Fox News Slimes Mandela: “A Great Man…But A Communist.”

A Black man with a clenched fist scares the hell out of the Fox News nation.

The universe has a uncanny knack for adding perspective whenever popularity gets confused with significance.   Paul Walker was popular.  Nelson Mandela was significant.

Fox News should not be counted in the ranks of admirers of the revolutionary lion turned honored statesman.

Cynics say there’s little difference in cable news, but sometimes the differences are obvious and stark. While CNN and MSNBC honored Nelson Mandela by turning over their evening programming to covering his life and times, Fox News stayed on message by largely relegating Mandela’s passage to the news crawl and pounding away with their anti-Obamacare propaganda.

The media gossip site, Mediaite went deep into CNN, MSNBC and Fox’s coverage (or lack of) of Mandela’s passage and the clear loser lagging behind the field was the “news” network led by hardcore right-wingers Rupert Murdoch and Roger Ailes.

Hardly a surprise considering everything Mandela stood for are the very things Fox News is against.

I flipped the television from Rachel Maddow interviewing Ron Dellums to Megan Kelly chatting with amiably with a medal-winning soldier.  While Lawrence O’Donnell was discussing how Mandela dismantled apartheid, turn over to Sean Hannity and there’s the ugly mug of RNC chairman Reince Preibus banging on the Affordable Care Act yet again.

Wherever Mandela is now, odds are he’s not watching Fox News.

In fairness, Bill O’Reilly did mention Mandela’s passing.  Mostly to remind Fox viewers the father of the modern-day South Africa was “a communist.”

“He was a communist, this man. He was a communist, all right? But he was a great man! What he did for his people was stunning!… He was a great man! But he was a communist!”

O’Reilly’s guest, Rick Santorum, was a bit more gracious than his obnoxious host, but even while he praised Mandela,  the failed presidential candidate compared Mandela’s fight against apartheid to the right-wing’s war against Obamacare.

With his success writing historical/fantasy novels like Killing Lincoln, it might be hoped O’Reilly would know while it is true Mandela’s African National Congress  was supported by the Soviet Union,  the United States was a supportive ally of South Africa’s Afrikaner government even as it ruthlessly crushed Black protest against the evil of apartheid.   Ronald Reagan called the racist regime, ” “a country that has stood by us in every war we’ve ever fought, a country that, strategically, is essential to the free world in its production of minerals.”

Reagan was more concerned about propping up a gang of White supremacists brutally putting their foot of the necks of millions of Black people than their freedom and sided with a bigoted minority over the oppressed majority.  Mandela opposed hypocrites like Reagan who demanded the Soviets  “tear down this wall” so East Germans could be free while telling Black Africans they should suck it up and suffer.   Liberation movements are best loved by American conservatives when their interests coincide with their own.

O’Reilly is a clown in the Fox News media circus.

If Nelson Mandela was a Communist,  Ronald Reagan was a bigot.  Bill O’Reilly is just a clown looking for a circus.

When President Obama leads the U.S. delegation to the memorial service for his African counterpart,  depending on their health, he may likely be joined by former presidents Carter, Clinton and both Bushes.   Not too shabby for a former “communist,” but don’t hold your breath waiting for O’Reilly to acknowledge that or for his employers to offer anything more than tepid praise for a man they clearly despised.

The approach of Fox to covering Mandela seems to be offer tepid praise while openly hoping he’s really dead this time.

Fox News.  It’s graceless.  It’s classless.  It’s tasteless.  But mostly it’s just racist.

6 thoughts on “Fox News Slimes Mandela: “A Great Man…But A Communist.”

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  2. It is also truthful (what was said on Fox). What’s wrong with that? He was a communist. He consistently sided with socialist countries and was anti-American almost always. It is a bit interesting to me that Pres. Obama refused to acknowledge Margaret Thatcher on her death, given her staunch support of the USA, while he has ordered flags at half-staff for 10 days and will attend the funeral. It raises the question of who is the racist. But as for CNN and MSNBC shifting to nothing but Mandela, it was the perfect opportunity for them to get the “train wreck” known as Obamacare off the headlines. They will do anything to help the Democrat Party.


    • Oh, you mean the way Fox News will do anything to help the Republicant Party? I do so admire the way conservatives regurgitate the talking points where they slur the The Democratic Party as the Democrat Party. You guys really are such witty types aren’t you? A bit childish with the name-calling, but witty. Or at least half-witty.

      If Mandela was a Communist and sided with Socialist countries and was anti-American, what of it? The U.S. chose to side with the racist, apartheid White government of South Africa that brutally repressed, controlled, incarcerated and killed the Black majority. Mandela chose to side with those whom were supportive of them, not oppressed them. In the same situation I would have done exactly the same thing to free myself of these colonist bigots.

      Maggie Thatcher was a conservative here. Nelson Mandela was a world hero. There’s a big difference between the two and too bad you don’t know what it is. 🙄


      • I’m glad you agree with me that what was said on Fox was the truth. When you guys start calling yourselves “Democratics” instead of “Democrats”, I will stop referring to you as the Democrat Party. But I’m sure even you would have to admit that Obama comes down consistently on the side of blacks in any disagreement even if the facts are not on their side (prime example is the policeman in Mass. a couple years ago). And yes there is a big difference between the two, Thatcher stood by America and help defeat Communism and Mandela did not. I never said he was not an OK man, just that his head was not in the correct place during a lot of his life.


      • You misunderstood, Bob. If Fox News says something believe the opposite. If I were in the middle of a blizzard and Fox News said it was snowing outside, I’d turn on the air conditioning. They’re a propaganda arm of the Republicant Tea Party and I watch them just to see how unbelievably biased and slanted their “news” coverage really is. Then I have to puke to get it out of my system.

        And no I don’t agree that President Obama “comes down consistently on the side of Blacks and if you’ve read my blog for any period of time you’d know that. If anything, Obama is often criticized by so-called Black “leaders” like Cornel West and Tavis Smiley for not advancing a “Black agenda.” I really have no clue what you’re talking about here.

        Finally, as I said, Maggie Thatcher was your hero, not mine. Mandela was forced to align himself with the Soviets and Fidel Castro among others because the United States government sided with the racist South African regime and so did Thatcher. Mandela was far more than “an OK man.” He survived 27 years in prison doing hard labor and when he was finally released he chose a path of peace and racial reconciliation. He was far nobler a man than his enemies, and those enemies included Thatcher, Ronald Reagan and Evil Dick Cheney.


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