Four More Years? Absolutely!

When it was all said and done, I stood there and finally made my decision.

I decided to buy Canadian Mist instead of Jack Daniels.   I have my Coke.  I have my Canadian Mist.  I have the ice.  I have the clean glass.

All I need now is four more years for Barack Obama.

I have given the president’s campaign my time, my money and my vote.   Whatever else happens is all up to the voters across this country.   Every vote matters to someone and it doesn’t matter whether if it’s in the reddest of red states or the bluest of blue states.   Let me say that again:  EVERY VOTE MATTERS.   If it didn’t why would there be so much effort put into trying to prevent Americans from voting?

It’s been a long, grueling and tiresome election.   And God, has it been nasty!   I’ve seen so much anger, frustration, and hatred directed at Obama and Mitt Romney.    If this election went on another few weeks we might have people throwing punches at each other.   That’s about all that’s left.

I don’t plan on drinking to get drunk.  I plan on drinking to get loose.   This is a very stressful election and I can’t stop thinking about the woman who met my wife and I on the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum and talked to us for a half hour about how much she wanted Obama to win.   She knew how important this election is and the thought of a cynical liar like Romney replacing Obama terrified her.

Let’s stay together.

The prospect of  President Romney doesn’t terrify me.  I survived eight years of Reagan, four years of Bush41 and another eight years of Bush43.  That’s 20 years worth of Republican presidents.   I’m pretty sure I can survive four years of Romney.   And I’ll have a hobby for the next four years: trying to make Romney a one-term president.

IF it comes to that.  I hope it doesn’t.  Obama deserves a second term.  The economy is improving.  Maybe not quickly, but definitely.   The war in Iraq is over, the war in Afghanistan is winding down and if Obama is reelected there won’t be another war with Iran as there will be if Romney has anything to say about it.

There’s plenty of room for improvement if Obama wins a second term.   That improvement deserves another four years for Obama to finish the job he started in 2008.

It’s out of his hands though.   Now it’s up to the voters.   That’s how it should be.   I hope more of them agree with me than disagree.