Barack Obama: The Winner and STILL President

President Obama

Whoa.  Guess I had a little too much to drink last night.  I thought I woke up the morning after President Obama was reelected and found one of my Obama/Biden signs gone and replaced with a Romney/Ryan sign.

Oh wait.  Somebody did rip off my sign.   That’s pretty ballsy.

Ha. Ha.  Very funny.  We got jokes.   Here’s another joke for the sign swiper.   Four more years.  How’s that taste?

There were a lot of boxing metaphors flying around during the debates.   Here’s one last one:  The winner, and STILL the President of the United States!  Barack Hussein Obama!

A lesson was served up to the GOP on Election Day.  Whether or not they recognize it is their problem.  The Republicans have pretty much exhausted race politics as a winning tactic.  It can still work now and then, but for the most part it’s been exposed as a strategy with no future.

Republicans can point to their control of the House of Representatives and have most of the nation’s governors.   Any power base is a good one and those are strong ones.    Their choice to  ignore voters of color to appeal exclusively to White voters has left the GOP locked out of the White House and denied Mitch McConnell the opportunity to control the Senate.

But, they had better get used to it. The line of the night that resonates with me is when George Will said if the 2020 Republican presidential candidate got ALL the White, Black, Latino and Asian votes John McCain got in 2008, they would lose by 14 million votes!

This country is becoming more diverse whether the GOP and Romney supporters want to admit it. Some sources are saying Obama got 75 percent of the Latino vote. Republicans CAN’T WIN a presidential election by only appealing to White, older voters.

I celebrate the president’s victory.  He got it the old-fashioned way.  He earned it.     On the matter of Mr. Romney and the ass kicking he just took, I savor it like a fine wine.  I delight and revel in it.  Call it  Schadenfreude, but it’s a thing a joy to see a rich man not get what he wants.

What winners look like.

Poor Mittens.  After all that time and money spent and all he has left is a adoring wife,  multiple homes and millions of dollars.   It must really suck to be him today.

Mitt Romney was a lousy candidate for President.  Uninspiring.  Inept.  Unprincipled.  He’s been running for the office for nearly eight years and nobody knows what his core beliefs are or if he even has any.   He’s the quintessential empty suit.   When he was the governor of Massachusetts he was a moderate Republican who favored a woman’s right to choose and gay rights.  Then he decided rather than chill in the Cayman Islands counting his money, he wanted to run for the presidency and all those previously held beliefs swirled down the toilet.

How could anyone say they are “proud” of the campaign Romney ran and the things he stood for?   The man was the Etch-A-Sketch Candidate.  Mitt believes in nothing except money and his divine right to rule.

Romney had no interest in making life better for his fellow Americans.  The only thing Romney’s has ever been good at is making money for stockholders and putting people out of work as their companies go bankrupt or move overseas.    Mitt’s overriding concern is protecting the interests of the One Percent he’s so happy to be a part of and if that means shafting students of loans or Granny of her Medicare, that’s just hard cheese.

Any man caught saying he doesn’t give a damn about half of the people he would propose to lead is totally unfit for the job.   Mitt Romney lost the election the day the American people heard what he really thought about them.

Romney said corporations were people and proceeded to act like one.  He’s a cold, bloodless automaton mouthing phrases he could barely say with a straight face and his own party could barely muster much tolerance for him.  Enthusiasm was almost nil as anyone who saw that sad little wiener roast in Tampa the Republicans called a convention and the only storyline anyone will remember from it is an old actor babbling to a chair.

In the end Romney was such a shockingly unaccomplished challenger he couldn’t be a weakened incumbent whose party had been curb stomped in 2010 with a stalled economy and unemployment near eight percent.  The turnaround specialist lost to an empty chair.

The Republicans are in terrible shape.  Their core demographic is too old, too far to the Right and looks too much like cocktail hour at a country club.   They’ve alienated young voters, Black voters, Latino voters and even Asian voters.   There is a limit to how much can be gained by allowing the extremists of a party dominate the message.   As presently constituted the Republican Party doesn’t look much like America.  It looks like Happy Days.

To quote that great philosopher Tony Stark, “Not a great plan.”

We…we LOST? But that’s unpossible!

Someone on Twitter remarked,  “Most Republicans I know are high-integrity, thoughtful, patriotic, moderate Americans. I hope they get to take their party back.”

Damn straight.  Instead of allowing the Tea Party types to scream, “We want our country back” the rank and file, REAL Republicans should be screaming, “We want our party back!”

They won’t get it as long as they think everything is fine and it’s the fault of those nasty liberals demonizing that nice Mr. Romney.    That’s  just delusional self-denial talking.  The Republican brand was rejected yesterday.    Look at the results and prove otherwise.

When Team Romney refused to hang it up after Ohio was announced for Obama I posted on Facebook,  “Romney doesn’t have to concede Ohio. Screw him. You don’t have to believe in gravity when you jump off a building. Not until you hit the ground.”

Yesterday the GOP went SPLAT!   When Obama finishes his term Democrats will have occupied the White House 16 of the last 24 years.  Explain to me how that bodes well for the Republicans went they are increasingly becoming isolated to the South and a few Western states?    California?  Off the board.   Virginia?  Looking kind of purple these days.   The Midwest?  Be happy for Indiana even if they just elected a Democrat to the Senate instead of a Tea Party whackjob who was yet another right-winger with weird ideas about rape.

Barack Obama’s win was no accident.  He has assembled an awesome team of political experts and a ground game that is second to none.   Obama waxed the ass of the most unscrupulous Republican presidential candidate since Richard Nixon and  like Nixon, Romney has secured his role in history as one of it’s biggest losers.

Don’t cry for the rich guy.