There’s (NOT) A Riot Goin’ On

Photograph: Frederic J Brown/AFP/Getty Images

Where’s all the smoke and flame and cops and dead bodies everywhere?

Hey! What happened to all the rioting and burning and looting and shooting and raping and killing in the U.S.A we were guaranteed would occur if Zimmerman was acquitted? What’s all this peaceful demonstrating for Trayvon Martin after his killer walked?

Can’t Blacks even riot like they used to?   Is NOTHING sacred?

I think we should all acknowledge if Sanford, Florida isn’t being burnt to a cinder by now it’s never going to happen. All this bullshit, inflammatory, race-baiting talk about Black folks rioting in the streets and taking revenge on White people following a Zimmerman acquittal was just that: BULLSHIT.

If it had happened, it would have been completely understandable. It could have happened. Maybe it even should have happened. But it didn’t happen. Any violence was limited, localized and small in both scale and significance.  Enough blood had been spilled.  Who really wanted more?

God knows the racists wanted it. Rush wanted it. CNN wanted it.  Can’t you see Wolf Blitzer and John King in front of a three-dimensional layout of the country going up in flames?   Geraldo Rivera and Fox News really wanted it. They wanted Negroes to act like fools.  It would be great for the rating, but you can’t always get what you want.

Drunken White people riot when their fucking hockey team loses the Stanley Cup but we’re not about to ban hockey. Let an unarmed Black kid get gunned down by one twisted fat fuck with a gun and it’s the L.A. riots all over again.  It didn’t quite turn out that way but nobody’s about go on television or the radio or online to say, “Well, damn. Guess I was wrong. Black people have more respect for the law than I thought.”

But I don’t want to make this about RACE. Oh, heavens, no! Race had nothing to do with this. If you believe that you probably think that’s golden raindrops falling on your head too.  That doesn’t mean there isn’t any race cards being played.   I got this e-mail in my inbox the night the verdict was announced.  The subject line read:  “Zimm Aquit, let the black animals loose!” and the one sentence read:  So, here we go, Free HD wide screen Tv’s! Come and get your FREE shit! ANY excuse will do! It’s not color,  it’s FREE STUFF!

I didn’t reply that night.  Or the next.  Or the night after that. I waited until I was ready for a rebuttal.

No rioting.  No raping.  No burning.  No looting.  No White people killed for being White.

I know you must be so butthurt about that.  Sorry.  Guess those “Black animals” were more civilized than you thought.  To the extent you think at all.

No wonder you’re sucking Zimmerman’s dick so hard.  You wish it was you that shot down Trayvon Martin.

You can take your “Black animals” shit and shove it up your ass.

I never knew what a hopeless racist you really are.  I’d say I feel sorry for your paranoia, but honestly?  I don’t give a damn.

If you're going to riot, you might as well do it for a stupid reason.

If you’re going to riot, you might as well do it for a stupid reason.

Hate isn’t  kept alive by bigots like the Klan or race hustlers or trouble making outsiders.   It’s us.  It’s always just us.   It’s what happens when all we  see in each other is a color or a religion or a sexual orientation or a gender first and humanity a distant second, if at all.  That makes us no different from George Zimmerman.  All he saw was Trayvon as the Black kid in the wrong neighborhood.

That’s why it was so easy for Zimmerman to kill Trayvon.  He wasn’t human to him.  He still isn’t.

He’s not the only one either.