The Trashing of Trayvon Martin

The innocent victim or a future thug?

The innocent victim or a future thug?

When the character of the defendant is less than sterling if you’re a smart (and somewhat unscrupulous) defense attorney the next best option if your client’s reputation is less than pristine is to dirty up the victim instead.

The trashing of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman‘s attorneys and family has been brutal, ruthless, systematic and ugly.   They are playing hardball.   They are showing no mercy.   Zimmerman’s lawyers began in earnest last week when they released text messages from Trayvon in trying to depict him as a punk kid with violent tendencies.    Zimmerman’s mother did even worse to the teenager.  She made him invisible and irrelevant in a letter she released to her son’s supporters.

Today, April 11, 2013 is the anniversary of the most unfortunate arrest of our son George. I am writing from my heart and with incalculable gratitude to our family members, dearest friends, and those we have not personally met but who have nonetheless offered their unwavering moral and spiritual support. Those who read this letter should do so of their own free will, and do so because they are interested in its message. If you read this letter with the hopes of finding material to mock or rebuke–please stop reading now, because this letter is not intended for you.

April 11 2012 will be forever remembered by the Zimmerman family as the day the justice system failed us as Americans, and as a consequence an innocent man was arrested for a crime he did not commit, solely to placate the masses. George was charged with murder. By confusing the public and manipulating perception in order to sway the “court of public opinion”, Benjamin Crump & co. finally achieved their “first base” victory.

A year later, we find ourselves–as Mr. Crump put it–in “third base” posture: we are awaiting trial. Throughout the past year, as evidence came forth and was later published, we have fought at every turn to be certain George is afforded a fair trial and equal protection under the law. It is imperative now more than ever that George receive fair treatment by the judicial system, as this is the quintessential birthright of every American.

Gold grillz does not a gangsta make.

From the beginning, this case has been heavily publicized and a false narrative was developed surrounding a very real tragedy when there was little evidence available to the public. It is astounding that despite the vast amount of information and evidence now available that supports George’s self-defense claim, the majority of the media avoids its publication. It is indeed alarming that even more media outlets do not regret misinforming the public and have not taken steps to retract the fabrications they are responsible for perpetuating.

The media, with the help of social media made it their prerogative to judge and sentence George before and after his arrest. Even members of Congress and self-proclaimed “activists” used and routinely use to this day the term “murderer” when they speak of him–in effect they are re-enforcing the only acceptable judicial outcome in their eyes. Many have seen to it that he be judged by the public, the very public they were keen on misinforming.

It is for these reasons I share my thoughts and heart with you today. Despite the mythological monster the media created, those who knew George did not abandon him, and those who have become familiar with him throughout the course of this ordeal have prayed daily for him, his wife, his parents and siblings. Without your constant prayer, words of comfort, and endless search for truth–our family would not have made it this far.

After reading Gladys Zimmerman’s letter and its total absence of decency or humanity I understand where George’s racism comes from.   It is more than misleading, self-serving and selfish.  It is inhumane.  Not once is Trayvon Martin’s name mentioned.   No one in the Zimmerman family has a shred of compassion in their cold hearts.

“For the Zimmerman family to allege that the justice system doesn’t work simply because they are unhappy their son was arrested in the first place is disingenuous and disrespectful to the very system that is currently affording him every available opportunity to defend himself. The arrest of an admitted killer is not a violation of due process, it is due process. “Most will agree that no one has been given greater consideration by the justice system for killing an unarmed child than George Zimmerman.”

The Zimmerman family is waging a public relations war on the behalf of their murderous son and nobody has been vocal in his unwavering son than kid brother Robert.  His recent rampage of Tweets to slime Trayvon will likely have no effect on the upcoming trial, but it does show how low Bobby Z. is willing to stoop to.

robertzimmerman_tweetrobertzimmerman_tweet2The Zimmerman defense team released a series of photographs and text messages from Trayvon on their website depicting the teenager discussing guns, being suspended from school and smoking marijuana.    In a text message sent 12 days before Zimmerman gunned him down Martin tells an unnamed friend he was suspended from school for fighting.

“Why you not in school?” a text he receives asks.


“I thought you was going out with ur friend,” the reply says.

“Naw my ol g say she dont want me home caus she think ima get in mo trouble,” he texts back.

Martin’s texts also indicate he may have been curious about guns.

“U gotta gun?” reads a text from Martin’s phone, sent on Feb. 18, 2012, to a friend of his who was on the phone with him on the night of the shooting.

“You want a 22 revolver” asks someone in a text he receives that day.

Three days later, Martin mentioned a caliber of gun while asking a friend in another text, “U wanna share a .380 w.[redacted]?”

Other texts released allude to problems Martin was having at home and with authorities.

“My mom just told me i gotta mov wit my dad,” says one from Nov. 22, 2011. “She just kickd me out.”

“Is the defense trying to prove Trayvon deserved to be killed by George Zimmerman because of the way he looked?” Benjamin Crump said,  “If so, this stereotypical and closed-minded thinking is the same mindset that caused George Zimmerman to get out of his car and pursue Trayvon, an unarmed kid who he didn’t know. The pretrial release of these irrelevant red herrings is a desperate and pathetic attempt by the defense to pollute and sway the jury pool.”

From what I’ve read from legal experts none of this crap will probably ever be heard by a jury and will not be admissible.  Certainly Team Zimmerman would like to put Trayvon’s character on trial as he is already dead and cannot defend himself.   Perhaps there is also the hope that painting Martin as wannabee thug, doper and gangsta will play to the worst fears of potential jurors.

Of course, anyone with the brain power of a house plant should ask, “What does this have to do with why Zimmerman shot Trayvon?  He didn’t know any of this.”  But the defense is going to muddy the waters as much as they can to get their client off.   If they have to trash Trayvon in the process, you’d better believe they’re gonna do it.

It doesn’t make it any less disgusting.   Mark O’ Mara wants to “niggerize” Trayvon Martin as a wannabee gangsta and future criminal.   That’s understandable since its his client who is a killer with a prior criminal record.    Writing in his legal blog, attorney Frederick Leatherman  denounced the  tactics of Zimmerman’s defense team saying,   “This is quite possibly the sleaziest tactic that I have ever seen. To intentionally poison a jury pool a couple of weeks before trial with false and misleading information about the victim of a homicide calculated to incite and unite White racists to approve of the execution of an unarmed Black teenager is astonishing.”

“These two lawyers are fortunate that I am not Judge Nelson because I would jail them for contempt of court and file complaints against the bar association requesting their disbarment from the practice of law.”

In a series of rulings that were described as favorable to the prosecution, Judge Debra Nelson denied the defense’s motions to admit Martin’s marijuana usage, disciplinary records from school,  possible interest in guns and fighting.   Robert Zimmerman called upon the prosecution to drop the second degree murder charge against his brother.    The defense asked for a delay in the trial which Judge Nelson also rejected.   Jury selection begins June 16.

What we’re witnessing now is simply the public relations spin and the preliminaries.   When the trial actually begins that’s when the circus will really start.

Zimmerman’s day in court is two weeks away.