Going Out In A Blaze of No Glory

Today a headline.  Tomorrow a footnote.

Today a headline. Tomorrow a footnote.

Watch The President’s State of the Union or The Last Day in Chris Dorner’s Life? Both events are predictable, but only one matters.

HINT: It’s not the loser who probably ate a bullet in a burning cabin. I’m amused by those who seem to believe Dorner is a modern-day Django. Well, sorry to spoil the movie if you haven’t seen it but Django rode away with his lady-love in the end. All Dorner is going to do is give a coroner a chance to see what his dental records look like.

I’m sorry Dorner’s rage has claimed a fourth victim.    I’m personally sorry for some of the utter brain-dead bullshit that Dorner’s sadly misguided groupies have vomited  all over Facebook and Twitter.   Hatred of the LAPD is one thing, but attempting to justify the murder of innocents is absurd.   I don’t agree with it and I will never endorse such a twisted vision of race, police and justice.

Chris Dorner is not a hero.   Heroes don’t shoot an unarmed woman and man trapped in a car where there’s no escape.   That’s gutless and it’s cowardly.

Dorner going out in a blaze of no glory was exactly how this was going to go out.     As a cold-blooded, merciless killer he deserved no better than he got.

That’s not the Hollywood ending the Dorner groupies were looking for, but life doesn’t always come with happy endings.

I only regret Dorner’s death because what comes next will be the inevitable deification and martyrdom of Dorner.   He doesn’t deserve it.  Not any of it, but it’s coming.   I  wish those who have turned this killer into a modern-day Angela Davis were half as interested in ensuring the gun violence Dorner reveled in did not claim and more children in Chicago and Newtown and across this bullet-riddled nation.

Whatever truth there was to Dorner’s manifesto is washed away by the rivers of blood he’s spilled.  Four people are dead.  He terrorized an entire city.  He’s destroyed families.  Yet some weak-minded fools can justify all of that because Dorner supposedly blew the whistle.  Most whistleblowers don’t have to kill someone to make their point.

Hadiya Pendleton is a real hero.   Hadiya Pendleton and those whose lives were snatched away too soon are the real victims.  You want Christopher Dorner?  He’s all yours if you want him.

But you might need an ashtray.

Today Chris Dorner is a headline.  In a week, he’ll just be a footnote.   A killer on the run has been run to ground and both he and his manifesto will soon be history.     The whining few who laud this twisted sicko as a hero will always be recognized by the sensible majority as the villain he turned himself into.


4 thoughts on “Going Out In A Blaze of No Glory

  1. I completely agree, but to clarify: Dorner didn’t so much go out in a blaze of “glory” – just a blaze. When push came to shove, he pussied out and killed himself rather than face a cop’s bullet. And he terrorized not just a city, but hundreds of square miles. From La Palma to Big Bear is 100 miles. His reign of terror encompassed a HUGE area of Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties.

    Yesterday I had to go to LAX to pick up my nephew. Shortly before I left, I heard choppers circling and sirens wailing. My normal thoughts on this is that there is an accident on the freeway. My first thought on Monday was “oh, crap, is Dorner in the vicinity”? (Hm, maybe that’s “typical white girl thinking” – LOL!)

    I really hope that people don’t glorify this asshole. I really, REALLY hope that he becomes a footnote sooner rather than later. I hope people aren’t stupid enough to make him out to be a hero. But I suppose…hope in one hand and shit in the other, and see which one gets filled faster.


    • And here i thought my father was the only one who said that “hope in one hand, shit in the other” line.

      But yes, I’m afraid there are people whose hatred and suspicion of the cops (which is partially justified) will go to the extreme of idolizing a stone cold killer.

      We have to be more discriminating about who we put up on a pedestal. Too often we confuse notoriety with fame.


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