Deconstructing Cosby

No more excuses for The Cos.

I didn’t plan of writing about Bill Cosby today. I really didn’t. I had another post almost done, but I need to get this out first and then maybe I’ll be finished with it. Somebody compared Cosby’s swift fall from grace to that of another beloved icon: Michael Jackson. That’s a pretty apt comparison with one huge difference, I accepted early on Jackson probably was a serial pedophile. I didn’t want to believe it but I could not not believe it.

I’m having a bit more difficulty with Bill Cosby: Serial Rapist.

I watched a few old Cosby routines on You Tube with my wife today. We laughed at the same jokes we had laughed at before. I wasn’t the biggest fan of The Cosby Show. Too many precocious kids and ugly ass sweaters for me, but in my parents home Thursday nights at 8:00 were set aside for the latest in life with The Huxtables and don’t you dare call for the next 30 minutes.

I’ve lost a lot of respect for Bill Cosby over the past few days. But I’m not gonna act new like I never laughed at any of his jokes, enjoyed any of his films or thought highly of him. Doing that would make me a big of a liar as he is. I never stopped liking Michael Jackson’s music. What I stopped liking was Michael Jackson.

I will not try to purge myself and seek absolution for committing the sin of having enjoyed Bill Cosby. And I’m not quite there where I can say I no longer like Bill Cosby.

While I have my doubts–serious doubts –all the accusations against Cosby are legitimate, it goes beyond the realm of possibility to believe all the accusations are not.

Ex-model and reality TV star Janice Dickinson became the first celebrity to accuse Cosby.

Which leaves only one logical conclusion: Bill Cosby is a rapist. Equally logical, it also follows that in the sorry spectacle that is shaming of the beloved and respected comic, he is getting exactly what he deserves. While it is true in a court of law, Cosby likely has little to fear, the court of public opinion can dispense its own harsh justice against him.

As of yet, the jury is still out. Most Americans, especially African-Americans still hold Cosby in high esteem. But as the slow drip-drip-drip of rumors, allegations, and graphic horror stories continues that could gradually change.

Unless and not until Cosby sits down and gives straightforward, candid and tough answers to straightforward, candid and tough questions, the only result that can come from a manipulative and patently fake attempt to play on the public’s sympathy for a grizzled old comedian is more smoke and more mirrors.

Don’t hold your breath waiting for the première of The Confessions of Cliff Huxtable.  Bill Cosby only played Cliff Huxtable.  He wasn’t Cliff Huxtable.  Maybe he played everybody else too.
The flood of accusers coming forward only confuses the credibility of the true victims of Bill Cosby with the publicity seekers. I keep hearing, “These women aren’t asking for money, so why would they lie about it?”

One does not have to have to ask for money to receive money for telling the world their version of the story. One can receive a great deal of attention they might not otherwise receive if they didn’t tell their story when its hot news. How many of us were talking about Janice Dickinson last week? Not many I would guess.

Cosby is running out of friends.

I want due process and equal justice for Bill Cosby. An accusation is not evidence, but enough accusations is evidence that SOMETHING is happening. Cosby is an American icon and watching an icon slowly crumbling is an ugly and unpleasant spectacle. But rape is uglier and whatever hell Cosby is going through is nothing compared to what the women he may have victimized went through for years.

I’m trying REAL HARD to be what Fox News only says they are: “fair and balanced.”   But its never been a secret that Cosby had a taste for women he wasn’t married to.  Cosby hung around the Playboy Mansion for years and it wasn’t just for the shrimp at the buffet.

What we have so far are suspicions, allegations, rumors and thoughts of what may have happened. A few verifiable facts would be nice before we hang Bill Cosby from a tree.   In a courtroom accusations aren’t enough to convict, but in social media they certainly are enough to kill.

People can be more forgiving than you can imagine. But you have to forgive yourself. Let go of what’s bitter and move on.
~ Bill Cosby

Yeah.   You have fun with that.

