Shufflin’ Along With Shelby Steele

not shelby steele

Shelby chills on his day off.

Shelby Steele believes today’s Black leadership treads in victimhood, ducking responsibility and playing an old, played-out “Blame Whitey” game.

The verdict that declared George Zimmerman not guilty of murdering Trayvon Martin was a traumatic event for America’s civil-rights establishment, and for many black elites across the media, government and academia. When you have grown used to American institutions being so intimidated by the prospect of black wrath that they invent mushy ideas like “diversity” and “inclusiveness” simply to escape that wrath, then the crisp reading of the law that the Zimmerman jury displayed comes as a shock.

On television in recent weeks you could see black leaders from every background congealing into a chorus of umbrage and complaint. But they weren’t so much outraged at a horrible injustice as they were affronted by the disregard of their own authority. The jury effectively said to them, “You won’t call the tune here. We will work within the law.”

There’s another sort of establishment and that’s the one where Black conservatives talk about the Black experience, but not to other Black people who know it already.

That is why Steele’s sphere of influence is primarily limited to (gasp!) White male conservatives who say they are the true victims of racism, avoid any acknowledgement of the considerable advantages White Privilege affords them and are play an even older, but just as played-out game calleed “Why Can’t You Lazy Blacks Stop Complaining and Blaming Us Because You Aren’t White Like Me?”

“Can I be your Black Friend Forever, George?”

If Black liberals get paid to soothe White Guilt,  Black conservatives work their own hustle by appealing to White Denial.   Steele is fluent in the familiar language of the apologist and appeaser as he scorns the attention the “civil rights establishment” has paid to the unworthy Trayvon.

Why did the civil-rights leadership use its greatly depleted moral authority to support Trayvon Martin? This young man was, after all, no Rosa Parks—a figure of indisputable human dignity set upon by the rank evil of white supremacy. Trayvon threw the first punch and then continued pummeling the much smaller Zimmerman. Yes, Trayvon was a kid, but he was also something of a menace. The larger tragedy is that his death will come to very little. There was no important principle or coherent protest implied in that first nose-breaking punch. It was just dumb bravado, a tough-guy punch.

There was nothing in the Zimmerman trial that established Martin “threw the first punch.”   Nor is any truth to Steele’s slander that Martin was “something of a menace.”   After all, it is  the “cherubic” Zimmerman (as Steele lovingly describes him) who has the criminal record.

There is no need for similar acts of character assassination about Zimmerman’s character. The menace posed by his history is a matter of legal record.

The neighborhood watch volunteer who wanted to be a cop was arrested in July 2005 for “resisting officer with violence” and “battery of law enforcement officer.” Zimmerman got into a scuffle with cops questioning a friend for alleged underage drinking. Upon entering an alcohol education program, the charges were reportedly reduced and then waived. The next month in 2005, Zimmerman’s former fiance sought a restraining order against him because of domestic violence. Zimmerman sought a restraining order against her in return. Both were granted.

Despite Steele’s scurrilous slurs against a murdered and unarmed teenager,  it is  Zimmerman’s brushes with the law  establish he was the real “fucking punk.”   The White conservatives who make up Steele’s readership are not concerned with Zimmerman’s established record of criminality as much as they are the threat a unleashed Trayvon Martin might have.     It isn’t truth Rupert Murdoch is paying Steele to provide.   It is relief for poor, put-upon White conservatives who have nothing but fear and loathing in their hearts for every other Trayvon that hasn’t been murdered yet.

Steele is in the same class of race hustlers like Clarence Thomas, Herman Cain, Allan West, Mira Love, Niger Innis, Star Parker, Walter Williams, Larry Elder, Jesse Lee “thank God for slavery” Peterson, Uncle Tom Sowell, and of course Gentle Ben Carson.  With the exception of Carson, not one of them has any clout or following within the Black community.

“Sure. Just put on a hoodie and start running.”

Why would they? Their job is to represent themselves, not the interests of Black people as they show up at right-wing conferences, Tea Party rallies and Republican conventions telling the attendees what the are paid to say and smile pretty when the camera pans the audience so conservatives can point to those one or two grains of black pepper among all that white salt and flaunt their commitment to “diversity.”

