Jackasses and Fame Whores

Doorknob and Doofus

Doorknob and Doofus

A few years ago affter Kanye West pulled his “Hey look at me!” stunt at the MTV Video Awards and showed up Taylor Swift no less than the President joined in the chorus of disapproval and called West, “a jackass.”

Kanye has worked very hard since to justify that put down.

The other day he said in an interview his bleached blonde bobblehead swerlie, Kim Kardashian was “more influential than Michelle Obama” and that Barack’s bunkmate, “cannot Instagram a pic like what my girl Instagrammed the other day,”

Kanye puts down Michelle Obama for not putting up pics of her sticking her butt in the camera like Kim.   Let that thought sink in for a moment.  Then laugh at the utter absurdity of a silly Negro like Kanye who actually thinks The First Lady of the United States has less going on that a brain-dead bimbo whose only claim to fame is screwing horny idiots with more jism than brain cells and making a sex tape.

Michelle Obama does not Instagram pics of her ass, Kanye.   You do understand she is the First LADY, not the First Ratchet, right?

I can’t even get mad about this.  One must pity not scorn those attempting to navigate life when they are mentally challenged.  Kanye is about to be Kardashianed and he is doing it freely and of his volition.   I’m happy for the brother.   Things have gone too good for him and he found a whole new way to mess that up.

Keep it classy, Kimmy.

The First Lady will be SO jealous.

After all Kanye is a GENIUS.  Just ask him.  He’ll tell you himself.  Of course, the “G” label gets slapped on the unworthy and the undeserving all the time.  After Lou Reed passed I read somewhere that the Velvet Underground were America’s version of The Beatles. I almost busted a blood vessel laughing so hard at that one. Critics ALWAYS want to proclaim some musician or director or writer is a “genius” based on nothing more than THEY like them.

Remember when The Knack came out with “My Sharona?” Music critics creamed their jeans over them only to find out they were just another overhyped one-hit wonder. There are landfills all over America full of records, tapes and CD’s of shooting stars that shot their wad. Kanye gets the love because the pool is so shallow and he comes off like a whale in an ocean full of minnows.   Whether he deserves the critical love is another matter.

Upon closer inspection, the brother peaked with Late Registration. Maybe Graduation, but when he dropped 808 and Heartbreak he jumped the shark with a jet-ski. The brother is running on vapors and there’s no gas stations for 100 miles.

Rappers specialize in bragging, babbling and b.s., but Kanye has completely abused the privilege.    In ten years he’ll be playing state fairs while Kimmy K. will have taken her Tasty Kakes on to the next fool.

It’s 2013 and Kanye is so far removed from “genius” status it ain’t even funny. Stevie was a genius. James was a genius. Miles was a genius. Prince was a genius. Michael was a genius. Aretha was a genius.

Kanye is a poseur with a big mouth. That’s not genius. He’s old news. Next?

As for the love of his shallow life,  If Kanye’s happiness comes from banging a talentless skank who dumped the last sucker after a sham 72 day “marriage” and will DO EXACTLY THE SAME THING to Kanye when Mama Kris gives the order, then he deserves the royal reaming he’s going to get when they extract his wallet by pulling it right out of his ass. I wouldn’t tap Kim if I were dying of a disease and the cure was stuffed up her hot dog-in-a-hallway semen dumpster.

Who wouldn’t want to be her and live the life she lives? Only any woman with class, confidence, intelligence, goals, self-respect that doesn’t want her “fame” to come from perverts rubbing one out to a video of her gobbling the nuts of some fake-ass rapper like a oversexed squirrel.

Kim Kardashian is a fame whore, a vagina on two legs and a perfectly good waste of skin.    If that makes me a sexist, I plead guilty.  She’s still been the downfall of more Black men than diabetes.

Many have theorized Kanye’s descent into self-parody coincides with the death of his mother.   Possibly, but I’m not a therapist.   However, he is wealthy enough to afford an army of good ones.   Or at least he is until Kim and Kris clean out his accounts.   Kanye should really take his own advice:  Get a pre-nup.

The Mermaid and the Moron.

8 thoughts on “Jackasses and Fame Whores

  1. Damn! You really went in. lol I didn’t know he really said that about Michelle Obama and compared her with Kimmie Kardashian wtf?! I remember when he first got with her thinking, “Now he can’t really be into her like that. He’s way too smart for her. What would they have to talk about with her being such a bimbo and all..” Now I think her bimboness is rubbing off on him.


  2. Comparing KK with the First Lady is like comparing a VW to a Ferrari. Michelle Obama is an intelligent, accomplished woman with CLASS. The only class KK ever had was the remedial ones she probably took in grade school. Kanye is an idiot. He deserves what he gets – a vapid, famous-for-being-famous, big-assed, self-absorbed bimbo whose fame will fade away when her big ol’ boobs and butt start to sag.


  3. Kanye is an arrogant Jackass but he will never be playing state fairs. Kim seems very much in love so let them be happy. You don’t agree with what Kanye says(i don’t either) that’s one thing but to be needlessly cruel and hateful make you an even worse person than Kanye.


    • Really? I’m not the one comparing my girlfriend whose primary claim to fame is she did on video the same sort of thing porn stars get paid for. It’s a laugh for Kanye to compare a dim bimbo like Kim Karadashian with Michelle Obama, but it’s not a “ha-ha, very funny” laugh. 🙄

      I’d need two more lifetimes to be as “needlessly cruel and hateful” as Kanye. But don’t believe me. Go ask Taylor Swift.


  4. Reading your post about Kim Kardashian and Kanye West really made me think critically. Although I agree it is foolish to compare two radically different people, Michelle Obama and Kim Kardashian, as Kanye did, I think your diatribe concerning Kim is unnecessarily harsh. Neither of us know Kim or Kanye personally – the world really only sees the two through the lens of social media. With that being said, what we have seen from the couple, their lifestyle, their ignorance, ect., through the media, truly is regrettable. I just think an approach that is based more on analysis and less on insult, would have been more effective than this post.


    • I reserve the more analytical and critically-thought out pieces for something with a bit more gravitas than a rapper who seems to have creatively peaked and the swirlicious Miss Kardashian who is devoid of any talent beyond a big butt for a White girl. I detest their stupid faces being thrust into eyes whenever I turn on my computer.

      I’ll try being nicer to Kimye if they will try to stop being so obnoxious. 😆

      Thanks for the comment.


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