Bill Cosby Is Not Dead But He’s Dead To Me.

Nobody Left to Lie To.

Bill Cosby is dead. Well, technically, he’s not. Bill Cosby is still very much alive, but the Bill Cosby we thought Bill Cosby was is dead. That Cosby was a comedic genius and despite never winning an Oscar, he turned out to be a better actor than anyone ever gave him credit for.

Acted like a comedian. Acted like a nice guy. Acted like a philanthropist. Acted like America’s Dad. Turned out to be a rapist. Whoops. Ya got us all, Bill. Too bad you’re dead now.

Not dead as being laid out in a nice suit with his hands folded over his chest and looking so lifelike the mortician deserves some praise for making Bill look so natural.   Not that kind of dead at all.     Bill Cosby is alive but he should be dead to you.   Dead as in you’ll never laugh at him again.  Dead as in you now know beyond any reasonable doubt the man is a predator, a liar, and a rapist.

That’s the kind of dead man Bill Cosby is.   More dead to the world than he is alive.

Thing were already going bad for Cosby  before President Obama raised eyebrows by responding to  a reporter who wondered  maybe someone should take back the Presidential Metal of Freedom Award   Cosby received from President  Bush in 2002.   Maybe someone should reconsider the honor  in the aftermath of Cosby admitting in an unsealed deposition in 2006 to purchasing Quaaludes to drug woman to have sex with them.

Obama  was circumspect, “There’s no precedent for revoking a medal. We don’t have that mechanism,” before he got raw on Cosby’s ass.   Obama  added: “If you give a woman, or a man, for that matter, a drug and then have sex with that person without consent? That’s rape. And I think this country, or any civilized country, should have no tolerance for rape.”

That sounds  to me like a man who has just declared Bill Cosby is dead.   At least dead to him.

“How ya doin’ Bill? No, I don’t want you to make me a drink.”

Obama didn’t call Cosby a rapist.   He didn’t have to.   The president made it abundantly clear  how disgusted he was with Cosby’s preying on women and while Obama can’t send U.S. marshals  to confiscate Cosby’s medal,  he can say he really really doesn’t deserve it any more.

Black-oriented cable channels, Centric and Bounce TV did the late thing, not the right thing by  pulling The Cosby Show from their programming.   This was  the program which cemented Cosby’s America’s Dad status and as it goes dark across cable, what else will go into the junk heap?

Will Amazon and Wal-Mart stop selling  Cosby’s DVDs?  Will  I Spy and Fat Albert and all his films and records disappear too?

What about the millions Cosby has contributed to charity and universities and the resultant honorariums, statues, plaques they have awarded him or buildings they’ve named after him?

Should Spelman College end their  Cosby Chair for the Humanities funded in part by a $20 million gift to the historically Black school made by Bill and Camille Cosby in the ’80’s and give the money to his victims and rape-crisis centers? Here in Ohio, Central State University handled their  Cosby Conundrum by covering up his name on the media center which bears his name.

The Cosby Cover-Up

Are the good deeds of a very bad man the tainted fruit of the poisoned tree?  Yes.  Yes they are. The solution to the Cosby Conundrum is no less than a Cosby Cleansing.   Tear down the statutes.  Revoke the honorary degrees.   Chisel the surname off of the buildings.   Don’t feel guilty because a rapist sent your school a fat check and you cashed it.   Take bad money and do something good with it.

Two words keep swirling around Cosby (three if you count ‘rapist’ and you should) and that’s betrayal and why?     I’ve probably written Cosby betrayed us.  I take that back.  Cosby didn’t betray me or  you.    He never betrayed me because I never knew the man.    He  only made it seem like we did.      Bill Cosby betrayed his wife, Camille  and his family and his friends who defended him.

Mostly , he betrayed himself.

Why did Cosby rape?   Short answer:  Because he could and could get away with it.     We don’t know when Cosby went from cheating husband to sexual predator, but he certainly didn’t have to go far to find women willing to have sex with him.   However, at some point something dark and ugly came out and this was the real Cosby.   The one only his victims saw.  Right before they passed out.

Why Did Cosby Rape?  Maybe he got bored by the buffet of beautiful, young, willing women.   Maybe he had a small dick or couldn’t get it up.   Maybe he had to do it  in a way that seemed kind of freaky.   Maybe he got tired of trying to please his bed partners and decided the kind of sex he enjoyed was when women were totally subservient and submissive to him.

Maybe Cosby is just a narcissistic pig who gets off on rape and that’s as deep as it goes.      I don’t really want to speculate too much.   Figuring the why of it  almost makes him the victim and that clearly can’t be allowed to happen.

A woman who has been drugged and passes out can’t claim they have a headache.   Can’t say they don’t do that whatever “that” is.   Can’t expect anything and are only there to receive and be taken by force.

Don’t take either pill.

There’s no retroactive virginity available to  disassociate ourselves from the sin of laughing at Cosby.    He is far from the first celebrity to bring shame and scorn down  upon his own head, but even with Woody Allen, Michael Jackson or Roman Polanski has there ever been so disturbing the revelations over so many years against so many years as Cosby’s crimes against women?   The fall has been  precipitous for an  idol and role model held in such fond admiration and the landing will not be soft.

Until an allegation against Cosby falls within the statute of limitations or there’s enough evidence to indict him, what comes next will probably  be the sorry spectacle of a 78-year-old man being deposed time and again trying (and lying) about things he did 20, 30 and 40  years ago.     Perhaps there will be some big checks coming from Cosby in the future, but this time it’s for his victims.

Money isn’t going to heal those women but taking away his money is probably all the justice Cosby’s victims are going to ever get.     Whatever Cosby’s future is he can’t outrun his shady past.

This will be a long, slow painful fade for Cosby.   There’s  nobody left to lie to.   He’s not dead but he is dead to me.

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