The End of Tim

Football Jesus needs a new gig.

Tomorrow Timothy Richard Tebow will wake and face the day no differently from millions of other Americans.

Unemployed and looking for work.

After the horrendous New York Jets drafted Geno Smith they found themselves with half-a-dozen quarterbacks on their roster.   So they cut Tim Tebow and put ESPN into crisis mode with round-the-clock coverage with updates from all 32 teams where reporters pestered puzzled general managers and coaches about how soon they would be flying Tebow in for a visit.

The headline from CBS Sports wondered, “Where will Tim Tebow play now that the Jets have set him free?”

The answer is, Canada or nowhere.

This day was long anticipated and now that it is here, I don’t know why anyone would be surprised.   Tim Tebow may be a God’s favorite son not named Jesus, but he sucks as a quarterback.   I specify “quarterback” because if he were willing to convert to a tight end or fullback, Tebow might be able to play in the NFL.  But as someone to lead a team as a quarterback, nobody wants to be bothered with the Tim Tebow Show coming to their town.

On Sale. Cheap.

If Tebow wants to be mad at anyone he should be mad at his own rabid fan base and ESPN which has swung on his nutsack since he came over from his glory days as a Heisman Trophy winner.   He wouldn’t be the first stud whose game in college didn’t translate to the pros, but the bread and circuses that follows Tebow wherever he goes makes him unemployable in the NFL.

Tebow’s presence sucks up all the oxygen in the room.   The sports media led by ESPN’s fawning over all things Tebow is a constant distraction and divides locker rooms.   Tebow can throw a bit, run a little bit better and win just enough to instantly becomes the biggest star on any team.

And for what?   Last year in a 34-0 skunking of the Jets by the 49ers, I watched with amusement as Terrible Tim loped onto the field and accomplished the following:  A 1-yard run, and he had a 9-yard completion that resulted in a lost fumble.   The mystery isn’t why Tebow is likely over and out as far as the NFL is concerned now that the Jets and Broncos have given up on him.  The real mystery is how he suckered two teams into thinking he could ball?

Hey man, nice haircut.

Tebow is an imposter.  He’s been impersonating a professional football quarterback.  He isn’t.  He wasn’t.   He never will be.  He can’t read defenses.  He can’t check down to a second or third receiver when he can’t find his first.   He can’t even make plays with his feet when his suspect arm fails him as it usually does.

The hype and hysteria that follows Tebow is what now makes him an unwanted commodity in a league where the fall-off from first-string to second and third-string quarterback is drastic.  Most of the 32 teams carry three QB’s over the grind of a NFL season.  That’s 96 potential job openings and what’s it say about Tebow that he isn’t good enough for one of them?

In one way it’s nobody’s fault but Tebow he’s joined the long list of unemployed players looking for a job.   His fans act as if the Chosen One is owed a job in the NFL and his enablers at ESPN have done nothing to discourage that ridiculous notion.    Because he’s a good Christian and God-fearing soldier for Christ, Tebow has become a cause for conservatives, but most NFL teams don’t choose their field generals based upon how much support they have from The 700 Club crowd.    Production is still the bottom line and Tebow didn’t get it done.

His fans will cry and weep and gnash their teeth that Tebow wasn’t given a fair chance which is utter bullshit.   He was given ample chances on the field to make plays and didn’t.  They will say Tim just wants to play.  That isn’t true.  When the Jets gave Tebow’s agent permission to shop around for a new NFL home, the handful of interested teams said, “Sure.”  Providing he was willing to change positions to tight end, but Tebow wants to play quarterback or nothing.

Looks like nothing won.

Tebow posted a message to his two millions Facebook fans, “Proverbs 3:5-6:  Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.”

Tim had better hope He makes a path for him straight to Canada and the CFL because for now time has run out for Tebow Time.

“Oh, NFL Gods. Why hast thou forsaken me?”


It’s Beyonce’s World. Stop It, I Want to Get Off.

“You just hate me because you ain’t me.”

Living in a celebrity-obsessed culture means you will be exposed to saturation coverage with around the clock updates of every move our best and brightest stars make and every breath they take.     Whether or not we are interested or care about the celebrity is not the point.   We are supposed to care.   We are supposed to crave fresh results to process, constant communication and breathless bulletins of what our stars are up to.   God isn’t dead.   He just needs a better publicist and a Twitter feed.

Which brings me to my point.   This is Beyonce’s World and could someone slow it down?  I’d like to get off.

