Gaza is Bleeding

Caught between long festering hatreds, there is only one certainly in the war between Israel and HamasGaza is bleeding and Gaza is dying.  Over 1000 Palestinians have been killed with losses for the Israelis stands at 43 soldiers and two civilians.

To be opposed to Israel’s offensive does not make one in favor of Hamas’ provocation and I refuse to allow anyone to pigeonhole me into the narrow categories of their own creation.

It’s one thing to advocate for Israel’s right to self-defense against a vicious, implacable enemy and quite another to bomb schools and hospitals in a viciously implacable manner.

For those of us whom aren’t terribly interested in being compelled to choose the white hats over the black hats, when both sides are engaged in despicable acts of mass slaughter and mayhem, neutrality and choosing the middle path where the preservation of life is paramount over someone’s bloody and empty “victory” is the most judicious course.

By the moral yardstick of Israel’s apologists, the Jewish state is obliged to take any step, use any weapon and kill as many as necessary to ensure their continued survival.  By mine, you cede any claim to the high ground once you go to war against civilians.

You know who else does that? Terrorists.

Israel deserves the condemnation they are getting and the more they kill the more they will continue to deserve it.

I understand quite well why others may see a difference between the provocation of Hamas and the harshness of Israel’s response, but from my vantage point Palestinian blood runs as brightly red as Israeli blood and I’m not going to take the side of Israel based upon this supposedly unlimited right to self-defense.

For the true zealot, if Israel nuked Gaza until they turned it into a glow-in-the-dark parking lot, they would find a way to justify it as necessary.

English: Benjamin Netanyahu, Israeli politician

If every Palestinian has to die to keep Israel safe Netanyahu seems willing to accept that.

There is equally no credibility to the falsehood peddled by Israel’s amen corner how the IDF is compassionate in its destruction of homes, hospitals and schools while Hamas acts with ruthless abandon in taking lives.

Deliberately inflicting pain and suffering on the Palestinian people as Israel deliberately shells the hell out of non-military targets could credibly be considered as targeting civilians in revenge for which such tactics should be rationally condemned.

Should be, but won’t be by those for whom no action undertaken by the IDF is ever too extreme and cannot be justified by feebly claiming, “Hamas made Israel do it.”

There is always a choice when killing civilians is on the table. The choice is to kill them or let them live.

We’ve seen what Israel’s choice was. Now both they and their “deeply disturbed” supporters can live with the ugly consequences of that choice.   Perhaps Benjamin Netanyahu truly believes the only way to eradicate the threat poised by Hamas is to eradicate every member of Hamas and anyone who might consider picking up the dropped gun of a slain Hamas member. If so, then this mad plan begins to make sense.

The ability of human beings on one side to rationalize their fears and hatreds of those on the other is as ancient as the race.   Once you stop seeing people as people and only the enemy it becomes easy to kill them as they aren’t fully human anymore.

Blood is blood is blood and wrong is wrong and wrong and if you’re so blinded by your allegiance to Israel’s divine right to kill anybody that makes them feel uncomfortable, I wouldn’t expect you to see that. But then, there’s been so much blood spilled over the decades by this unrelenting hate on both sides that I do understand if some splashed in your eyes.

You can no more bomb your way to peace than you can fuck your way to virginity.  Terror chooses no side and both sides of this conflict have terrorized the most innocent and most vulnerable non-combatants.

There is nothing intrinsically better about dying from the weapons wielded by the big army instead of the small army. Dead is dead and death does not discriminate.

If nothing else comes out of this cataclysm when the shooting and bombing and terrorizing and killing finally stops for a while, the preposterous suggestion that in the name of self-preservation a country can do as it pleases without question or accountability will be finally exposed as the contemptible lie it is.

At this point when everyone on both sides is wading in blood and gore up to their knees, why does it matter so much which side is worse when all that matters is who will finally decide to stop the killing?


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