmerman had packed on while free on bond.

Zimmerman was allowed to roam free for  over 45 days after killing Martin before finally being arrested.  Zimmerman wasn’t tested for drugs or alcohol in his system while he was being questioned by the Sanford police department.  Zimmerman was granted bail, declared he had no money for his  while hiding $135,000 in donations he had collected from a website he set up for his defense.  Zimmerman’s wife was arrested and charged with perjury for lying to the court.  Lester revoked Zimmerman’s bail and sent him back to jail, but rather than let him stay there until his trial, Lester grant him bail a second time.  In return, Zimmerman bitched that the judge was prejudiced against him and had him replaced with a third one.

To hear his defenders tell it, at every point Zimmerman’s rights have been trampled.   Somebody want to tell me how?   The facts say different.

Zimmerman’s attorneys will now be allowed to root around in Martin’s past looking for proof he  had violent tendencies.   Zimmerman is the one with a prior criminal record for resisting arrest and battery of a law enforcement official as well as the subject of a restraining order taken out by his former fiancee.   Though under suspension from high school at the time of his death, Martin had no criminal record.

Who exactly is on trial here?

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4 thoughts on “The Trayvon Martin Case: Throw A Little More Dirt on the Dead

  1. As an observer this trial is difficult to understand. Take the identity of the principals out and any neutral wonders why there is any doubt who should be on trial. Consider if it were a psychometric test, where multiple choice questions are mixed up to stop manipulation of the results:

    A – brings a gun to the scene. B – brings Iced Tea and Skittles:

    Who at this point would you consider the aggressor?

    A – is walking home after going to the shop. B – is driving around the streets with a gun:

    Who at this point is acting suspiciously or menacingly?

    A – is challenged by B:

    Who should feel under threat?

    A – is told by police not to approach B:

    Who, once on trial, should be questioned about escalating the situation?

    B – is alive. A – is dead!

    Who should be detained and interrogated until they can demonstrate no culpability?

    Again – as an observer, this trial confuses me. I know laws differ, but seriously – you killed an unarmed child walking home from the shops! Stand your ground??? The outcome would not have been the same if Trayvon had disarmed him and shot the other dead.


    • There has to be something about Trayvon Martin in his school records and facebook account to make him look bad, that is the hope. The truth is he a teen so school records will be spotty and whatever he said on his account has to be taken with a grain of salt since he is a teen and as a teen we’ve all said and have probably done some questionable things. How an adults rush to judgement and executioner should be the only thing on trail not the victims life or lack of since I’m sure once viewed by anyone with children or around them will see the life of Trayvon is normal. Anyone in support of the actions Zimmerman took want Trayvon to be some hard to handle out of control teen so to help make that theory fact checking his life out is the only answer. It’s a shame even in death a young black male is guilty til proven innocent


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