I can’t be the only person in North America who is sick and tired of All Things Beyonce.

When I say “I don’t like Beyonce”  I’m not saying I don’t like her music.  She’s a perfectly capable vocalist.   When she doesn’t bleach her hair too blonde, she’s quite attractive.   She’s a reasonably good dancer, she has a rockin’ body, and even though Jay-Z isn’t much to look at, I give her a lot of respect for being married to a Black man.

But can a brother get a break from the Beyonce News Network?   Everything this woman does is not newsworthy.   Yes, I know that’s blasphemy.   Come get some if you don’t like it.

Beyonce and Jay-Z Go to Cuba.  Conservatives Lose Their Minds.    Sun rises the next day.  World keeps turning.

Beyonce releases diss track telling her haters to “Bow Down Bitches.”    You don’t say?

Beyonce sings at Obama’s inauguration and gets busted for lip synching.    Surprised?

Beyonce’s new song for The Great Gatsby is a duet with Andre3000 is an homage to Amy Winehouse.   It kind of sucks, but who cares?   It’s Beyonce!   Are you not entertained?

Beyonce reunites with Destiny’s Child at The Super Bowl and makes Kelly and Michelle sing one of her songs!

Beyonce named one of TIME’s 100 most influential people in the world.   Because she’s a diva.  And that makes her influential.  So there!

Beyonce bans photographers from her tour.   Because they took photographs of her that were unflattering.  We only want flattering photos of Bey out there.

I’m not one of those old men who spending his 50’s dumping on  entertainment that was never designed with me in mind.   Justin Bieber, Scandal,  Lena Dunham,   Nikki Minaj, reality TV,  Mad Men, Game of ThronesLady Gaga and most of the good people who have won a Grammy,  Oscar, Golden Globe or People’s Choice Award for the last decade.   I am blissful in my ignorance of whatever the current hot hip happening thing is feeling pretty content about it, thank you very much.   This is a father who forgives them for their ways are not mine.

There have always been man-made media monsters stomping across the land and filling our empty lives with all the juicy details of theirs, but nothing like Beyonce.    Maybe Madonna at her peak or Lady Gaga when wearing dresses made of meat mattered more than the music she made, but even Madonna backed off as she aged out from Material Girl to Material Mommy.    Lady Gaga certainly seems to have retreated a bit from the glare of the spotlight allowing it to swing back to pitiful train wrecks like Lindsay Lohan and talentless freaks like the entire Kardashian Klown show.

Beyonce has a social conscience.  Beyonce does not seem to carry herself like Diana Ross ghetto royalty.  Beyonce has indisputable talent as a singer and dancer  (the less said about her attempts at acting the better unless you think she her cringe-inducing “performances in Obsessed and Austin Powers in Goldmember were Oscar-worthy).     Beyonce is gorgeous.   

I still don’t need Beyonce all up in my face ALL the time.    Even beauty can be boring as hell.

I think Bey deserves a vacation.  She deserves one.   She’s earned it.   She should take it.   She should take pity on the world and allow it to  focus on acts of terrorism,  wars, economic calamity, natural disasters,  political machinations, and other mundane stuff for a while.   Every fascinating detail of her fabulous life can go unshared and almost no one will care.    Well, except Bossip, Media Take-Out, Perez Hilton and a million other Internet web sites that feed on these tidbits of trivial b.s. like a newborn calf suckling on its mama’s teat, but who gives a crap about them?

Beyonce is the 8th Wonder of the World.    It will do us all good if  she would go away for a week or two or 26 and allow the world to wonder about her.

How do I do it? Lots of talent, make-up and Photoshop.

If Hating Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Is Wrong I Don’t Want To Be Right

Not the next American Idol.

Regarding the fate of Mr. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev as soon as he’s fit enough to travel if he is swept out of the back door of the hospital in the dead of night, tossed into a C-130, flown off to Gitmo and frog-walked into a cold room, strapped naked to a metal table and has a dirty towel placed over his face while a C.I.A. interrogator waterboards him, I am fine with all that.

That’s not going to happen in the Obama Administration.

But if it did, this is the little bastard who deserves it.

It is said hatred is a wasteful emotion.   Nice people don’t hate other people.  Not even bad people.  We should never ever hate others no matter what the crime, no matter what the provocation, no matter how innocent the victim.

