The American Swastika Must Come Down!

Rosa Parks would be proud of Bree Newsome (photo: Bruce Smith/AP)

Here’s what I don’t get about the “pride”  aspect of defending the flying of the Confederate flag on the grounds of the South Carolina statehouse.   What is there to be proud about?    The South came in second.  They lost the war to the North.

Is the rebel flag their consolation prize for showing up?   Yay!    You did really good Johnny Reb.    Good job!   Here’s your flag.   Okay, I’m not a Southerner.   I don’t know from nothing about why it’s such a point of pride to be a bunch of losers who won’t let go of the past.

It’s not that everyone trying to save the Confederate flag is racist. It’s that it’s a racist flag  which should not be saved.

I heard a Republican state legislator who is for taking down the Confederate flag say in response to a question of what he thought when he saw it and he said, “I don’t even see it anymore.”  That’s how  privilege works.   They’re so used to seeing that flag they don’t even see it at all.

Back in 1991 David Duke, the neo-Nazi and Ku Klux Klan leader, ran for governor of Louisiana and he lost badly but I believe Duke received four percent of the Black vote. I’ve always wondered what the hell was going on in the minds of that four percent.   I wondered, but never wanted to understand what they were thinking.

Some 24 years later nothing has changed. I still don’t want to understand anyone who would defend a racist relic like the Confederate flag.

Bree Newsome’s awesome act of civil disobedience (illustrated by Rebecca Cohen)

Like it or not, the Confederate flag has been co-opted from whatever dubious historical merit it may have once possessed into a symbol of dogged resistance to the painful, protracted and bloody struggle for civil rights in America.   The Civil War ended 150 years ago, yet still a flag of Southern-friend supremacy  flies on.

Racism. Segregation. Violence. Subjugation. Degradation. Brutality. White Supremacy. Black Inferiority. White Superiority. Master. Slave. Cruelty. Hatred. Lynching. Murder.

That’s what I see in the Rebel flag. If there’s any “Southern Pride” in there it’s the pride of White Southerners exploiting Black Southerners.

The flag is not a symbol of Southern Pride, but Southern Prejudice. This is a settled issue and there is no ambiguity of what it represents.  The worst excuse not to make a necessary change is because some extremist is going to be mad about it. White supremacists aren’t going to stop being that way if you cave in to their racist philosophy and if bringing down that flag pisses them off, they’ll still be pissed off and that’s the best reason to do it.

Not just pride, but Southern gay pride.

The defenders of the flag, both White and Black are fighting hard for their bloody rag of a flag.    They protest they aren’t personally prejudiced, but only want to honor the brave solders of the South.     If they want to honor dead soldiers who died to preserve slavery wave your loser’s flag all you want in the privacy of your home and it’s all good.   Just don’t pretend it was for any sort of noble cause.

Continuing to fly the flag of a defeated rebellion is what breeds resentment and furthers racism. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. It kills innocent people in churches too. Conceived in rebellion and exalted as a defiant symbol of racism against Blacks, the Confederate flag is an anachronism and I’ve changed my mind on moving it into museums. A trash can is where it belongs.

Trying to appease racists never satisfies them. It only empowers them. “This will create resentment and refusal to comply by Whites,” was exactly the same argument made against school desegregation, not moving to the back of the bus and the entire Civil Rights movement. It is not a reason to delay taking down the flag and much respect to Bree Newsome who committed an act of civil disobedience Rosa Parks would have been proud of when she climbed the pole to pull down the flag.

All this CRAP about “Southern Pride” being wrapped up in the Confederate flag is an irritating and annoying example of people wanting their silly beliefs respected and taken seriously as if ignorance should be considered as acceptable as intelligence.

No more delays. Not one more day.    The Confederate flag is a symbol of  hate and is nothing more than an American Swastika.   It can’t be redeemed and it should be removed.

No more indulging racism. No more tolerance for intolerance. You want us to “get over” slavery? Fine. You get over losing the Civil War. TAKE DOWN THAT FLAG!

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One thought on “The American Swastika Must Come Down!

  1. The ignorance of most Americans with regard to the Battle Flag and the reason for secession all too often stuns me. When I challenge them, ask how they can associate their pride in heritage with terrorism, hate, bigotry, slavery, lynching, treason all of them stare at me as if I am insane. I blame our education system, our media and our refusal to own up to the truth.

    Like you, I believe this symbol needs to relegated to the trash.


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