The NRA Loves Their Guns. They Hate Your Kids

I am a reasonable man and if you don’t believe me I will shoot you in the face.”

For shock and awe, you don’t need to go far beyond the Twilight Zone weirdness of National Rifle Association chief flunky Wayne LaPierre‘s press conference to present their profoundly stupid suggestions on how to respond to the slaughter at Sandy Hook elementary school.  Among their suggestions were to put armed guards in every school, establish a national database of the mentally ill and criticizing Natural Born Killers, a 20-year old movie and violent videogames for putting bad thoughts in the kiddies.

A national database of the mentally ill?  Sure thing.  No way that could encroach on their Constitutional rights.   Anybody wonder how many NRA members would show up on such a database?

As far as violent video games goes, let’s apply the NRA logic to it.  Violent video games don’t kill.  Gamers do.

As far as Wayne LaPierre’s suggestion to put an armed guard in every school it would cost over $5 billion to implement his crazy plan.  I was under the impression this country is broke and can’t afford that kind of new spending.

According to the National Center for Education Statistics there are 98,817 K-12 schools in the United States. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says cops make $55,000 a year. So we could put $5.4 billion as the low level estimate of the cost. Cops obviously have health care benefits and pension and disability benefits for police offers tend to be fairly costly so the real price would be higher than that.

To sum up Wayne LaPierre’s press conference, his remarks prove what most of us already knew.

  • Whomever wrote LaPierre’s remarks should be fired. He came off like a yammering drunk falling off his bar stool.
  • It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.
  • Wayne LaPierre is a fool.  And a stupid asshole too.

Even as  LaPierre was running off at the mouth exposing how much of a fool he truly is, at the same time there was another shooting spree in Pennsylvania that left four people dead including one woman in a church.  Would LaPierre put armed security guards in the pews too?

It was nauseating to see this enabler of killers and greedy gun manufacturers crying his big crocodile tears of insincerity about the children of Sandy Hook.  The lying sack of shit couldn’t even bother to get the number right of how many kids died!   LaPierre is human garbage.

I have no time to waste or energy to expend arguing with close-minded, mouth-breathers who love the touch of cold, hard steel designed only to kill to the sounds of happy children living, laughing, loving.

Those who “think” like LaPierre don’t give two farts in a windstorm about the dead and wounded in a Newtown, Connecticut elementary school classroom. To care about this and to want to do what is necessary to stop it from occurring again is dismissed as “understandable emotionally.” Which couldn’t miss the point any wider if he tried. The point is simple: Children are dying. We would prefer this to STOP.

There IS no middle ground with dead enders who quote numbers they pulled out of the air or out of some orifice and declare proudly, loudly and stupidly, “THERE IS NO PROBLEM. DO NOTHING. DEAD KIDS ARE THE COLLATERAL DAMAGE OF A GUN CULTURE!”

People who think like that have nothing of worth to contribute to the solutions to prevent further Sandy Hook slaughters and prefer the confident smugness of maintaining an absurd absolute position where nothing can be discussed, never mind debated or negotiated.

There is no end in sight to the American death dance with guns.  There is no dealing with a reactionary turd like Wayne LaPierre.

Entering into discussion with people who think like LaPierre makes about as much sense as entering into discussion with a pig in a mud hole.  You get dirty and the pig enjoys wallowing in the muck

“I poop for the NRA.”

8 thoughts on “The NRA Loves Their Guns. They Hate Your Kids

  1. So the NRA wants to turn our country into a police state. Sounds like 1984 to me. Wait. Aren’t they all about freedom? Huh.

    I don’t want to live in their world.


  2. The only thing is Jeff a national registry of those who have mental health issues combined with violent tendencies would help. This doesn’t mean all those seeking treatment, only those who have been ‘anti-social’ or violent previously or who a medical professional believes represents a threat to society. There would have to be a process in place obviously.

    The rest, yeah he is a complete Tool.


    • I find Wayne LaPierre and his ilk to be almost as bad as the killers they enable. How DARE he say the problem is America needs to control “lunatics” instead of guns. I cannot dignify the dishonest statements of swine like LaPierre by engaging them or taking them seriously.

      A society that refuses to protect its own children is a society doomed to fail.


      • I agree with you entirely Jeff. I don’t believe the discussion of our love affair in this nation with Guns and Violence belongs in the same breath, the same air that he breaths.

        But between you and I, there is a need to look at how we deal with civil issues, including whether someone busted for pot should be treated the same as someone busted for murder; whether state by state they should have the ability to determine who gets their civil rights restored thus their ability to purchase a gun.

        Between you and I, we should be able to have the discussion as to whether a doctor should raise a flag when he believes a patient is dangerous to himself and/or others. I honestly believe they should.


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