To Serve and Protect…and Kill

Randall Kerrick: killer. Jonathan Ferrell: killed

Jonathan Ferrell survived a crash that totaled his car.  He did not survive a fatal encounter with a scared cop.

The phrase “trigger-happy” is not one to be casually applied. Here it seems completely right.    If Office Randall Kerrick was afraid of Jonathan Ferrell he had no business being a police officer.

Ferrell’s size (he was a former football player) doesn’t mean Kerrick had to pull his gun and fire…
…and fire
…and fire
…and fire
…and fire
…and fire
…and fire
…and fire
…and fire
…and fire
…and fire
…and fire.

You get my point?

Kerrick fired 12 shots. Ferrell was hit with 10 bullets.

Do the math.

12 shots. Ten hits.

Jonathan Ferrell's family wants justice for him.

Jonathan Ferrell’s family wants justice for him.

That’s not stopping a man.  That is massacring a man.

Just how dead did Ferrell have to be before Kerrick felt safe?

Officer Randall Kerrick is charged with voluntary manslaughter. His lawyers were in court Tuesday for a first appearance on the charge. Kerrick, 27, did not attend. The judge scheduled an Oct. 7 probable cause hearing for Kerrick.

After the hearing, defense attorney Michael Greene declined to take questions but said of Kerrick: “His actions were justified on the night in question.”

Kerrick joined the police force after working as an animal control officer.

Animal control officer.”

That’s a nice euphemism for a dog-catcher.

That had to be a step up in prestige for Officer Kerrick. Going from hunting down runaway poodles to gunning down accident victims.

What happened to Jonathan Ferrell was a gross overreaction and is indefensible.   Kerrick had no business being given a gun and a badge.  This is why the toxicology results will be extremely important in determining what Ferrell’s state of mind was. Unless Ferrell was drunk or high, I can’t see any way to categorize his death as anything but an outrageous example of incompetence and police brutality.

But I wouldn’t be surprised to see his killer walk free and be back on the beat. Disgusted? Yes. Surprised? No.

I would like to be able to tell my son he has nothing to fear from the police. Then I remember he is a tall, big young man and somebody might consider that to mean he’s scary and potentially dangerous. Psst…and he’s Black.

I’d be a damn fool to tell my son he nothing to fear from the police.    Blacks killed by other Blacks seem to be only ones that end up being punished.

Georgia Ferrell,  Jonathan’s mother told CBS News she forgave Kerrick.

“I do forgive him,” Georgia Ferrell says. “I so forgive him, but I do want justice.”

I hope she gets justice.  I have serious doubts she will.