Fine then. I’ll hate Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. I’ll hate him enough for everyone. I’ll hate his father for meeting his mother. I’ll hate him and worthless scumbag of a brother whom I sincerely and fervently hope is burning in an everlasting, fiery hell with his other brothers, every other terrorist who wage war against civilians because they’re too cowardly too take on soldiers who can fight back.

I’ll hate Dzhokhar Tsarnaev for taking the lives of four people and putting scores more into wheelchairs and therapy and years of recovery. I’ll hate Dzhokhar Tsarnaev for fanning the flames of every Islamophobic asshole in America.

I’ll hate Dzhokhar Tsarnaev for having 11 more years of life than he allowed Martin Richard.

Don’t get it wrong.  Tsarnaev should have his day in court.   I don’t want anyone to be tortured, not even this guy, but do I give a rip if he doesn’t have a goose down pillow for him to lay his head on?  Not really.   Dzhokhar being a bit uncomfortable may upset his thousands of new Facebook friends and the ACLU and that’s all.

If you believe there are people who are worth loving it ain’t no sin to believe there are people worth hating and for that reason I HATE Dzhokhar Tsarnaev.

Martin Richard: one of the REAL victims.

Bow Down Before the One You Serve

You don’t see President Obama publicly lose his famous cool, but there was no mistaking his anger at the stinging defeat handed to him and the majority of the public who wanted to see even a watered down bill mandating stronger background checks for guns.    Unfortunately, 46 Senators chose to heed the call of their NRA masters over preventing more Newtown, Aurora and Tuscon shooting sprees.

And Obama was appropriately pissed off about it.

“Families that know unspeakable grief summoned the courage to petition their elected leaders not just to honor the memory of their children but to protect the lives of all of our children,” the president said,  A few minutes ago a minority in the United States Senate decided it wasn’t worth it.”

“All in all this was a pretty shameful day for Washington,”  a frustrated Obama said.

Among those shameful cowards were four gutless wonders laughingly called Democrats, all from conservative red states and three up for reelection next year.   The Senate voted 54-46 to scrap a proposal by Senators Joe Manchin (D-W.VA) and Pat Toomey (R-PA), that was both modest and somewhat watered down, but even that was too much for the gun lobby.   They pulled the chain and four Democrats (Max Baucus, Mark Pryor, Mark Begich and Heidi Heitkamp) side with the majority of Republicans to send the bill down to defeat.   This was a tough vote for Democrats running for reelection in conservatives states, but Sen. Kay Hagen and Sen. Mary Landrieu found a way to get behind the Manchin-Toomey compromise.

Trying to do something in a do-nothing Congress.

Trying to do something in a do-nothing Congress.

Even if the four Democrats found the balls to join with the president and their party, the vote would have still fallen short by two votes of the margin needed to get to the stupid 60-vote super majority necessary to pass it.    But the defection of the four Democrats still stung.

I placed calls to five of the U.S. Senators who bowed down to their NRA masters and stood against the will of the American people by opposing gun background checks.

Senator Portman’s office (R-OH) took my call and so did Sen. Heidi Heitkamp, one of the four Democrats that voted with the GOP. Senators Max Baucus and Mark Beigich’s phone lines were either jammed or their voice mails full. I left a message for Sen. Mark Pryor expressing my disappointment and disgust. All three are up for reelection in 2014 and not a one of them will see a dime from me in campaign contributions.

Profiles in Cowardice

Profiles in Cowardice

Collectively,  all four of them  can go to hell but first they can fail next year in their reelection bids.   What’s that you say?   Am I going to support Republicans over Democrats in 2014.   Highly unlikely.  I would  simply prefer to have these cowards  go down in  flames.  I would rather have a Republican I know I can’t trust than a cowardly Democrat with no spine, no heart and no balls.

I will only make my campaign contributions directly to the campaigns of the candidate.   The DSCC can go screw and when they ask me why Baucus, Begich and Pryor are dead to me i won’t hesitate to tell them my reasons.

I would prefer to deal with a real Republican than a fake Democrat.  I will not compromise my principles any longer for the sake of political expediency or misplaced party loyalty.   When it serves their purposes the Democrats use fear of Republican extremism as a scare tactic for ignoring the wishes of their constituents.   While I’m lining up asses to kick, I can’t forget most useless politician in Washington,  the craven Harry Reid,  who rejected the opportunity for filibuster reform out of a deluded sense of Senate congeniality.  Yeah, Harry,  weak and wimpy Democrats in Name Only like you do not deserve my support  either.

