Secession Obsession: You Can Leave But the Country Stays

“We don’t want Obama to be the president again! Waaaaahhh:”

I’ve blogged three days in a row and I was going to take today off, but I’ve been reading about all these fools melting down because they can’t handle one more day of the next four years with Obama back in the White House.   I don’t care so much about racist teenagers making racist tweets.   They’re too young and dumb to take seriously.   These fools who are circulating and signing petitions to secede from the United States are grown-ass adults even if they aren’t acting like it.

It’s always a bad idea to indulge bratty children and whiny losers throwing tantrums because they can’t handle losing.

You don’t get to run off and start your own idealized of a White, right-wing American homeland. That’s what the Aryan Brotherhood and other separatist groups are for. Trot on off to Idaho and hang out with those Hitler-slurping assholes if that’s the crowd you’re down for.

If the prospect of four more years of a Black President in the White House and growing political clout by people of color, women and young people is so terrifying then please follow the advice of Bluto Blutarsky and start drinking heavily.

The rest of us have a country we love and don’t intend to leave. If Romney had won, you know where I’d be? Right here.

“Obama won? I’ll drink to that!”

And that’s where the majority of real conservatives and Republicans are going to be too. They may not be happy about how the election turned out, but the smart ones, the ones that aren’t driving over their husbands for not voting or killing themselves after writing “fuck Obama” on their last will, know they only have four more years to deal with him.

The smart ones know there’s another election in two years and a chance to get well. The smart ones know they have a very strong bench of potential candidates waiting for 2016 including some they actually want to vote for next time.

The smart ones know the Republicans control the House where the power to turn off the financial spigot lies. The smart ones know there are even more Republican governors now than there were two weeks ago. The smart ones know better than to listen gibbering idiots like Limbaugh or Fox News because they’re often wrong and as off-target as their predictions were going into the election, not even close to being right.

The smart ones know they need to stop listening to fools like Dick Morris, overrated hustlers like Karl Rove and a Conservative Entertainment Media that tells them what they wish the facts were, not what the facts are.

I don’t give a shit what the stupid ones do. Let them secede. Let them leave the country. Let them wallow in their misery. Let them wail “the fucking nigger won again.” The election is over. You lost. Suck it up. There’s work to be done. No time to waste consoling a buncha crybabies and sore losers.

Sorry haters. Pack yo’ shit and get to stepping  if you want, but the country stays. The rest of us are still using it.

You get nothing.

2 thoughts on “Secession Obsession: You Can Leave But the Country Stays

  1. I think all of their ignorant talk about moving to Canada is hilarious. So you object to “Obamacare” but you’re okay moving to a country with socialized medicine?

    Can’t fix stupid. Wish you could.


    • It was stupid when liberals cried they would move to Canada when Bush won (okay, he was appointed) in 2000. It hasn’t gotten any smarter when conservatives threaten not to take their toys and go home, but to take entire states and keep their toys.

      They want “their America” back? Sorry. They don’t have the receipt. It’s not theirs to take.


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