Go “Nuclear” Democrats or Go Home

Dear Lord, please let me grow a spine.

While our lamestream media (thanks, Sarah Palin!) has short-stroked over the botched roll-out of Obamacare, they have largely ignored the latest chapter in the Republican plan to obstruct President Obama at every turn.

Returning to their evil ways, Senate Republicans on Thursday blocked motions to end debate on confirming Rep. Mel Watt (D-N.C.) as director of the Federal Housing Finance Agency and Patricia Millett to join the D.C. Circuit Court.   Why?  Because that’s what Senate Republicans do.

The Republicans have called Harry Reid‘s bluff. Reid has talked thunder and threatened lightning as Mitch McConnell and company have yawned with indifference.

You’ll never do it, Harry. You don’t have the balls to do it. One day we’ll be running the Senate and what you do to us we’re going to do it double to you when we take over. Tom Coburn may have apologized for calling you an “absolute asshole” but he only said out loud what the rest of us all believe: you are an asshole Harry and your impotent threats are full of shit.

The Dems are fuming and talking smack about how mad they are and this time they’re really gonna do it. They’re gonna pull the switch and go nuclear! Ooh, they are SO mad. Cover your ears ’cause there’s gonna be a big boom!

The Republicans just laugh and say, “Sit your punk asses down. Y’all ain’t gonna do nothing because you never do nothing. Just bitch, whine, moan and then bitch, whine and moan so more.”

The Dems should either roll the dice and use the nuclear option or don’t and shut the hell up with the empty threats. Their constant yapping about it reminds me of an over excited toy dog that makes a lot of noise, but if you raise your voice it scurries away in a panic. But still yapping even as it does.

Reid is the Senate Majority Leader but he’s like a guard in a prison. He doesn’t run things, but the ones that do run things allow him to have that illusion.

Reid has about as much power as expired Viagra.

A word that is often invoked in the Senate is “comity.”  It means mutual courtesy and respect.    In this case though it also means fear.   Fear is why the Democrats can’t to pull the trigger on the nuclear option.   When–not if–the Republicans are back in the majority and running the Senate and its Reid and the Dems in the minority

Back in June, Reid and McConnell avoided going nuclear with a deal allowing the president’s nominees for the National Labor Relations Board and two Cabinet vacancies to receive floor votes.   At the time Reid was positively bubbly.

“We have a new start for this body. And I feel very comfortable about it. I don’t know how I could be happier.”

Steady there, hoss.  Don’t start tweaking your nipples just yet.

“It’s a step in the right direction that the majority has chosen not to exercise the nuclear option. We feel good about that, I think they feel good about it, so I think that crisis has been averted,” McConnell said

But has it?

Reid won’t invoke the nuclear option out of fear when he’s not the Majority Leader and McConnell is, the Democratic minority will not have the 60-vote super majority and filibuster options available to them as it is for the Republicans.   Which means Reid doesn’t want to piss off McConnell now in case McConnell is in charge later.

There’s one thing wrong in Reid’s reasoning.  What if the Republicans take control of the Senate next year and McConnell says the hell with comity?  I’m gonna screw the Democrats and use the power of being in the majority to end the 60 vote rule and the filibuster.

Reid may have to blow up the Senate to save it.

What would Harry Reid do then?  Besides his head popping right off his shoulders over McConnell screwing him after he passed up screwing him first.

Here’s the thing about power: if you don’t use it, you should because once you don’t have it you might wish you had.  Being nice to the enemy in hopes they will be nice to you is frankly all kinds of stupid.  Harry Reid is a weakling who constantly is stymied and outfoxed by McConnell who makes promises he know he won’t keep and deals he intends to ignore.

Yet Reid comes back time and again like the spouse in an abusive relationship  who rationalizes, “It’s not so bad.”

Figure it out, Harry.  It IS that bad.  McConnell and the Republican minority will use and abuse the rules to stop the Democrats from getting their way until they are in the majority and once they are they will press their advantage to get their way.

Some Dems get that and they don’t want to wait for it to happen.  Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-Oregon) has argued for the nuclear option and after the latest in Republican obstructionism he said,  “What happened today was really an attack on the other branches of government.  In January, Mitch McConnell made a commitment to return to the norms and traditions of the U.S. Senate. On nominations, the norms and traditions are up and down votes and we did not get that today. That is something that cannot stand as it is.”

It shouldn’t stand, but until Reid’s balls drop stand it will.

Mel Watt: good enough for Obama, but not the Republicans.

Mel Watt was good enough for Obama, but not the Republicans.


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