They won’t get it any longer. The Democratic Party is simply a vehicle for liberalism. It is not liberalism and we need all to get over the notion liberalism lives and dies based on the fortunes of the Democratic Party.

As for Heidi Heitkamp, I  invite her to go ahead and cross the aisle and caucus with Ted Cruz if she’s going to vote with him.

There is a lesson to be learned here and it’s that the fear of defeat moves more votes than the courage to do the right thing and most senators are more cautious than they are brave.   This should remind the Left what they shouldn’t forget:  The Democrats Need Liberals More Than Liberals Need the Democrats.    What Baucus, Begich, Pryor and Heitkamp  understand is fear and they need to have the fear of God put into their empty little hearts.

When the DINOs fear their own constituents more than the lobbies and possible challengers that’s when they will really start voting to protect their interests.    We are not at the day yet.

Was Jackie Robinson A Hero or a Sell-Out?

This is not a review of 42, the new film about Jackie Robinson.   I haven’t seen it.  Neither has Your Black World columnist, Yvette Carnell, but that didn’t slow her down from ripping Robinson as a snitch and sell-out.

For those who don’t know, Jackie Robinson testified against black activist and artist Paul Robeson before the House Un-American Activities Committee, backed Richard Nixon against John F. Kennedy, backed the Vietnam War, and even questioned the patriotism of Dr. Martin Luther King when he announced his opposition to the war. This is who Jackie Robinson was. For him, it was the white man’s way or no way.

For some, celebrating Jackie Robinson’s integration into baseball boils down to the idea that blacks needed to be liked by even the most racist whites in order to have any real shot at the American dream. So to them, it was acceptable for Robinson to do whatever it took, even if it meant going so far as to unleash the Congressional hounds on Robeson, as long as it ensured that the doors to white baseball were opened to Robinson.

I don’t buy into the notion that black people must be redeemed in the eyes of whites in order to progress, mostly because it places far too much power in the hands of racist whites and leaves blacks in a tenuous position, both psychologically and economically.

Saddest of all though is the idea that many black folk who went to see ’42′ will not only view Jackie Robinson’s integration as a grand success, without ever bothering to consider the human consequence, but that they will undoubtedly view the movie’s box office success as some sort of win. How is that possible? How is it possible to consider the movie’s box office success a win for anyone except those who benefit from the movie’s revenue? Simple: Since there is no real black movement or black leadership in this country, black people latch onto whatever symbolism they can as a way of giving themselves an emotional victory, even if it’s largely a product of their own imagination.

I don’t know if Carnell knows anything baseball, but she sure doesn’t know anything about Jackie Robinson.  You can read the rest of Carnell’s epic nonsense here.

Carnell: Doesn’t know Jackie Robinson but doesn’t let that stop her.

This isn’t about why one person didn’t want to see 42.  Who gives a damn?    What we should be talking about is what Carnell’s essay is really about: in the battle between Jackie Robinson and Paul Robeson, who ya got?   This is like a rap beef and either you’re on Team Robinson or Team Robeson.

My take is it is easy to sit here in 2013 and pass judgment on what Robinson did in 1949.   It was a different time then and Robeson, an avowed Socialist who was effusive in his praise of the Soviet Union incited fears that he would influence Negroes to support Communism.  Robinson, who was politically conservative, testified before the House Un-American Activities Committee to refute that belief.   We can say he was wrong to do so as Carnell does, but she leaves out that in his 1973 autobiography “I Never Had It Made,” Robinson reveals both his regrets about his testimony and his respect for Robeson.

“However, in those days I had much more faith in the ultimate justice of the American white man than I have today. I would reject such an invitation if offered now . . . . I have grown wiser and closer to the painful truths about America’s destructiveness. And I do have increased respect for Paul Robeson who, over the span of twenty years, sacrificed himself, his career, and the wealth and comfort he once enjoyed because, I believe, he was sincerely trying to help his people.”

We can always look at someone else through the comfortable distance of history and say “Jackie Robinson? Big deal.” But Robinson was politically a conservative and though he hated American racism he loved America. When he threw Paul Robeson to the House Un-American Activities Committee he did so because he thought Robeson, who was at least a Socialist and quite possibly a Communist, was harmful to both the country and Negroes as a whole.

Carnell is so eager to demagogue Robinson as a symbol of Black appeasement she misses the part of his life when he stood as a symbol of Black resistance to segregation.   When Robinson was in the Army, he faced a court-martial when he  challenged the racist status quo in an action that preceded Rosa Parks by refusing to give up his seat on the bus.

