The End of Tim

Football Jesus needs a new gig.

Tomorrow Timothy Richard Tebow will wake and face the day no differently from millions of other Americans.

Unemployed and looking for work.

After the horrendous New York Jets drafted Geno Smith they found themselves with half-a-dozen quarterbacks on their roster.   So they cut Tim Tebow and put ESPN into crisis mode with round-the-clock coverage with updates from all 32 teams where reporters pestered puzzled general managers and coaches about how soon they would be flying Tebow in for a visit.

The headline from CBS Sports wondered, “Where will Tim Tebow play now that the Jets have set him free?”

The answer is, Canada or nowhere.

This day was long anticipated and now that it is here, I don’t know why anyone would be surprised.   Tim Tebow may be a God’s favorite son not named Jesus, but he sucks as a quarterback.   I specify “quarterback” because if he were willing to convert to a tight end or fullback, Tebow might be able to play in the NFL.  But as someone to lead a team as a quarterback, nobody wants to be bothered with the Tim Tebow Show coming to their town.

On Sale. Cheap.

If Tebow wants to be mad at anyone he should be mad at his own rabid fan base and ESPN which has swung on his nutsack since he came over from his glory days as a Heisman Trophy winner.   He wouldn’t be the first stud whose game in college didn’t translate to the pros, but the bread and circuses that follows Tebow wherever he goes makes him unemployable in the NFL.

Tebow’s presence sucks up all the oxygen in the room.   The sports media led by ESPN’s fawning over all things Tebow is a constant distraction and divides locker rooms.   Tebow can throw a bit, run a little bit better and win just enough to instantly becomes the biggest star on any team.

And for what?   Last year in a 34-0 skunking of the Jets by the 49ers, I watched with amusement as Terrible Tim loped onto the field and accomplished the following:  A 1-yard run, and he had a 9-yard completion that resulted in a lost fumble.   The mystery isn’t why Tebow is likely over and out as far as the NFL is concerned now that the Jets and Broncos have given up on him.  The real mystery is how he suckered two teams into thinking he could ball?

Hey man, nice haircut.

Tebow is an imposter.  He’s been impersonating a professional football quarterback.  He isn’t.  He wasn’t.   He never will be.  He can’t read defenses.  He can’t check down to a second or third receiver when he can’t find his first.   He can’t even make plays with his feet when his suspect arm fails him as it usually does.

The hype and hysteria that follows Tebow is what now makes him an unwanted commodity in a league where the fall-off from first-string to second and third-string quarterback is drastic.  Most of the 32 teams carry three QB’s over the grind of a NFL season.  That’s 96 potential job openings and what’s it say about Tebow that he isn’t good enough for one of them?

In one way it’s nobody’s fault but Tebow he’s joined the long list of unemployed players looking for a job.   His fans act as if the Chosen One is owed a job in the NFL and his enablers at ESPN have done nothing to discourage that ridiculous notion.    Because he’s a good Christian and God-fearing soldier for Christ, Tebow has become a cause for conservatives, but most NFL teams don’t choose their field generals based upon how much support they have from The 700 Club crowd.    Production is still the bottom line and Tebow didn’t get it done.

His fans will cry and weep and gnash their teeth that Tebow wasn’t given a fair chance which is utter bullshit.   He was given ample chances on the field to make plays and didn’t.  They will say Tim just wants to play.  That isn’t true.  When the Jets gave Tebow’s agent permission to shop around for a new NFL home, the handful of interested teams said, “Sure.”  Providing he was willing to change positions to tight end, but Tebow wants to play quarterback or nothing.

Looks like nothing won.

Tebow posted a message to his two millions Facebook fans, “Proverbs 3:5-6:  Trust in the Lord with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight.”

Tim had better hope He makes a path for him straight to Canada and the CFL because for now time has run out for Tebow Time.

“Oh, NFL Gods. Why hast thou forsaken me?”


4 thoughts on “The End of Tim

  1. I have to disagree that Tim Tebow is done in the NFL. I don’t disagree that he probably should be. But as long as there are teams like my Cleveland Browns, he will have a shot. If he was to come to Cleveland, Jacksonville, Oakland, or Buffalo, he would be greeted as a savior. Tebowmania has a strong following. The world wide leader ESPN will make sure he would lead every Sportscenter. He is hype, he is a product of an idea. Jack Armstrong, All American Boy. He is a beacon of hope. He doesn’t have to deliver. His followers will point to his win over Pittsburgh in the 2011 playoffs. They will ignore that the Steelers were closer to the 8-8 team they were in 2012 than the Super Bowl XLV team they were in 2010.

    Remember “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance” The Editor Maxwell Scott (Carleton Young) said to Ransom Stoddard (James Stewart) “No, sir. This is the West, sir. When the legend becomes fact, print the legend.”


    • You could be right, but it won’t be happening anytime soon. Tebow is “radioactive” (as one GM describes him) and not at all productive. When you can’t beat out a stiff like Sanchez, a guy who hasn’t played in two years like Garrard, two nobodies and a rookie who tumbled in the draft, your game is GARBAGE.

      Tebow won’t be back in the league until he either learns how to play QB or accepts a position switch to tight end.

      Ego is a terrible thing, but that’s where Tiny Tim is at.


  2. You certainly are right about his ego. I doubt he will accept a position change. I have to disagree that the CFL is an option. Five of the 8 CFL teams had QB’s that threw for over 4,000 yards. He just doesn’t have a skill set that indicates he can pull it off. Henry Burris a 37 year old who played briefly in the NFL and NFL Europe, threw for 5,367 yards and 43 TD’s last year. Tebow has only thrown for 2,422 yards in his entire NFL career. The CFL is too wide open and pass happy for Tim Tebow. If he was to go to the CFL to hone his passing skills, that would be something to admire, but the team that aquires him would probably be just looking for a draw. How hard is it for the CFL to get any attention on ESPN? QB’s that were successful in the CFL (Moon, Flutie) and then jumped to the NFL were known for their passing ability in college or had a style that was taylor made for the CFL. In both cases they were judged too small for the NFL. Tebow is certainly big enough, but honestly, just isn’t talented enough for the NFL. I’m happy he has a great relationship with Jesus. He should be proud of the football career he has had, but he just isn’t what the NFL is looking for.


    • You watch a lot more of the CFL than I do, but I’d heard Teblow wouldn’t find much hope in going to our neighbors in the North looking for an opportunity. You’re right; you gotta be able to throw to thrive in the CFL and that’s not what Tiny Tim does best.

      He wouldn’t be the first guy to insist he’s only going to play the position he wants to play instead of where the coach wants him to play. Until he puts a leash on that ego and show some of the much-celebrated humility, he’s just another NFL vet looking for his next gig.


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