Cosby: “Hey, Hugh! Check out the tail on that bunny!” Hefner: “Bill, isn’t this how you got in trouble in the first place?”


8 thoughts on “Deconstructing Cosby

  1. You want proof…and that’s fine.
    But personally, I believe that you’d have to be a true sociopath to make up a sexual assault. I understand that we’re being asked to believe that Bill Cosby is a serial rapist and it’s hard to believe that the guy that gave us Fat Albert was forcing his pudding pop on women who didn’t want it.
    But they can’t all be lying, lack of police reports or not.

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    • I don’t think they are, Denise. But I don’t believe they’re all telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

      What happened to Brian Banks is what happens when a “true sociopath” makes up a sexual assault. We all recall the Duke Lacrosse Team and Tawana Brawley. The Innocence Project has numerous examples of men whom have been exonerated after being convicted or rape and sexual assault.

      This is not to say Bill Cosby is innocent. At no time have I said that. I have not said all the women are lying either.

      But do I believe they are all telling the truth? No, I don’t.


  2. This Jeff, this is why I am staying silent on this particular subject. Do I think he likely took advantage of his position to take advantage, even rape young women; yes, I think he likely did. I suspect he did it more than once. I suspect he used drugs and alcohol to do it, more than once.

    Do I think all the women are telling all the truth? No, I don’t think they are. I also think there is some degree of accountability in this for going back the second time. I know, this sounds harsh, but women must own their own responsibility when they lie on the casting couch and expect nothing to happen, regret is not rape.


      • Given that you don’t know me Denise, nor do you know my background or history it fascinates me you would start with a rather personal attack on my intellect or ability to reason. I will however try to explain the meaning the words you used:

        Ignorance: incomprehension of, unawareness of, unconsciousness of, unfamiliarity with, inexperience with, lack of knowledge about, lack of information about;

        I am intimately familiar with rape, sexual violence and violence. So I speak with some knowledge and personal experience. When you wish to have a discussion, pass judgment upon or debate another person on their opinion regarding an issue where there are no facts; don’t start with a personal attack, it makes the rest of your argument less worthwhile.

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      • Denise, “ignorant as hell” is a very harsh way to characterize Ms. Logar’s comment.

        There are certainly women and men in the entertainment industry willing to do whatever it takes with whomever it takes to advance their own rise in the business. Easy accessibility to women has always been one of the perks of being a power broker and one does not always have to pursue to catch. Sometimes the hunter is captured by the game.

        Yet even if each and every one of these women whom are coming forward is the scheming scam artist a Cosby apologist would paint them as, there is no excuse for rape.

        Having a drink is not implying, “Because you gave me a drink it’s okay to rape me.” Going to a man’s room is not consenting, “I came to your room so it’s okay to rape me.” Working with a man who can possibly make or break your career is not a green light that says, “You could be very good for my career or very bad for my career and I want you to be good for my career, so it’s okay to rape me.”

        Let’s try to keep things civil and find a way to generate a bit more light and a little less heat, okay?


  3. One or two accusers, then maybe there is some doubt. The dozen or so so far? Not so much. And the fact that some of these made their accusations years ago and were ignored by the police and the public, shows a history of trying to bring the cases out. He may never be convicted in court, but he’s toast in the public eye. And he can never really address the issue. It would be like answering the questions, “have you stopped beating your wife?” No way out


  4. Jeff good post as usual. When Cosby publicly came down on African Americans years ago with all his criticism and finger pointing I knew something was up with this guy, it seemed like a smoke screen. He was so vocal about how Black people need to get themselves together, even criticizing Social Workers. I’ve been turned off to him ever since.. These allegations don’t surprise me one bit, and we’ll see more people who were on the fringes of the incidents try to capitalize on the situation too, the drivers, the doormen, the studio employees etc. I really respect the way you moderate your comments by the way.


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