Hey, You Gays! Stop Eatin’ My Pasta!

“I am sorry. Really sorry. I’m so sorry. I’ve never been so sorry. I’m a sorry son-of-a-gun. Sorry. Real sorry. “

This will not end well…

Barilla is a famous name in Italian pasta. And it seems they don’t have a taste for gays.

If you check your local supermarket here in the states, or in Europe, you’re bound to see Barilla’s products with the familiar red label. They’re a big, worldwide brand.

Well, the Chairman of the privately owned company, Guido Barilla, got himself into some hot water yesterday when he told an Italian radio show that Barilla is a company that “likes the traditional family.” And therefore, you’re not going to see any gays in Barilla’s advertising. And if gays don’t like it, “they can always go eat someone else’s pasta.

    “Non faremo pubblicità con omosessuali, perché a noi piace la famiglia tradizionale. Se i gay non sono d’accordo, possono sempre mangiare la pasta di un’altra marca. Tutti sono liberi di fare ciò che vogliono purché non infastidiscano gli altri”.


    “We won’t include gays in our ads, because we like the traditional family. If gays don’t like it, they can always eat another brand of pasta. Everyone is free to do what they want, provided it doesn’t bother anyone else.”

When Mr. Barilla’s remarks went over about as well as a bowl of burnt pasta, he later issued an apology. One of those “sorry if you took offense at my offensive remarks” half-assed apologies so popular these days.

“With reference to statements made yesterday, I apologize if my words have generated controversy or misunderstanding, or if they have hurt the sensibilities of some people. In the interview I simply wanted to highlight the central role of the woman in the family.

Barilla added how sincere and heartfelt his commitment to diversity is.

He also said that he has “the utmost respect for any person, without distinction of any kind,” and “the greatest respect for gays and for the freedom of expression of anyone.”

Well, that should certainly make it all better. Let’s hug it out!

See all of this stuff?  Don't buy ANY of it.

See all of this stuff? Don’t buy ANY of it.

Back to Mr. Guido Barilla, (whose name and hair alone should supply plenty of material for late night comedians for a week or so,) I wonder what his thinking process was?  This moron just told an entire part of the population he doesn’t want their business and they should go support his competitors.

Does he not realize non-gays might also choose to stop eating Barilla pasta as well because obviously consuming too much of it not only makes you fat, it also makes you a raving homophobic douche nozzle?

What could go wrong with that strategy?  Besides everything?  Barilla’s “apology” ain’t gonna cut it. He should do something nice for the Italian LGBT community as an act of contrition.

When you own a business that is dependent on maintaining a positive image with your customers, you don’t need a M.B.A. to know it’s bad business to permit your personal prejudices to become an issue of public record.    With pasta the option is always there to switch to a competitor or make your own.  Guido should have remembered that and someone should have shoved some spaghetti in his big flapping mouth.

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One thought on “Hey, You Gays! Stop Eatin’ My Pasta!

  1. My suggestion regarding Barilla pasta you might have. You have already paid for it so DO NOT throw it away. Instead, return it to the place of purchase for a refund and tell them it left a bad taste in your mouth. They will then have to return it…that will send a message. I’m just sayin’ Hit em where it hurts!! $$$$


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