On July 6, 1944, exactly one month after D-day—assault landings in which black soldiers had participated—Lieutenant Robinson was forcibly reminded of how thoroughly Jim Crow still dominated the scene. As he was returning that evening to the hospital, Southwestern Bus Company driver Milton Reneger brusquely instructed the lieutenant to move to a seat farther back from the one where he sat next to a fellow officer’s light-skinned wife. Robinson, perhaps conscious of being an officer and a husky one at that, refused, suggesting that the driver tend to driving instead.

Later, at his stop, Robinson and the driver continued to argue, joined by the latter’s bus dispatcher, Beverly Younger, who casually referred to Robinson in his presence as “a nigger.” When military policemen arrived at the scene, a crowd of indignant whites, both civilian and military, had formed, adding to turmoil and confusion. The MPs on site, none of whom outranked the lieutenant, asked him to go with them to the police headquarters to straighten out the situation. He agreed to do so. However, when they arrived at the station to meet with the camp’s assistant provost marshal, a white MP ran up to the vehicle and excitedly inquired if they had “the nigger lieutenant” with them. The utterance of this unexpected and especially offensive racial epithet served to set Robinson off and he threatened “to break in two” anyone, whatever their rank or status, who employed that word.

Robeson and Robinson’s differing beliefs led to conflict between the two.

As far as Uncle Toms go, Robinson was a lousy one.  Robinson’s politics were conservative, but he stood up time and again as a proud Black man.  He was eventually found “not guilty” by the military that was cowed in part by the Black press to rally public support for the man who broke baseball’s color line.

While his testimony against Robeson was a bad call by Robinson it has to be judged in historical context.  Carnell’s article  doesn’t even try to  and is nothing more than Blacker-than-Thou historical revisionism.   It’s easy to give the back of the hand to a movie you haven’t seen and even easier to dismiss the accomplishments of a man who put up with more racist hatred based upon the color of his skin than his critics could ever fathom.

I could take Carnell’s criticisms a lot more seriously if she had bothered to actually see the movie.  Instead she just crapped on it because Robinson talked smack about Robeson. Okay, she can do that but that is a lazy way for any writer to take a shortcut and Carnell takes a baseball bat to Robinson’s reputation that isn’t simply lazy, it’s historically inaccurate.

We don’t have to be grateful to Jackie Robinson, but why trash him because he took a controversial and unpopular position that at the time actually may have made sense?  Or is it that the socialist  Robeson is a hipper figure with the bourgeois Black intelligentsia than the conservative  Robinson?

Carnell should bothered to present a more balanced picture of Robinson.   Instead, she plows past any information that runs counter to her depiction of Robinson as a cartoon Uncle Tom.   That’s her right, but it’s not fair, it’s not balanced and it’s not even credible.

Was Robinson a true hero or a craven sell-out.  The answer is he was simply a man.  A man with enormous courage and character whose reputation endures unsullied by a few obscure critics who don’t understand baseball and what Jackie Robinson did for America’s racial evolution.

Robinson’s accomplishments will be remembered long after his critics are forgotten.

Tonight We Are All Boston


We are all Boston.

At this time it is far too early to speculate who is responsible for the terror attack against the Boston Marathon.   But one thing is clear.   Whomever is responsible is a coward.    As I write this there are three dead and over 100 wounded.  One of those slain was an 8-year-old boy.

This is more than an act of terror.   This is a terrible tragedy and an attack on all of America.  My hope is the FBI and the authorities investigating will swiftly identify and bring those responsible into custody.

Speaking from the White House, President Obama was restrained in his remarks about the bombing.

“We still do not know who did this or why and people should not jump to conclusions before we have all the facts. But, make no mistake, we will get to the bottom of this,” he said. “Any responsible individuals, any responsible groups, will feel the full weight of justice.”

When something like this happens, it exposes the weakness of the 24-hour news cycle.  There is far more speculation than there are facts.   Every retired FBI agent and security expert is given ample air time to pontificate and posit what could have happened and who might have done it.  As we have already learned, reports of multiple explosive devices and possible “persons of interest” under arrest have been proven not to be true.   There will be more things being reported as true today that will be revealed as false tomorrow.

