Two Weeks To Go (and There’s No Stress)

I have nothing to say about the third and final debate.   I didn’t watch more than 15 minutes of it and only because it was halftime of a pretty boring Lions/Bears football game.   Even if the debate hadn’t been scheduled against Monday Night Football, I wouldn’t have tuned in.   Not because I’m tired of it all (though I am), but because there’s nothing left for me to get out of the debates.

Simply put: I have had enough.  I am numb to all this shit.  Can’t hear it.  Don’t see it.  Can’t process any more of it.   I’m ready for this to be o-v-e-r already and I know I’m not the only one.  Hell, look at Barack Obama.   He’s been forced to undergo the unpleasant experience of losing 4.5 hours of his life trapped on stages in three cities with a lying, unprincipled asshole who treated the President of the United States like he was a servant who hadn’t polished the silverware correctly.    Four years ago when he debated John McCain, it was obvious that no matter how badly Obama wanted to win the election, he wasn’t going to do so by openly disrespecting McCain.

That isn’t a problem for Obama and Romney.   It was well-established the two men don’t like each other even a bit and with the debates finished you get the feeling Obama would happily live the rest of his life if he never spoke to Romney again and is desperately hoping he doesn’t have to pose for a photo where he’s making small talk in the Oval Office with the newly elected president.

With two weeks left to go, if you’re still undecided, I don’t know what it is you’re waiting for to help you make up your mind?  Do you hold up the check-out lane at the grocery store trying to choose between paper and plastic?

I’m not criticizing undecided voters.  I just don’t get how anyone could still be undecided by now.  Even if you’re voting for a third-party candidate,  good for you that you’ve come to a decision.   I’m sure in whatever fantasy world you’re living in President Jill Stein or President Garry Johnson will be better than either of those Romney or Obama losers.

At this point of the race, I don’t need any more debates, I’ve stopped watching commercials, and polls are a source of aggravation, not information.   The pundits can save their prognostication for someone who is still paying attention.   I am not any longer, thank you.   I have already voted.   Everyone in my household has.   If I choose to, on November 6, I can stay in bed late, never get out of my robe and only get up to freshen the many Jack and Cokes I plan upon pounding down that night.

Every day I have to empty my Junk e-mail box twice.   If there’s a Democrat in a high-profile race that isn’t acting as if we’re old buddies on a first name basis, I don’t know who it is.   Give money once or twice to Obama or the Democratic Party and suddenly everybody’s calling, writing and imploring for my $3 bucks here or my $25 bucks there.

Sorry.  My wallet’s closed.  It’s the last days of October and I need to get some work done on my roof before the snow falls on it.  Yes, I really want to see Sherrod Brown, Elizabeth Warren and Claire McCaskill win their races, but are they going to climb up on my roof and fix it if they
don’t and is three dollars really going to help you all that much?

That’s life in a battleground state.  Every Super PAC is carpet-bombing the state with commercials.   You can’t swing a yard sign without hitting a candidate or their surrogates.   If Mitt’s in Cincinnati and Barack’s in Cleveland then Joe has to be in Dayton and Paul is in Columbus and Ann’s in Akron while Michelle is down the street and up the block and Ohmigawd, if I’m tired of this, how exhausted must they be?

This is how I will survive the final days of the election.   Stop reading the polls.  Don’t watch any of the talking heads shows for the next two weeks.  Don’t read anything written by anyone that stresses you out BECAUSE  IT WON’T DO ANY GOOD TO WORRY ABOUT WHAT YOU CANNOT CHANGE (or do I have to quote Reinhold Niebuhr to you?)

Some people whose opinion I seriously respect are seriously stressed out by the closeness of the race.   I can’t be.  I said when Obama won that I couldn’t let the sun rise and set on one man’s fortunes.    I can’t go into “about-to-have-a-stroke” mode this soon.   If I do I’ll be dead before Election Night and how stupid will I feel if I worried myself in an early grave because win or lose, I’ll still have to go back to work the next day.


4 thoughts on “Two Weeks To Go (and There’s No Stress)

  1. Like you Jeff I have already voted and so has my husband. He in fact became a US citizen after 13 years so he could cast a vote in this election.

    Like you, I am also tired. This silly season has worn me to the bone. It is likely the worst, the nastiest I have seen in all my years of following politics and presidential elections. I know, every single time I say this. Yet, every time it gets uglier.

    I can’t listen. I am grateful Texas isn’t a battleground. I may not have turned my state Blue with my vote. Perhaps my husband didn’t turn Texas Blue with his. But we registered, we stood in line the first day of early voting and we maybe turned it just a little purple. Based on those standing in line with us, well at least in our small part of Texas, I suspect it was a bit purple after the polls closed yesterday.


    • One thing though, Valentine. I wish more states were battleground states. That way the campaigns would have to broaden their message to a measly seven or so states. Don’t get me wrong, Ohio loves being so important (except for all these lousy ads), but why should this state be so important. How many times have you heard, “Whomever wins Ohio wins the White House.” WHY?

      There are entire groups of American voters whose concerns and issues are not being addressed with all this “red” and “blue” state crap. Smarter minds than mine know our electoral system is broken and does not work, but it needs to be reformed.

      And a vibrant and serious third party would be nice too!

      Thanks for the comment, and the best to you and your hubby.


      • Agreed, a viable third party would be a nice addition. But so long as the two parties ‘own’ the debate system we will not see the third party candidates in the debates. It is shameful they lock them out. So much for our Democratic Republic.

        The shifting sands of the battlegrounds. I remember when Texas wasn’t so Red. I remember LBJ and Ann Richards. I wonder, does that mean I am old or simply that I have a great memory. I remember when our votes truly counted and when going to the polls really meant something.

        I remember when being President meant you got some respect.


  2. Hey Doug,

    They say the president was condescending in the last debate. Is condescending a bad thing, when you’re the president? I think not. But what about shouting “You Lie” or wagging your finger in the presidents face?


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