If Sanford Burns, Don’t Blame Me.

“You can’t blame me either. All I did was shoot a Black kid.”

Got a letter from a friend the other day.  Seems she had heard some Black folks were a little wound up about the George Zimmerman trial and she got freaked out they were going to do something about it if he walked.

So of course she sends me a series of e-mails demanding I do something about it.

When will blacks begin to address Their Own cultural problems, not only in relation to Western whites- but their own values and failures, and failures of values?  I guess if GZ is not convicted we can just wait for across the country race riots. Blacks are calling for killing white teens, especially in the suburbs,  in droves, ‘to see how it feels’. Now that is some civilized shit!  And you wonder why anyone is racist.  Whites are scared shitless of blacks. We are not Superior these days, we are frightened out of our minds with what has come from generational entitlements, crime, crack, endless poverty.  The NEW racism is not The OLD supremacist Mississippi racism, the new one is one of FEAR.

There is a lot of fear out there because black people are all over the place making real and specified threats of killing. The cops know it, the public knows it. Where are Jesse and Al now calling for calm? No..not them, this is their WET dream!

I simply cannot explain enough how we see this uncivilized behavior.  Black thugs scare the fuck out of the rest of us, that are not out killing people on the streets and doing stupid shit with a total lack of respect for life, like throwing bleach on people on trains, shooting each other, causing chaos, gang beating old people and just acting like fools for the sake of it. Sorry, it’s not ok no matter how you slice it. It’s cultural decadence gone wild. And, since we ‘whites’ have all the rights and privileges to end it, why has it not been done already? Tolerance. For no really good reason.

Perhaps you are not seeing the threats? Why would people not be afraid? Isn’t it normal to be afraid, when they’re TELLING you to BE AFRAID?  When people are saying, ‘we are going to kill your kids over this’ you have EVERY RIGHT to be afraid.

There is every good reason to fear black people, if you do not understand that, you have not taken a GOOD look at Black culture as it has evolved in the US.

L.A. burned in ’92. But I was at work that day.

Gee, I wonder if that’s the same kind of fear Trayvon felt just before this cowardly piece of trash shot him down?   I wonder if its anything like the fear young Black men like Trayvon and their parents felt knowing there were laws in place that provided legal protection for anyone who claimed a Black kid was acting “suspiciously” and they “feared for their life” so they killed in order not to be killed.

It really sucks to live in fear, doesn’t it?   But the only fear that matters is White fear.

Allow me to retort and rebut.

You keep telling me what others whom I don’t know are saying and expect me to be responsible for responding to it?

I not only can’t do that, I won’t do that.  I can no more be a spokesman for the entire Black race than you can be for the entire White race.  I certainly won’t take responsibility for what a few idiots are saying that has you all hot and bothered.

I am not here to reassure you there will be no violence if Zimmerman walks.  Even if I could tell 36 million African-Americans to be cool, I wouldn’t do it.   I don’t have the right to tell anyone else how they should feel or what they should do.  All I’m responsible for it what I feel and what I will do.

Here’s what I won’t do.

I won’t throw a brick through a window.  Any window.  Especially not my windows.  They’re still pretty new and I like them.

I won’t burn down any houses.  Particularly not my house.  I have some neighbors I don’t like so much, but I won’t burn down their house either.

I won’t hit anyone upside the head.  Not even with a brick.  You never know who has a concealed carry permit and that’s the wrong way to find out.

I won’t allow my wife or son or daughter to riot either.   And that’s all I can be reasonably expected not to do if George Zimmerman is acquitted for the murder of Trayvon Martin.   Yes, I said “murder.”  Trayvon was alive and now he’s dead and Zimmerman made him that way.   Whether he intended to kill him is a matter of degree of murder, but it’s still murder.

I hope there’s no violence.  I hope if there is any violence, it’s short, limited and over quickly.

But if there is violence I know this: it won’t be my fault.  It’s not my responsibility to prevent it or even try to stop it.   People will do what they feel they need to do.  It won’t help Trayvon.  He’ll still be dead.  It won’t hurt George Zimmerman.  He’ll be free (and probably looking over his shoulder for the rest of his life).

What’s the point of a riot?    No point as far as I can see, but then I don’t fit the profile of a likely rioter.

It might make someone feel like they’re doing something.   If they need to get out of them what’s bottled inside that badly then I guess throwing a brick or starting a fire or beating up some poor devil who has nothing to do with any of this might make them feel better.

It won’t make things any better, but with the present low state of race relations it won’t make things any worse either.  Martin Luther King said, “A riot is the language of the unheard.”  Maybe that’s what it takes to get Americans to listen.

Zimmerman going free would not be a good thing, but it’s not the worse thing either.  The worst thing has already happened with Trayvon’s death.  Killing or hurting someone else won’t make Trayvon any less dead.

Let me be clear.  I don’t want to see anyone get hurt.  I don’t want to see anybody else die.   Burning and looting and tearing shit up is not what I want to see in the aftermath of a Zimmerman acquittal.  Not at all.

It won’t surprise me if that is exactly what happens.   I’ll care, but if Sanford and other parts of the country goes up in flames, it’s not my fault.

You didn’t care when Zimmerman killed Martin. You didn’t care about this asinine Stand Your Ground law that gives idiots the right to kill and a get out of jail card if they say, “Hey, I was afraid for my life. I stood my ground and never mind if I started the fight.”

And now you expect the same people whom you have told in no uncertain terms “We have the legal right to kill your sons when they make us nervous” to rush to reassure you, “All is well. We’re cool.” You can whistle while you wait for that.

If a riot happens, a riot happens and there is nothing I, Jesse, Al, Barack or Jesus Christ can say to stop it from happening.

I don’t care about your fear.   Your unreasonable, irrational and racist fear is your problem, because if Sanford burns, you can blame George Zimmerman.   You can blame the failure on the justice system.  You can blame those who are rioting.   You can find someone to blame.

But you won’t blame me.

your fear