No, I’m Not Nostalgic For Dubya

Presendentin’ be hard work.

It’s Old Presidents Week here at The Domino Theory.   It be that way sometimes and especially when they are making news.

Facts are stupid things.  Ronnie Reagan said that.  He was right about facts occasionally being stupid.  Facts are also subject to being manipulated, misleading and meaningless.

The disaster movie that was George W. Bush’s presidency has been ripe for a rehabbing and with President Obama’s recent spate of dilemmas, diversions and drama it’s getting one.

Gallup pollsters announced Tuesday that the last Bush in office is more popular than our sitting president. Forty-nine percent of Americans now see Bush in favorable terms, compared to 47 percent for President Barack Obama.

Bush’s 49/45 approval-to-disapproval rating split in the new poll also is the first time since 2005 – not-so-coincidentally the same year as Hurricane Katrina – that more Americans say they approve of his presidency than don’t. It’s also a major uptick from his favorability rating low of 35 percent in March 2009. (His high: 87% two months after the 9/11 attacks in 2001).

No, I don’t know WTF he’s doing either.

Before you could say, “Holy Revisionism, Batman” a colored conservative was all up in my Facebook news feed proudly proclaiming,  “If you take off your Obama blinders you can see why life was better under Bush.”


The economy collapsed under Bush. The bank bail-out was introduced and signed into law by Bush. Bush burned through Bill Clinton’s surplus like a horny sailor in a whorehouse. Bush dragged the country into one war in Afghanistan and left it unfinished and then into another with Iraq based upon cooked “intelligence” of Weapons of Mass Destruction” that weren’t there because they didn’t exist. Bush ignored the poor and the Black drowning like rats in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina but rammed through a tax cut that redistributed the wealth into the pockets of the One Percent.

Oh, and the worst terrorist attack ever occurred while George W. Bush sat on his ass reading “My Pet Goat.”

To sum up, if you were  Black  after Hurricane Katrina, or in the World Trade Center on 9/11 or one of the over 4,000 soldiers whose lives were wasted in Iraq, your life wasn’t better under Bush. Your life was OVER because of Bush.    Nostalgia for the Bad Old Days of Dubya and Evil Dick Cheney coming from a Black person is like an ex-slave reminiscing for the  cotton fields. 

Yes,  Barack Obama is having a series of rotten days and weeks.   The afterglow of his reelection has faded and the grind of governing has knocked him from his once lofty poll numbers.   No surprise there.   They only place they could go was down.   But polls don’t decide whether a presidency is a success or failure.    History does that and in my history George W. Bush is still the all-time, undisputed, winner and still champion  Worst President Ever.

So I really don’t give a damn what a Gallup poll of 1,529 morons with short-term memories and no sense of history says. A majority of people thought slavery was a great idea once upon a time.

“Better off under Bush?”

Only if you’re a damn fool or a crazy Republican.  But I repeat myself.


7 thoughts on “No, I’m Not Nostalgic For Dubya

  1. In complete agreement, Jeff. We’ve never had worse than Bush.

    My only concern is that we can’t count on *any* of our so-called “leaders” now. They all serve the same boss: Mammon, the corporate plutarchy.


  2. Ignorance is bliss. Ignorance of history means we are bound to repeat it. That 1,529 people fail to remember the truth of the eight years under Bush and Cheney says something about this nation, sadly.

    I agree with you entirely.


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