As I flip from CNN to MSNBC to Fox News, I’m stunned by how awful the reporting is and it goes deeper than not enough facts to fill the air time.    Between  Anderson Cooper, Piers Morgan, Chris Hayes, Rachel Maddow, Bill O’ Reilly and Sean Hannity, not a one of them reminds anyone of Walter Cronkite or Dan Rather.

However, there will be ample opportunities to critique how the press performed in response to the Boston bombing.   Now is a time for comforting the wounded,  burying the dead and running to ground the culprits.

We are received yet another bitter reminder while we must never live in fear, we must always be vigilant.   America has enemies both within and without who will target civilians and those enemies must be identified and made to pay for their crimes.


I do not believe in religion, but I do believe in God and I hope in His goodness and mercy.   Now is a time for both.

We will see how long until God’s wrath presents itself.      Tonight we are all Boston.

One more thing.  You got a conspiracy theory you want to share about what really happened in Boston?    Keep it to yourself.  I don’t want to hear about it.

Speak Ill of the Dead

Britannica rues Thatcher

I participate on a discussion board of writers and there are a sizable contingent of contributors from Great Britain.   The vast majority of them whom have weighed in have been absolutely SAVAGE in their disdain and contempt for Maggie Thatcher.

“Where’s the grave going to be? I’ve got my dance all worked out. ”

“I wish I lived in a bigger house, I’d totally invite you all to a party. I suppose we could take over the village pub. “

In response to an American poster horrified by the gleeful expressions to Thatcher’s death, there was this:  “Having witnessed the destruction of industries, communities and families because of her policies, I feel absolutely fine about saying how intensely I dislike her. I’ll say what I like, where I like, thanks.”

“Ding Dong the Witch is Dead!  And for everyone who is puzzled at the celebration of her death…. you didn’t live in Britain in the 1980s. Cos if you did, you would know. “

“Grew up in an industrial town during the Thatcher years. She left us nothing – no jobs, no money, no hope, no future. The town, once home to the largest steelworks in Europe, has never recovered.”

“So I’ll join the dance. She earned it. “

Maggie and Ronnie in a tree…

I would say “polarizing” is a good way to describe Thatcher’s passing from the scene.   Some people improve the world by being here and others by leaving it.  It is difficult, if not impossible for those of whose knowledge of Margaret Thatcher is second-hand to fully understand the feelings she engenders in those with first-hand familiarity with her time as prime minister.

Obviously those whom do not mourn her passing have strong reactions to her death and the intensity of their dislike for Thatcher is equal to those whom admired and celebrate her. The fact Thatcher’s death provokes such strong and passionate reactions can be confusing to those whose knowledge of her is second-hand.

Perhaps it is counter to the conventions of society and even good taste to take pleasure in and express contempt toward the death of another human being, but express insincere and false sentiments just to go along is playing false to yourself.

Thatcher’s passage is not the same thing as that of Roger Ebert or Annette Funicello and we shouldn’t act as if it is. There should be a certain latitude given to those who chose to bury Thatcher instead of praising her.

I have no feelings about Thatcher other than contempt for the way she was an accommodating apologist for the evils of South Africa apartheid.  On that score Thatcher wears the face of a villain as much as that of a hero.

The final word on Thatcher should belong to those who knew her as prime minister.   From her Facebook page, Annie Lennox recalls Thatcher and not all that fondly.

Annie is no fan of Maggie

Margaret Thatcher’s death has provoked an outpouring of polarised responses, clearly reflecting how people felt, and still feel about her, right up to the present day.

As a political leader, her style was strident (some would say strong), inflexible (some would say firm), authoritarian (some would say powerful ), tough (some would say resolute), arrogant ( some would say assured), snobbish (some would say she had a sense of values), and faintly ridiculous, ( some would say patriotic). She was the headmistress and we were the renegade schoolchildren. She was the leader and we were the ardent followers…all depending on which side you happened to be on. Despite the evidence of her gender, she could never be described as a Feminist. She was more of a singular woman in the old boys club than a defender of women’s rights.

Although she was the daughter of a humble grocer shop owner, her aspirations far outreached her roots..which is tremendous but… she failed to have any real understanding or connection with ordinary people, riding rough shod over their lives, leaving them to deal with the aftermath of a decimated industrial era. Entire communities disintegrated with generations being left to cope for decades down the line.

