(Don’t) Stand By Your Man

Shellie throws shade at George.

Shellie Zimmerman is not a sympathetic figure.   For over a year she played the part of the dutiful, stoic wife, standing by the side of her husband, George Zimmerman as he went on trial for the murder of Trayvon Martin.   Shellie did the supportive spouse role part so well, to save her hubby’s worthless ass she even lied to a judge about the couple being destitute and was charged with committing perjury.

The trial is over.  George walked and Shellie’s done keeping the faith.  This week she filed for divorce from the exonerated killer.  The finishing stroke may have been when Shellie went to court to answer for her own crime of perjury where she lucked on and received probation instead of jail time.

But where was George?

Not standing by his woman the way his woman had stood by him.   The day she was sentenced George Zimmerman was not in court to support her and Shellie was pissed.

She went public with her anger and disappointment as she jacked up the bus and rolled Boy George under it.

“I have a selfish husband,” Shellie told Good Morning America, taking the opportunity to really pile it on. “And I think George is all about George.” The not-guilty verdict, she said, has him feeling “invincible” and “making some reckless decisions,” like speeding and gun shopping. She’s seeking custody of the couple’s two dogs.

He’s going shopping for guns, she’s looking for a divorce attorney.

“I stood by my husband through everything and I kind of feel like he left me with a bunch of broken glass that I’m supposed to now assemble and make a life,” she said. “I have been married to a person for about seven years and I don’t think I ever really knew him at all.”

Shellie’s claim that she and Boy George had an argument shortly before he shot Trayvon Martin is interesting.   It certainly raises questions about what his state of mind was though they probably would not have come out during a trial.   However, given George’s history with women such as  his previous fiancée taking out a restraining order against him and a cousin who claims he sexually assaulted her it’s another puff of smoke that reveals a fiery, hidden personality.

The couple have no children and Shellie is asking in her divorce petition for custody of their two dogs, as well as demanding her jobless husband pay the premiums for a permanent life insurance policy, jointly sharing their bank accounts as well as any financial settlement that might come his way should he win his defamation suit against NBC.

“I stood by my husband through everything,” she told ABC, “and I kind of feel like he left me with a bunch of pieces of broken glass that I’m supposed to now assemble and make a life.”

Trayvon Martin could tell her how hard that is.  Or at least he could have if her soon to be ex-husband hadn’t murdered him.

I don’t feel sorry for Shellie Zimmerman because hers is not a sad story.  She stood by her husband and showed him a loyalty he had no interest in returning.   As he speeds around the country feeling cocky and “invincible” it’s inevitable at some point George’s arrogant swagger will catch up with him.

The law may have given George a pass, but justice will find him and when it does, Shellie may be glad she’s not around when it does.

7 thoughts on “(Don’t) Stand By Your Man

  1. There is a piece of me that does feel sorry for her. Perhaps because I am a woman, know what it is like to stand by a man even when I know he is deeply flawed, deeply wrong but still feel the pressure of family and church to do what I promised in my wedding vows. I watch her answer some of the questions, including whether she believes her husband could do what we all know he did, I think she knows he did but will not say it aloud.

    I am not making excuses for her. I expect she simply wants out and to fade into the background. She has paid for her choice of spouse. Given his history, I suspect she has paid more than any of us knows.


    • Perhaps, Valentine, but she should have pressed charges against George Zimmerman if he pulled a gun on her. A man who pulls a gun may decide to use it, and to save her own life, Shellie Zimmerman needs to get away from this violent man.

      If she pressed charges against him she might be saving someone else’s life.


  2. You know when everyone was upset about Zimmerman’s sentence I said “What are you upset about? He Got Life. It is much worse to leave your house thinking ‘will there someone waiting for me around the corner?’ than being in jail. He will never be able to feel fully safe anymore. I don’t really know how to feel about his wife’s situation.


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