Which is about an inch deep as it is wide, but somebody’s got to play The Spook That Sat By the Door., so why not Shelby Steele? He’s uniquely qualified to suck up to the White conservatives that keep him gainfully employed and will remain useful so long as he keeps making them feel good and exhibits he’s sufficiently grateful. When they’re done with him they’ll just throw him out and get another off the shelf just like him.

The next Shelby Steele will also specialize in dispensing useless advice to his core audience.  But that core audience does not include anyone who looks like Shelby Steele.

“Yes, I’m an ass-kisser, but I’m an EXCELLENT ass kisser.”

6 thoughts on “Shufflin’ Along With Shelby Steele

  1. You guys are fucking pinheads. As long as you keep celebrating victim-hood and the liberals keep practicing the soft racism of low expectations assholes like you will always have much to rant about. It’s just that no one really listens to you fools anymore. Put your head back up your ass and ram on.


      • Dr. Ben Dover….wow, brilliant insight indeed. Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to illuminate us.

        Steele never denies racism, but describes in great contemporary-historical detail, the hysteria generated from false claims of racism (from Sharpton, for instance) and the bend-over-backwardism of white guilt that pays his bills. It’s profitable. The case of Ernest Morris is not so much. Ernest Morris, another 17 year old black male who’s shooter, an unarrested black homeowner, picked him off from within his house (not while being bludgeoned on the sidewalk mind you) probably deserved more coverage than just local Texas news. Many of the thinkers on the list you dismiss oppose actions of Sharpton, who in his inconsistencies (like by not caring about Morris or the many unsolved murders in Chicago) exposes himself as a demagogue. Trayvon’s death is a tragedy. But facts of the case don’t support the overly-simplistic version promulgated by folks who don’t think for themselves or perform diligent research. As one example, playing out the full 911 call from Zimmerman proves that there was a full minute and a half where he was not actively pursuing Trayvon, who had all the time in the world to be wherever he wanted to be. All forensic and witness evidence pointed to the aggression of Trayvon. You say there is no evidence that Trayvon threw first punch. There is a far more overwhelming absence of any evidence that George threw any punches at all. The fact that George desperately called for help showed he wasn’t quick on the trigger, as if pre-meditated. This case fails to address youth culture. No one acknowledges how worldstar culture paired with mma ground and pound, lean lifestyle, look the other way school discipline (such as when trayvon was caught with stolen items), drug dealing, 2 week suspension (that never serves the student well), and inconsistent fathering are causes and symptoms of a sort of systemic abandonment of a youth that had a lot to offer the world. Sad story.

        Do you have any sort of evidence that Steele has no black readership? Or are you promoting monolithic black groupthink? His comments about operating within the law didn’t generate any rebuttal from you. You resorted to vilifying people, not facts.


      • You can skew the argument anyway you like, B.I., but one fact above all trumps your argument: George Zimmerman stays in his truck and lets the cops do their job, NONE of this happens.

        You can try and shift the blame to Trayvon Martin if you like. His school discipline issues aren’t relevant. Zimmerman knew nothing about them just as Travyon knew nothing about his killer’s previous criminal record. Why is it you mention Martin’s school disciplinary issues, but not Zimmerman’s previous criminal record? It’s obvious the only reason to mention the victim’s bad acts, but not his killer’s is to smear Martin. Really, you need a better case that that.

        It was not established in the trial that Zimmerman called for help. Why would he? He was the one that was armed with a loaded gun and it doesn’t matter if Zimmerman threw (or connected) with any blows. There is proof there was a fight and he was on the losing end of it, but none at all WHO threw the first punch. And the witness who made the “ground and pound” reference admitted under cross-examination by the prosecution that he may have heard it from someone else.

        My point was not that Shelby Steele has no Black readership. My point is nobody considers Steele as part of Black leadership and I stand by that. Steele vilified Trayvon Martin and that makes him undeserving of my respect and I have none for anyone who would throw dirt on the corpse of a dead teenager.


  2. Fair assesment Jeff. While the rest of us are attempting to determine our own part in both the explict and implict continuation of racism in America and how to fix it, there are those who would deny it exists. Unfortunately they seem to be everywhere.


    • The trolls and haters hide like roaches until something this sad and tragic happens, Valentine. When it does they come out to spread their hateful filth. The light exposes them and they scurry back to their fetid hidey-holes. I’d feel sorry for Dr. Dover and his mouth-breathing ilk, but I can’t work up the energy to give them the time of day.


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