I admire dedication, strength of purpose and vision, these are all fine qualities but when political policies are so brutally hard line, that they affect people’s entire existence at a pen stroke (whilst being told to pull themselves up by their boot straps), you can be sure that the spirit of dictatorship has arisen. From my own perspective I keep recalling the heavy sense of oppression that saturated every aspect of the Seventies, and I can’t say I have any sense of fond nostalgia.

What’s The Matter With the Republican Outreach Plan? Republicans.

Three commissioners.  One douchebag.  Can you spot him?

“I’m John.” “I’m Randy.” “I”m Racist.”

I get asked sometimes, “Jeff, why do you hate Republicans?”

Frankly,, that question puzzles me.  I have never said I hate Republicans.  Because I don’t.   I don’t like  lot of Republicans, but that dislike grows with the distance between local level and national Republicans.   The further up the political food chain you go the less likable Republicans get.

After last year’s electoral shellacking some of the smarter members of the Grand Old Party came to recognize they had a serious image problem with people of color.   They resolved to do something about that.   They needed to fix the image.  Never mind the awful policies or the awful  personalities articulating the policies.   The rebranding of the Republican Party wasn’t going to be about coming up with a better brand of dog food.   The goal was to convince the dogs that they just weren’t getting the message.

A better question would be, “Why do Republicans hate me and anyone that looks like me.”

The chairman of the Republican National Committee, Reince Priebus, whose name sounds like a shampoo ingredient, laid out his master plan to win over Blacks, Latinos and Asians who had gone big for President Obama and the Democrats in 2012.

Hi, my name is Reince Priebus and my job sucks!

While Democrats benefited from well invested and expansive political operations in states across the country in 2012, Priebus acknowledged the Republicans faced a deficit in that area and said the GOP would combat shortfall by launching a $10 million initiative dedicated to outreach in minority communities.

“The Obama campaign lived in these communities for years.  Their relationships were deep.  They were authentic,” Priebus said.  “We’re going to be announcing a $10 million initiative just this year which will include hundreds of people, paid, across the country, from coast to coast, in Hispanic, African American, Asian communities, talking about our party, talking about our brand, talking about what we believe in, going to community events, going to swearing-in ceremonies being a part of the community on an ongoing basis paid for by the Republican National Committee, to make the case for our party and our candidates.”

Yeah, you have fun with that, R.P.   Priebus may be sincere in broadening the GOP base, but not everyone is on board with the initiative.   Some to ridiculous extremes.

Jim Gile, a Republican commissioner in Saline County, Kansas, used an offensive racial slur during an argument with a fellow commissioner, but he wants everyone to know that he isn’t a racist because he’s “built Habitat homes for colored people,” and also that he has a black friend:

In a recording made by County Clerk Don Merriman of the study session, Gile, who is white, can be heard to say the county needed to hire an architect to design the improvements rather than “nigger-rigging it.”

His comment brought laughter from others in the room. Salinan Ray Hruska, who attends most commission meetings and study sessions, asked Gile what he said.

“Afro-Americanized,” Gile replied. . . .

Gile said he grew up around the term, but it is something he shouldn’t have used.

“I am not a prejudiced person,” Gile said Friday. “I have built Habitat homes for colored people.”

Gile said he also has a close friend whom he regards as a sister who is black.

Damn man, could you fuck that up any worse?

It would be a mistake to allow one idiot Republican nobody in Kansas to cock up the entire idea of outreach, which is a good idea.  It shows there are people left in the GOP who actually get it that there’s a problem here.   The thing is the Republicans have spent such a long time dividing the country along racial lines and appealing to fear of “the other” that they can’t just turn on a dime and become the party of openness and diversity.   It’s like squeezing your feet into shoes one size too small.  It’s a bad fit.

When you’re a political party who’s been wiped out in consecutive presidential elections and you’re tired of being called old, White and racist, who you gonna call?   The Super Six G.O.P. Outreach Team!

Rep. Don “Wetback” Young
Jim “the Nigger Rigger” Gile
Dr. Ben “Gay Marriage Will Lead to Pedophilia and Bestiality” Carson
Sean “Ben’s Ass and My Lips” Hannity
Sen. Rand “Hey, I Love the Civil Rights Act” Paul
Sarah “Shuck and Jive” Palin

Todd Kincannon and Jennifer Olsen because superheroes need stupid sidekicks.

and Reince Preiebus as Professor X.

It’s hard to clean up the image of a party that lives and thrives on racial baiting and the politics of polarization

These half-assed efforts at “outreach” might be a sign Republicans just aren’t any goddamned good at this sort of thing.